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The sad fact of life is that computers crash. They don’t crash that often but
it does happen. In fact it always seems to happen at the worst
possible time. Such as when you need to pay your bills or
pay your taxes. Quicken will remind
you automatically to backup and it’s up to you to click OK instead of Cancel,
when it asks you if you ‘d like to backup now. I recommend you get into the habit of backing
up regularly to some external drive. It could be a writable CD; it could be a second
hard drive or best of all it could be a USB flash drive. They are cheap, they are fast, they are
really convenient. So I recommend that USB flash drive be your
primary means of backup. That doesn’t mean it should be your only means
of backup. Backing up
to a recordable CD once a month or so and then taking that CD out of your home
or out of your office is a great thing. Because, face it. If your home or your office was to burn down
and all your backups are in your home or office, they don’t do you as much
good as they could. To backup your
Quicken data file, go to the File menu and choose Backup. The name of the
Backup data file is shown at the top of the dialog. Next you need to tell
Quicken where you want to backup to. We will click the Browse button and we are
going to find the USB flash drive that’s connected. There it is. It’s in the G drive. And then the Quicken Backup folder. I click OK and now we see that the path is
G:/Quicken Backup. I recommend that you also
select the option to add the date to the file name, because that really does
help you identify which of your many backup files is the latest one. Click OK,
and then Quicken reports success. Now I can remove the USB flash drive from
my computer and know that my data is safe. You are going to spend a lot of time and effort
in working in Quicken and you want to make sure that it’s as safe
as possible. And hey, it’s about your
money; you want that to be as safe as possible. I can’t stress this enough. Backup early, backup often, protect your data. You will be happy you did, when things go

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