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(guitar strumming) – Our money conversation
are pretty transparent. – Yes. – I mean, we have them
routinely, multiple times a day. More than even I would recommend. – Sometimes you don’t write me back – And then you get upset. – And you’re supposed to
pretend like you’re busy at work but really I just don’t
think you wanna talk about – Yeah. – [Female Narrator] I’m Catherine Alford. I’m a family finance
expert and financial writer dedicated to helping you live
your best financial life. – Well an important conversation
you’re gonna start out with is the expectations of who’s
gonna be managing money day-to-day and long-term. – Yeah, because who do
you think is, you know just like generally
speaking, who do you think is better with paying the bills? If you were just to guess. – Generally speaking
or in our relationship? – Who’s better? – You. – Okay. Just wanted to get that out there. Tell the audience why
don’t you pay our bills? Why am I so great? – There was the water bill
incident of 2010. Yeah. And I forgot to pay a
water bill but said I did, and then said I did again. – No you forgot the letter
that we got to the house that was our new little
married house together. – Oh right. – And it was like “You
did not pay your bill. “We are gonna turn off all your water.” And you came home and I
asked you one more time. – And I was like, “Oh yeah,
I didn’t pay the bill.” – Yeah. – And so, henceforth Catherine
has paid all water bills, credit card bills, electric
bills, cable bills, car bills, insurance bills, – Babysitter bills. – Mortgage bills. – All the things. – Catherine pays everything. – We each have our own strengths and I think that you need to
determine in a relationship who’s good at what and I think you’re really
good with long-term planning. You always have a vision for what you want our future to look like and you always have a really good grasp of what the best funds are to invest in and you really enjoy reading about that, so I think that my ability to keep the day-to-day organized and your ability to know a
lot about long-term investing is a really good
complement for each other. So I think another really
great question to ask is what are your biggest money goals? Yeah. – Well, and what are your
goals and what are you gonna do when you meet those goals? – Right. – I think my money goal for us is, you know, once we meet those goals, is to get out of the house,
travel, see the world. – We wanna make sure that, as
we accumulate wealth over time and as we work together, we
want to help our children be able to reach their goals without significant financial burden. – Yeah, I don’t want
the kids to go into debt for their education, for their weddings – For anything. – Really, for anything.
If we could help it. – If, right.

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