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Before we get started setting up Quicken for
your finances, let’s take a quick overview of the Quicken window. Like almost every Windows program, you’ve
got a menu bar up here at the top. Below that we have a customizable toolbar
and we will see how to customize that in an upcoming
video. At the right of the toolbar is the Search
field that you can use to search through your transactions and we will look
at that later too. All the way over
here at the end is an icon that opens up Quicken Help. Below the toolbar, you have got the Tab bar
which is set up for Bills, Banking, Business; all the different areas that you
might need to handle your finances. Within each tab there are sub tabs. So in this case, we are in the Setup tab. There is Overview, Accounts, Bills and Deposits,
which allows you to set up each of those areas. In the upper left there is the Accounts bar
and you can open that up by clicking the Plus button. In this case we haven’t yet set up our accounts,
but you can see that we will be setting up Banking,
Business, Investing, Property and Debt, that sort of thing. Down here at the bottom it shows your Net
Worth. Right now sadly we have a Net
Worth of zero, but we will be fixing that soon. Over here in the main part of
the window, you’ve got different sections that allow you to work through the
different functions associated with that tab. For example, since we’re on the Setup tab,
we can do things like setup checking and saving accounts, credit cards, bill reminders
and other items. We will get
to a lot of this later. On any of these tabs you can choose to show
or hide the different sections. For example, if I want to hide the Customize
Quicken section, I just click the Minus button and it closes up there. To show it again, just click the
Plus button. So that gives you a quick overview of the
Quicken interface. Now let’s get started customizing Quicken
for our needs.

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