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The American Dream is what everybody wants an American Dream is a house and when you have Corporations like Quicken Loans taking that dream away from you it really makes it you know, not good for the American public as far as I’m concerned, you know and that shouldn’t be Everybody should have a chance You know to have the American dream because you have your home is your sanctuary And so basically they took away my sanctuary Well, my husband applied online for a home loan and The the gentleman he was talking to Nick that it was a broker with Quicken Loans He applied in February and The broker kept calling him telling me needed this you needed this you needed this My husband all chimed in you know with a lot more info, too anyway, so Come April 30th they told us we didn’t qualified which is more than 30 days What happened was we were trying to buy the house we were renting because the owner wanted to sell it We even had the property manager on board getting ready to fill out a contract and then everything fell through We had to move because you know, they want to sell the house. We had to move or lease was up we ended up staying at a hotel for a couple months so I could find another house which actually was smaller than the one we were living and everything’s just gone downhill from then it’s just like they just It’s like hasn’t been able to fix finances or anything for what they did So let me get this straight when you went to Quicken Loans first Didn’t they tell you that you were pre-approved? Yes. Yes, they told us that we were pre-approved all I needed you to send in the application which again? Then dared our broker. I ain’t mad at content to me Told me that there was a little bit more information and he needed For me to go ahead and go to their website fill out the rest of the application process, which I did Coming back telling you that they need a little bit more information, but everything’s still looking do it by the third week he asked me for the contact details for the property management and the Owner of the house that we were in because they’re going to contact them. They Told the owner and the property management company that Everything was good that we were beginning alone yada yada yada and the property management funky. That was actually Facilitating my morale for the house when I had and started the process to Fill out the paperwork which costs them money for the sale agreement Then it started getting closer to the end of our uh a rental agreement and Nick kept telling well, there’s a little bit more information that they need There’s a little bit more information that they need by the time it was all said and done our lease agreement in it And we didn’t get any contact from him for a week and a half Even with me calling him every day of I try to find out what’s going on leaving voicemails uh We’d also had a contingency plan just in case we didn’t get enough money for invitin houses we were renting that we were looking I was picking with a realtor and they were also looking into Trying to find a house within the money that we were going beginning they also found the house and Quicken Loans that also spoke to the realty company saying that everything that everything were on scheduled and That all sudden they stopped talking to the realty company as well the nationwide contacting as well when they came into one big gone method by the Second and we were supposed to be out of the house That we went ahead and acted everything about the house cleaned up moved all of our stuff into storage and we had Room for the first week at the hotel who were staying at trying to still get with Nick to find out what was going on Then he perceives his house. Oh, no, you were never fall apart It was his supervisor. They called us not him We can never get hold of the broker. I found the complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, I found the complaint with any consumer board I could think of a better business bureau and all that and Quicken Loans who responded back on every complaint That well. The first complaint was the application wasn’t completed That’s what they responded back um, that was for the Better Business Bureau, then when I did to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and consumer finance They said something about what we got we told them that they needed to contact this person to help with credit listen at which We were at the time working with lexington law to get our credit better. And actually my husband’s credit got up to what six ninety Working with them six eighty but when they pinned his credit twenty three times of course went back down So it just made it difficult and you know I kept trying to Contact them to try to work this out You know you guys I mean we had like two three we had like two to four thousand dollars in savings which we ended up spending at the hotel to stay until we could find a place to move and You know, and I’ve been dealing with them actually I think I stopped contacting them this year because I just got Well, the whole mess ended up me up in the hospital with a stress-induced gastrointestinal dysfunction Because of the stress of just trying to recoup what they did trying to say, you know And I have contacted everything I can and they’re big corporations So nobody wants to take them on When you were talking to Quicken Loans Did you specifically mention that hey guys, you know, our lease is up Yeah, he said not to worry that were uh were on schedule We’ll be able to close those and all that by the end of the part So you’ll be with your remote lease agreement turns he kept telling us that yes They’re pigs on schedule not to worry and then the last week of that month We got Noah had no contact with muscle where it was like you just disappear. Tell me these guys How long have you been out of place to live? We were in a hotel for two months right two months, right which depleted our savings We found a new place to rent for the air and it has a completely different type of fiasco all together But they have quickened lungs in heaven and to deal with that different. Lynnie. No agency. No Pesticides and so on that one trying to buy a house when we moved into the other one But Quicken Loans pretty much got us for the most. Yeah, Quicken Loans I I blamed them for the start of the whole thing because we had like almost four thousand dollars in savings and from if we have no savings now, right and Because between trying to find a place to go to came through the hotel then I had to pay first last and security Plus all the applications I had to fill out just to try to get somewhere Trying to make sure I didn’t deplete the savings which I ended up doing. Anyway, you know, so it was That’s why I said even with discipline. I just blamed them for the whole fiasco Because you know if they hadn’t depleted our savings we probably would have been a lot better if If you don’t mind my asking and of course if you don’t want to answer, you know, that’s absolutely okay What is your living situation right now guys? know we’re in a hotel People that we were renting a house from the original owners They did not meet my ears in the house renovated Much higher Because he’s heard his Area did not bring 942 foot to our house that he beget in our 14 is dishing on rent when we were main 950 So He made quite clear and refused use Hainanese in years Ring at lease agreement after they got original here that we were there Other So we try to Yeah Until we can get our credit packed up the world we hated to England and then a brahmana’s for down to such a low score. I think it’s Low force well also the stress of dealing with them trying to get a few years put me in the hospital which of course Cause financial issues to because I was out of work for a month and a half Could you name exactly what your losses were whether they are Financial and you could give me an amount whether they were Emotional whether they were of any kind just list the losses for me Please between losing the four grand and my savings account Losing money from out of work because of the stress of dealing with them this I deal with this for every day for two years trying to get something solved and That you know with the hospital going on I would say 10 to 10 grand just off the top of my head as far as emotional distress, of course physically put me in the hospital with stress and I haven’t been right since because they had to I had to have to emergency back-to-back surgeries because of the stress they cost fame Yeah, my poor husband. He didn’t know who I was walking out or being carried out my box so, you know, if you want to talk about emotional stress on that, you know that type of hardship and It just Put strain on our relationship, but we’re strong with each other, you know, so that’s a good thing What could they have possibly done to make you feel at least a little bit better about the whole situation? What could they have done now? I don’t think there’s anything they could done except maybe reimburse all my time and money spent uh You know with the stress and everything in the hospital um, I mean to if you want to talk about I’d say fantasy or whatever. Give me a house, you know, but they’re not going to do that. I know that When it comes to big corporations, they I know where the little guy so, you know, we don’t count

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  • I know somebody that uses Quicken Loans with no issues. I see this all the time with insurance. People go online and bind policies with inaccurate information to get the premium lower. They don't realize that banks, insurance agencies, lending companies, etc have access to all kind of data about you. Any bankruptcies or previous billings sent to collections will disqualify you.

  • Don't ever trust what an insurance rep, bank rep. or lending rep tell you initially about approval. Credit reports are pulled later in the process, and it's the underwriters and loan officers that make the final determination. They base their decision on risk, not on sales quotas. Of course this rep will not speak to you because that person knows he/she screwed up, and would rather have customer service deal with your wrath.

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