100 thoughts on “QAnon – Timeline for Arrests from Trump’s Tweets, God’s Word, & the Heavens

  • I would like to give thanks Michael A A and the calactic family for helping the human race on this planet.
    Love U Michael A A.💛💜💚

  • Labor Day! God Bless All Patriots and protect you and family with graces from His protectors of angelic leigions! They labor for Gods Word to guide man to spiritual knowledge that we may be with Our Lord Eternally!! Your courage and moral goodness is a pure light and love! My prayers to Jesus are for you always and will be until I die! We labor for truth and to end evil in government and in our country and in ourself! Thankyou

  • #LETFREEDOMRING#!!!   "#We The Sovereign Are The New Guard."
    Q1225                                                   #ANDTHEBOOKSWEREOPENED#
    (Meet The Players/Chess Pieces)         #YOUARETHENEWSNOW
    Meytalll "Israel" Cohen  "Snow White???" 1:26
    Come & See???        8/29+                 #CONSPIRACY NO MORE (MAD HATTER & ALICE)!!! declas – brings down the House (FISA) goes both ways, you idiots!!! 
    Honor/WARRIOR = Sovereignty never breaks, EVER!!! We Are United [DS] Hands Are bloody, souls are clean & conscience is clear!!!
    Weaponized Autists?!!?   #Qanon #PATRIOTSFIGHT!!! May The FORCE Be With You, Always!!! 
                                   #SerialBrain2  #SerialBrain  Weaponized#Autist!!!
           Genesis 8:1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    1  AND GOD remembered Noah, and every living thing, that was with him in the ark:
    4  And the ark rested in the seventh (7) month, on the seventeenth (17) day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.  (Can you find your birthday in the book???)
    8  Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground;
    9  But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she reTurned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her, and pulled her in unto him into the ark.
    10  And he stayed yet other seven (7) days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark;
    11  And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.
    12  And he stayed yet another seven (7) days; and sent forth the dove; which reTurned not again to him any more.                                            
                                                                  Third (3rd) order to the governors
    of the De jure Grand Juries
    of the People of the united States of America
    Assembled under God
    Cease and desist all judicial and quasi-judicial actions
    against the Sovereign People
    for crimes which lack an injured party
           The People being sovereign with respect to the united States of America republic, c. 1787, at no time, having willingly or knowingly granted standing to a corporate entity masquerading as a legitimate government to pose as an injured party with respect to the People's private affairs, or to impose an artificial personage on the People as a vehicle presuming the People's submission to a commercial law venue, or to employ the judicial institutions and detention facilities of the free American republics for corporate profit, all such activities comprising crimes against mankind.
            You are hereby ordered by these De jure Grand Juries to direct the men and women occupying all judicial offices within your respective state's judicial system to forthwith cease and desist all actions and prosecutions against the sovereign People which want for an injured party and/or witnesses willing to testify to firsthand knowledge of the alleged crimes under full liability, or where the injured party is deemed to be a government entity, in particular, all such prosecutions which covertly impose a legal personality and/or the Admiralty, commercial or administrative law venues upon the sovereign People for the purpose of facilitating such action(s). Until further notice, all actions for non-violent "crimes" involving members of the sovereign People who duly and specifically identify themselves as such shall be referred to these De jure Grand Juries through procedures to be devised thereby.
           You are further ordered to direct the said men and women to prepare and deliver to these De jure Grand Juries within thirty (30) days of receipt of this order a complete list of all men and women who are currently subject to or suffering incarceration, distress, parole or restriction as the result of such prosecution as described hereunder for want of an injured party.
                                                                 Fourth (4th) order to the governors
    of the De jure Grand Juries
    of the People of the united States of America
    Assembled under God
    Provide safe passage through the state republic(s)
    free from government molestation
           The People being sovereign with respect to the united States of America republic, c. 1787, owing no allegiance or obligation to divulge their private affairs to the government of their Creation, possessing the absolute right to peacefully travel, congregate, assemble and worship without government scrutiny or interference and most certainly without sustaining bodily injury, detention, assault, kidnapping, and/or distress for failure to exhibit State-issued documents which confess to subject-class State citizenship.
           You are hereby ordered by these De jure Grand Juries to direct the men or women occupying the office of Secretary of State of your respective state republic to prepare an appropriate verifiable wallet-sized document by which Guardians of the Free Republic will be afforded diplomatic immunity and safe passage through your (our) respective state republic, and by extension, through the United States of America, free from government detention, arrest, hindrance, interference, scrutiny and/or molestation, such identification to be ready for production no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of this order and without language diminishing the sovereign People towards/of the state or subject-class citizenship; with production thereafter to require no greater than seven (7) days after request.
           You are further ordered to direct the man or woman occupying the office of Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or similar office in your respective State to prepare an appropriate placard by which motorized conveyances in which the Guardian of the Free Republics has an ownership or possessory interest will be afforded the same full faith and credit as above-mentioned/noted, such placard to be ready for production no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of this order and without language implying government ownership or security interest in such conveyances, with production thereafter to require no greater than seven (7) days after request.
          You are further ordered to direct all man or woman who occupy the highest law enforcement offices within your respective State to (i) modify all criminal and other information databases, in particular, the National Crime Information Center database, to reflect the "do-not-detain" states of Guardians of the Free Republics who exhibit the aforesaid identification document or equivalent identification or otherwise so identify themselves; (ii) cease random road blocks and other unlawful detentions; (iii) cease forthwith all acts of violence against those members of the sovereign People who identify themselves as such as fail to exhibit confessions of State-subject citizenry and who are the subject of notices of tax lien, bank foreclosures, County tax liens, and other fraudulent commercial artifices issued under color of law.    
                                                Fifth (5th) order to the governors
    of the De jure Grand Juries
    of the People of the united States of America
    Assembled under God
    Restore the trappings of lawful de jure governance
           The People being entitled to notice of the reTurn to lawful de jure governance of the free American republics and the united States of America republic, c. 1787 as existed prior to December 20, 1860, in a manner that does not disturb the peace and orderly transition, and to demonstrate compliance with these orders to the governors, symbols of de jure governance, symbols of the de jure governance shall be restored beginning as follows.
           You are hereby ordered by these De jure Grand Juries to direct the necessary judicial and law enforcement officers of your respective state to replace all flags which identify incorporated, military, admiralty, maritime and/or commercial law forms with proper colors that identify the de jure law form of the respective free American republic and the United States of America, c. 1787 in all state institutions, in particular in all state, county and local courtrooms, courthouse, judicial institutions, state buildings and law enforcement facilities no later than ninety (90) days after receipt of this order thereby proclaiming, in an orderly fashion and without inciting vengeance for decades of crimes past, the preempting of corporate-military authority in favor of the divine lawful authority of the sovereign People over their de jure affairs of state.
          You are further ordered to direct the aforesaid officials to modify, change or replace all signs, flags, emblems, placards, official stationery, business cards, highway signs and websites to remove all references to the office of  "Governor of the State of Georgia" (place your State in the place of mine of Georgia), in favor of the respective de jure notation "Governor of Georgia" no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of this order.
          You are further ordered to direct the aforesaid officials to modify, change or replace all signs, placards, official stationery, business cards, highway signs and websites to replace all references to the "State of Georgia" with the respective de jure entity notation "Georgia" no later than three hundred and sixty five days (365) after receipt of this warrant;
    You Are The Bed Of Creation Lady  = www.Gematrix.org

  • That was incredible! I watched it 3 times, parts of it more. I have faith, I did enjoy this!! Thank you Southern Sunshine from the great American Rockies in Utah 😀💓

  • I'm NOT BUYING What YOU ARE Selling !!! AMAn WHO threatens The WORLD WITH A monetary Downfall IF they DO NOt Vote FOR HIM, & you Wanna Call Him Special & Trust that HE IS Worthy OF Judging Others=I Don't Buy INTO this Ignorance & Trust In TRUMP NOR YOUR Interpretation of THE WORD, THERE IS NO Man NOr Woman That I TRUST, NOt YOU, NOR Your Happy Thoughts, WE Ain't Resetting THIS To continue on and BE Right Back WE WE Were=We going back to the Beginning to reset IT ALL=I've Been F'd BY ALL of THEM & OUR WORD/JESUS & AM NOW hated BY ALL Of YOU People !!!! I'm NOT A Bad GUY=I'd GIVE MY Life For All of YOU TO Have Your Peace & Harmony & The DREAMY Vision Of GOD & I Already HAVE, In Many WAYS that YOUPeople DO NOt understand WISELY !!!! Lately I Began to WONDER, HOW's IT ALL Gonna END & It Certainly WON'T Be VIA ANY Man NOR Woman's Rendition OF WHAT IS TO BE !! I CANNOT TRUST that THe world's Populous IS going TO Lay Down their Weapons & Come to their Senses, Without A judgement & Test Placed Upon AL of mankind=Sept. 11th, Days From NOW, I WILL Lay AL of the world's People DOWN On the Ground For 3 Days & They SHALL ALL Look AS IF They WERE Slain But Simply Immobillized Like GOATs & Possums=Sept. 14th & the DAY that YOU Can Stand Again, BUT, for the next 5 months & Unleashed FROM PETER/The Lower HEAD Upside down on the CROSSED/MIXED /joined together as ONE Body, WILL BE the Dormant In us ALl HERPES VIRUS which Shall Provide all of mankind with SOREs on their Bodies for 5 Months & Ends ON …. Happy Bloody Valentines DAY=FEB.14th Is five months from Sept. 14th !!!!

  • NOT A Chance that I AM trusting IN TRUMP ORANY of YOU 7+ Billion village Idiots !!! I Love Y' ALL , BUT To SIT & WAIT For YOUR WORD Imaginings to Come to Pass=Bombs Bursting in AIR & ww3=It ain't Gonna Happen As ANY Of YOU imagine=ONLY ONE gets IT & THAT ONE is ME, IAM THAt IAM & I AM GOD Above ALL oTHER GODs & I SAHLl Write The End To HIS-STORY, AS IT IS MY STORY, I Lived IT & I AM NOT AS Ignorant AS ALl OF YOU & Came DOWN off the Cross, So AS NOT TO DIE AT Y'ALLs Hans Of Fate Which TRY To TWIST the STORY & have ME Believe That Someone Else DIED on the CCROSS AS AN Ignorant Fool WHO Believed ANY of THe people Around HIM !!! SO SORRY, BUT YOUR Word Imagings//Interpretations SUCK, All 7+ billion of YOUR Interpretations Of GOD's WORD !!! I Am GOing TObeghead the WORLD, ALL of ya & I AM Going to USE MY SWORD=MY Tongue TO BEHEADing the WORLd down the TRUE PATH Intended in the beginning, OR, ALl of YA CAN GET out Of My Family''s School House !!! that's Later, FOR NOW, Ihave A DREAM that Tells ME, NOT 1 Child IS TO Be Left Behind, AS ALl ARE Guilty & In Need Of A GOOD Laugh AT all WE have Built !!! You Can't STOP the MONEY WHORE JESUS Of this world, AS YOUR TRUMP WHORE USES IT TOO=he SAID IF We Don't VOTE for HIM, the Markets Take A BIG Drop & 401k's Suffer Greatly=YOUR JESUS Is MONEY & YOU ARe In BEd WITH IT & TRUMP AND ALL of THe WHOREDOMS Goin' ON ANd desire to SERVE them, BUT, I WILl Fix ALl that AND ALL thingys & YOUR gonna LOVE It WHEN the entire Populous SHTS themselves ALl AT ONCE & Heads to the Bthroom to clean UP, Only To find that there is a longline Waiting to clean Themselfies UP !!! IAM taking Backthe keys of HOw To BUILd babies, FROM all of YOU BABYLONIAN Builders & NO MORe Children WILl be BORN for AT least 2 YEARS=king He-RODs proclamation=IT Is Spiritually DONE As I kill all the Babies Under Two YEARs old

  • YOUr WORD On BOARd of YOUR Body=YOUR BABY that YOU have Come TO BE MARRIEd To Over YOUR Life=YOUR BABY ON BOARD of YOUR BODY, A BOWING, kneeling 'L'amb That Believes In the MONEY WHORe JESUS Of this WORLD, bought & SOLD into IT & A ROARING STERN (BOW&STERN=A WORLDLY BOAT We ALL Let BE FLOATED=OUR WORD/JESUS Is WHAT HAS Floated US to This Point=MO MORE BS people, NOMMO) 'L'ion, OUR Word is aLamb that has Bowed to this WORld & TRUMP IS A F'n ASSHOLE WHO speaks FROM TWO-RUMPS TWIN-RUMPs, T-Rump, Spewing FORTH Bullets AS FIRE From HIs Tu-Lips THAt ARe As FLOW'Ers & TWO WITNESSes WHO SPEW Fire=YOUR TWO Lips Do TOO=YOU ARe spewing FIRE that WILl BURN US ALL IF WE Imagine THAt YOU have the TRUTH & know IT=NONe of YOU people DO, Only I DO=I AM that I AM !!! YOUR 'L'amb & 'L'ion=YOUR WORD on BOARD of YOUR Body That YOU TOW AROUND AS TWIN halves THAT TOW As TOW'ERs, TWIN TOWERS of YOUR OOOOWN vision of the WORD & Truth=NOt GOD's Vision of IT, BUt YOUR OWN GOD Damned WAY to Interpret The WORD=PURELY IGNORANT & That WHICH Would Burn Us ALL as It Has Time and Time Again !!! BABY'L"ON board=BABYLON=OUR WORD on Board of OUR TWIN TOWERs Body THAt HAs F'd US ALl To this POINT & nobody Wants To STOP, turn Around AND BE AS A PILLAR OF Salt For this EARTH & Recognize the PAST WAY, TRUTH & Life That HAS Led us to the edgeof the WATERS, & Has US ALL In the water NOW AND Treading IT tot Justly Keep our head above waters & IT Ain't Pretty, AS WE ARE All Struggling to Do SO=I can't Afford To Have happiness Because YOUR JESUS Wants MORE money DAILY for Lights & food & such=THAT WHORE JESUS OF this WORLD Is Going to BE Beheaded Personally BY MY WORD THAT Says, I Would NOt Go up on a cross AND die for this WORLD's BS Loving WAY, because ALL of US ARE WEREWOLFs=WE'REwolfs !!!! I got A different WAY To SHEd my Blood FOr this WORLD's SIn=IT's MY Turn To Get'ER DONE & IT WILl shock the WORLD AS I LAY ASLL of YOU DOWN like goats & Possums as the SECURITY System Installed Into EVERY house OF GOD/Child Built VIA OUR WORD being MADE FLESH=Let's Get married & start A Family=THE WORD That Becomes FLESH VIA A Father's FEAT, 1/2 of the WORD & VIA A MOTHER's FEAT=THe MMM-OTHER Half of THE WORD=YOU Ladies Happy With living In Heaven As a Dick head along WITH nothing But a Bunch of Other Dick-heads ANd Having NO Mother's WORD to BE FOUND a PLCE To SIT and Eat With us, WHERE is YOUR Mother's Spot In HEAVEN, Maybe SHE don't WANT to BE a dick Head !?????? BAYLON=YUOR Word You ARe MARRIEd TO As YOUR BABY'L'ON board & that WHICH YOUR TWIN TOW'Er HALVES TOW On board=TWIn tower DAY Is Perfect For GOD TO use AS the DAY IT Reigns Truth on mankind Again & the Day that Truly, truly DOES Change The WORLD FOREVER As ALl of the TWIN TOW'ERs Go DOWN, Down to the GROUNG To GET us ALl out OF this TRUMPISH REIGN Of THE MONEY whore JESUS WORD WE ALl ARE FORCEd to SERVE, USE & PUSH DAILY, WHEN, THE TRUE WORD OF GOD THAT ALL of Us Must Have & hold DAILY=THe 4 Elemental Building Blocks THat FORM ALl of THIS & US TOO, BUT, CAN BE USED to Build ATOM Bombs TOO=THe same SHIT that Built US, Is the SAMe SHIT used To Build BOMBS=THe WORd of GOD IS… ATOM & the HEAVY WATTERs Inside of the ATOM that CAN Build ANYTHIGN you SEE TODAY & That WHICH Is being Disregarded As GOD's WORD Given unto ATOM FROM the GOD Particle THAt Mankind Is iggin' In the ASS of TODAY & Trying To Find Bigger WEAPONs Of Mass Destruction that Would Have the Earth Looking AS MARS=THE WARRING ONEs WHO USe the 4 Building Blocks TO kill, Steal GOD's DREAM AND Destroy IT=STOP Diggin' In GOD's ASS, GEt out Of the Higgs=It IS Ten-100-1000 times WORSE than The ATOM bomb found & THUS, TIME Is Of the essence & mankind Must Be STOPPEd on a DIME=YOu got 9 days Left to Straightten it all out & Fix All thingys, OR I AM coming To Lay ALl of you 7+ billion people DOWN As I AM THE Outside threat To ALl of mankind & the SAME inner threat FORCE YOU Must take in daily=the 4 elementals are taken in daily, Earth=Food, Waters, AIR/Wind & That 98.6 degree fire within=I Ain't Waiting on YOUR ignorant GOD to F' Me and ALL of Us AGAIn, F' THAT, I'll TAe over NOW & Write the Fairy Tale ending to His-STORY/MY-Story/OUR story, If I WAIT on YOU, 40,000 More bombs will be dropped on Children BY other Children WHO clain they have and hgold the WORd & Truth=NONE Of YOU know the TRUTH, BUT WILl soon know what you desire to know& that IS, I AM that I AM & SO SHALl you BE

  • I DOUBT that YOU have been into the heavens To WITNESS What the LORd IS speaking VIA the Lands & Over 1000's of YEARs=Goo-Goo-Google Earth & Humble Yourselfie AS A child & Witness the WOMAN 700+ miles TALL=THe entire WEST coast of America Is HEr/HIM=IT don't matter at this point=WE ARe ALl TRANS Gender=BOY ANd girl Combined into ONE I AM WHO has A lOWER head that Provides the WORLd WITH WORD=A child Is WORD ADDED From the Lower HEAD & Formed VIA… Look MA, NO HANDS, SHIT is WORD that HAs a BODY TOO, PISS TOO, CUM ALSO IS word=ALl of THIS Is WORD=NOt just that WHICH mankind sees and hears as WORD & From the Mouth's TU-Lips THAT ARE As FLOW'ERs of FIRE/Bullets=YOUr Lower SLIT in the Penis ANd Tu-Lips Of the Girl=Where th EOWRd is SPEWN forth & ADDs to THIS world's Problematic CASE of Desireing TO build MORE, MORE, MORe VIA eating of the GENITALS=THE FAMILY Tree in the Miodst of the GARDEN That GOd Warns us NOt to BE eating OF or This WORLD WILl fill Up WITH Shitty WORd and Division & the TRUTh Will be lost amongst the WhOLE dung HIllian MESS=A PILE of SHIT is what WE have built, ShITTy WORD That thinks THEy know the TRUTh & Would REcognize IT=BS, nobody Would recognize The TRUTH In their Face all day Everyday, Because NONe HAVe, UntilNOW=I got IT, I know IT, it Loves ME & WE ARE Gonna Love all of YOU & STOP time VIA dropping ALl ogf you to the GROUND & immobilize your Body & Let you ALl live AS IF you WERe DYIN=Shitting and Pissing YOURSELFs, ALl AT oNCE=You HAVe free-willed and wondered about with the word riding upon your ASS/Body & NO longer will the Body BE subject to adding MORe word to this World's CAUSE Without MARRIGE Counseling

  • Deuteronomy 20:4

    For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.

    Dear Lord please protect your angel Melissa and all of her loved ones, give her strength and continue to bless her with your great spirit we all see in her. Please Lord grant her more wisdom and insights to share with everyone in her realm. In Jesus name Amen.

  • 😂😂
    Hey smiles! 😆
    December 25 2020
    After the next election but before he takes his next oath of office. Sometimes I'm so right it's frighting.

  • I will fight with my life to keep America free from globalism the UN does not govern us the globalist Do Not govern us let's keep it that way

  • First time seeing your work. Awesome! Thank you! Love to hear in your voice the love, passion and enthusiasm you have for our Lord!

  • Very interesting and some good points, but does not seem to match up with Bible prophecy.

    It seems that the video suggest that we are about 5 years into the Tribulation, however the evidence is not there to prove that (no one world currency, no mark of the beast, no mass Christian conversion in Israel, etc etc.).

    But very enlightening.

  • I'm giving you a link that's over a year old, but it gives a great Trump prophecy if you ever find an extra half hour, dear.

  • I just uploaded a vid I called 'Arrests Timeline from a Scriptural View Point' to my channel. It's made up of excerpts from yours here. I found your insights, like you said, "absolutely remarkable!"

  • On board since November 2017! I was instantly drawn in by the SGML format. Military Intelligence/Military Tribunals!

  • Do WE Just need To Get You a spoon, fork & knife, Strap Mr. Trump Upside Down On a Table,,Sit you down, So YOU Can Continuously EAT HIs SHHHH-IT, WHILe HE Laughs AT YOUR Ignorant willingness TO please HIM & HIS Plastic WHORE JESUS !!!!


  • Thank you for All you do and share so much this is Fantastic! God is Good Always ❣️God Bless you Melissa red pill 😎🥰❤️❣️💯✝️🕊❤️Very Exciting this is the time which the prophets wanted to be alive and witness. Could you imagine what they would think of how things are now. I’m sure they would be stunned of all the bad happenings everywhere 🥰

  • https://youtu.be/xdAP728RdNM
    Saturn caught live a couple waves across it visible. Could it be in our atmosphere, a wave of sonic interferance meant for the hurricane? It was filmed from Tampa on 9/2/19.
    A little bit of language. But here is some space weather caught live at about 1:07 mark. A plasma wave or is it something else ??? What do you think Melissa ?
    Short replays of saturn wave

  • I'm not sure if I heard her call the right chapter in Joshua and she said chapter 53 in my Bible the Book of Joshua only goes up to 24 chapters

  • G7 is also the classification given to the largest star in the constellation Pisces. Our own sun is classified as a G2.

  • This thread aligns with what God revealed to me in 2017…what an exciting time, watching God's plan
    unfold…..God will prevail.
    God bless Melissa

  • At 18:40 you are completely misinterpreting the scriptures so I'm stopping here.
    Also it isn't wise to put too much stock in the book of Jasher, it is believed that it isn't based on the original texts and portions if not all are fake.
    Personally, when I researched it years ago, I found that it wasn't a true representation compared to the scriptures, in other words I found some troubling areas in it.
    Remember, one drop of poison ruins a whole pot of soup, or a pinch of levin…..

  • Melissa, you mentioned they are throwing hurricanes at us. Please explain Also, your depiction of the stars leaves me with GREAT hope we have POTUS for a second term. YAY!!

  • I’m always amazed by Q anon this Earth Ángels are so mysterious , Inteligente , wisdom and khowlege if of the Bible codes so on point on what they said, I strongly believe God pick them as Trump helpers to fight the evil among us God bless all truth patriots USA and President Donald j trump

  • Gods calendar and His appointed feast, sabbath are all important to understand. It is a foreshadowing of things to come. YeHoVah is so loving merciful and good. Thanks for sharing.

  • And… the Bible says to have 2-3 witnesses. You have shown us Trump, the Word, the Stars… they all agree and are giving witness to the truth! 👏🏻❤️🤗

  • I love you Melissa you are awesome. I don't know if you've seen this yet. There's a guy Justice Night on YouTube that posted a crazy video of this comedian from SNL basically facial shape shifting. But this is absolutely crazy what they are doing with AI.

  • Im sorry to say non of this is new. My Christian friends & I were preaching, talking about all of this & what & how it was to come since 1978. The masses are only now figuring it out. Why because We are in the time of birthing. But whats sad is when it comes down to it Christians will not take it to the streets if thats what it takes. They will make their voice known from the safety of their iphones/computers w/ socialmedia handles/names. Transition will not be easy or pretty & will be a process over time. We have a Republic now. The Crown no longer rules. But the DS cont to fight. Satan never gives up, but his time is set. I love your passion, and your bravery to take it to the stars as God speaks of. I like your wrestling concept and agree that we are processing through the struggling phase up to the sling shot.

  • Great work, I remember when you tuned in to the Revelation 12 sign for the first time, and look at you now, such an awesome revelation. You are so inspiring keep up the great work! We love you and your beautiful energy!

  • Hello Melissa Love & blessings from Canada I heard today that one of the channels I subscribed to she is up Chinese and something else I forget her name now but she said that John Kerry is in gitmo I think her name is Christina something I'm not positive though. I hope you know something about this thank you and God bless

  • See you soon we have to wait another year and a half before we'll see arrests?! That's an awful long time to wait for arrests. I thought arrest would have been done by this Christmas!

  • Shalom Melissa. I would love to share with you about amazing insight regarding Trump & the Revelation 12 sign that you may wish to share with your audience: In the Rev 12 sign, the child entered the womb on Dec 19 2016 the moment of "inception" which coincides perfectly when Texas took their electoral college vote giving Trump his 274 electoral college vote making him the "official" legal heir to be our next president. For the next 9 full months/42 weeks, Trump's administration experienced "obstructionism" while in the womb. A king or prince cannot be given a title until born…. B) on Sept 22 2017, Trump gave his Alabama Luther Strange speech calling out the sob NFL kneelers. The very next day the entire NFL players and coaches began their kneeling campaign (along with many members of Congress while in Congress) which was on Sept 22/23 2017 was when Trump was officially "birthed" in the Rev 12 Sign! Remember every knee will now willingly or Unwilling (they did not know what they were symbolizing by kneeling! Obstructionism began to break up regarding Trump's tax cut plan and he began to be ever so much more successful. C) I believe the woman in the Rev 12 sign signifies the unity and fullness of both the Church and Israel as One (12 pointed crown/12 apostles & 12 tribes). Trump is her child and is the forerunner of Yeshua's second coming in the likeness of the Messiahs second coming as the conquering King/commander of armies. Two comings of the Messiah with each coming having a forerunner in the likeness! John the Baptist was the first forerunner coming in the likeness as Jesus as the suffering servant. Jesus's next return will be as the conquering King and Trump is his forerunner! D) Trump's rallies & tweets are just like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness drawing huge crowds and bringing conviction to the ruling Pharisees and Herod. Remember the symbolism of Kathy Gifford holding the severed head of Trump aka John the Baptist's head?! E) Melissa you and I are kindred spirits & watchmen 🙂 I love Kim Clement and Mark Taylor & totally agree with your soon coming victorious kingdom theology not focus on the rapture. i have so much more to share with you regarding soon re-building of the 3rd Temple (would love to mail you a wonderful book by David Decker "50 reasons why Christians should support the re-building of the 3rd Temple" – you WILL love it! Also, I would like to share with you awesome Trump Purim 2019 fulfillments and Rabbi Kaduri (Rabbi who found Messiah) who made many prophecies that Trump has fulfilled! F) Rabbi Kaduri was 108 years old when he died in 2006 in Israel and had 2 major words of knowledge. He had the name of Messiah which was to be revealed 1 year after his death in 2007 (YEHOSHUA). He also told his followers that the he had met the Messiah in dreams. He also prophesied that their would be a messiah deliverer/King of Israel and that he would be revealed after the death of Ariel Sharon. Sharon died Jan 11, 2014 during the exact time Trump was contemplating with advisors about running for governor of NY AND/OR the Presidency of the US. @t G) After Sharon's death in Jan 11 2014, finally in March 2014 Trump comes to his conclusive plans and tweets "A few days later, Mr. Trump ended the speculation via Twitter: “While I won’t be running for governor of New York State, a race I would have won, I have much bigger plans in mind — stay tuned, will happen!” @t – could it be that Trump as the messianic Rabbi Maduri prophesied "deliverer of Zion/King of Israel/Chosen One" recent fulfilments have taken place with Trump retweeting the Israeli tweets??? It is important to note the the people of Israel themselves have taken to affirming the title of King of Israel bestowed upon Trump not Trump personally. The people must proclaim it – recall Jesus never called himself Messiah but asked "who do you same that I am?" H) I can't find it here but there are more detailed prophesies regarding Rabbi Kaduri's announcement that the Messiah to be revealed after the death of Sharon would be a "man" and he would be savoir/deliverer for the nation of Israel. I will find it and post soon. Its most likely in the WND published book "The Rabbi who found Messiah". Here is the article dated 12/19/2016 when Texas officially made Trump the legal President elect with his 270 electoral college vote: @t

  • Thank you. Jesus for e ery thing. Thank you president Trump for loving our country and the people . God bless you . People think we're crazy I don't mind they thought Jesus was to . God bless you . Thank you .

  • Off topic but important
    High Freemasons hold the Koran as the word of ‘god’ and the Bible as the work of the devil. Now you know why so many islamists are being encouraged to invade the west. The iislamists also believe that Jesus is NOT God – as do the high initiates of masonry.They (islamists) also teach that the angels have no choice.
    Please understand, the lower ranks of Freemasons have no clue of this.

  • Yes yes it's awesome to hear someone believes the beautiful story on the heavens.
    HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH to Our Great God blessings to you and your family always praising God for our President

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