Quit His Job After Wholesaling Real Estate

Thank you so much for joining us on The
Dwellynn Show I’m your host Ola Dantis I’ve got Cliff Hayden here with us today
thank you so much for joining Cliff oh I’m excited to be here thank you for
having me fantastic so cliff I’m sure you could do
a way better job than I can in terms of telling our Dwell-listeners a little bit more
about who you are what you’ve been doing and kind of we’ve been out so lately
alright so yeah brief overview I am a happily married husband and father of
five beautiful children I have spent the last 15 years learning real estate and
learning how to quit my corporate job and do this full-time and there’s a
bunch of hiccups and roadblocks along the way and then my new goals now or I’m
making a big point to stay at home or be with my kids and travel and have fun
that’s kind of where I’m at in my journey right now and why is that
actually let’s start with that right cuz um I just spoke to rod clear film you
know not long ago and we talked a lot about kind of you know he made all the
success in the world and then you realize it was so depressed when he had
the big house the fancy cars are you made a really good point and now you’re
trying to make a conscious effort to spend time with your wife you know your
five kids why is that I tell you that’s a great question and the answer for me
is you know I come from very humble beginnings come from divorced parents
both great parents and that’s a note in there actually remarried now they got
divorced when I was two and remarried when I was 18 and so my dad was a
Vietnam vet and so they had some issues with that and but anyway so I come from
humble beginnings didn’t have much growing up and so I got a job my first
real job was at AT&T and I was called an outside plant technician which was a
fancy word for construction worker and so you know where I come from money was
just a goal and it’s just how I don’t think my parents intended that but it
was just like if you had money if you had this everything work herself out
you’d be happier you’d have more things to do you were less stress and and so my
whole for the last I guess 30-something years of my life I use money as the goal
and not a tool and then once I got the money I was like yeah I’m not I mean
my kids weren’t a mess but I wasn’t around to be a good father everything I
thought that I was supposed to do as a man and as a father I wasn’t really
providing for them and so I got to the point to where yeah we had the nice
house and the different in the toys and we did stuff but we weren’t it wasn’t a
good home life and because I made money the goal and not the tool and I heard a
very good gentleman had a conversation in New Orleans couple years ago and it
kind of the opening conversation and you know me and my wife at that time weren’t
very happy we were arguing a lot us it was busy and she he said you know what
if you put as much time and your wife and your family as you did real estate
how would that how would your relationship be better and I was and it
kind of you know floored me I was like yeah I mean I spent all my time on the
business and not on what I’m working for anyway which is my family so I just had
my priorities mixed up and I started kind of getting everything back in order
and that’s what I’ve been working on now for the last you know a couple few years
Wow thank you so much for for sharing that and you know just kind of giving
our listeners a different perspective because I think I mean coming obviously
coming from a different country from the United Kingdom it always seems like
America is kind of seen as the ultimate consumeristic a society where you know
kind of money is everything so I just really love the fact that we can not
only be vulnerable you know to talk about it but also to educate others to
say that yeah money is important but it is not as important as you might think
it is so thank you for sharing that gift the
other thing I really wanted to talk about was you know you we kind of read
somewhere that you basically you fill the drug test and that really helped you
to believe in the best life that you want it was a transitional step and so
how that worked well that as before I worked at AT&T and I was there for ten
years so I was there for a while and I was like I said a fancy outside plant
technician or construction worker so I worked a bucket truck and we worked
outside and I made good money I was in my 20s and I was making you know upwards
to eighty a hundred thousand year depending on how much overtime I learn
to work there’s a lot of work but we made good money and
so I started I kind of tell you my story so how got in the real estate was I was
working at AT&T my my goal there was come where I come from as get a job
working my way up to supervisor to first level second level working way up the
corporate ladder at AT&T and I found there are some issues that happened to
where I thought that they cared about me and I realized they could give I they
could not care about anyone I want to cuss on your show but they they did not
care about me and so I started transitioning into real estate and I got
into real estate my sister and brother-in-law were Army veterans and
when they came back from the war I want to say early 2000 2000 and I can’t
remember exactly but he brought a game called cash flow long story short and we
started playing this game called cash flow and then you could buy houses and
rent him out and make money off the rent and then you could sell to make a bunch
of more money and I was just I was in Oz I do people really do this I had no idea
and so I could my brother-in-law can remember why we’re playing the game I
just stopped talking everybody and like my brains just like holy crap minute I
found something I would love to do because I liked working on you know as a
construction like working on stuff and so from there I went to Memphis for
three months on overtime for AT&T working some storm damage and I saved up
a bunch of money came back and a friend of Mines mother-in-law had a duplex that
she was selling and I was like you know what let’s let’s do it we’re gonna buy a
duplex had no idea what I was doing horrible deal by the way but anyway the
process of me buying that duplex I was talking a loan officers because I had a
down payment and then a loan officer told me about a local real estate club
called uh Korea which is our local real estate group and so I went there and on
the that night there was some local speakers talking and one of them really
clicked with me a guy named Mike Butler and then I literally went to his office
the next day and asked him to help me and so from there he became my mentor
and took me under his wing and kind of kind of made sure I didn’t follow my
face too much and he actually a funny story made fun of me for the first three
minutes about that duplex that I bought and tell me what a bad deal it was and
just kind of kind of funny I’m so pumped up and proud
Tina’s office and I left and that with my tail between my legs and crushed from
his negative comments but he turned out to be real good friend and helped me
along the way and so what I started doing was buying real estate he was
helping me buy real estate where I was on my job and I had a good job at AT&T
so I had good credit and I could get loans and it was doing okay and then I
started more bad stuff happening AT&T that I wasn’t liking it and I was going
in every day and just not having fun anymore it wasn’t the old way that it
was when I first started and so I knew I wanted to do real estate full-time but
didn’t have the guts to just go okay I quit and let’s jump into this other
venue and not know what’s gonna happen and so what I did is when you have a CDL
where you have a construction worker like I was you have a CDL license which
which ban it towards you for random drug tests you got to take random drug tests
so it just so happened when I was on that cross roads of Mantua how do I quit
I don’t want to quit and walk away and not fall on my face and I have another
job to go back to so they pop me with the random drug test and I basically
told my boss you know what I’m not gonna take it and when you don’t take the drug
test or refuse to take it it’s like a fail and then when you fail the drug
test they send you to rehab and then when you go to rehab you don’t get paid
but you can’t come back to work until you complete your rehab hours and uh
long story short I mean just the pieces of the puzzle that fit together is so
cool the rehab counselor was my aunt and uncle’s next-door neighbor and so I knew
him very cool guy I was comfortable I told him what was going on and what I
wanted to do and he thought I was crazy but he was like you know what you know
if you want to give it a shot let’s do it and so I turned eight hours of rehab
into four and a half months suspension at 18 T and I started doing real estate
full-time 100% and in the first month I mean doing a full-time I made my salary
doing wholesale deals and then I knew that you know what I’m done I don’t have
to go back and so I stayed on there well I didn’t quit right then is it cuz I
still I didn’t get paid right so I had insurance so I want to keep my insurance
for as long as I could stretch it with the kids and so you know that’s kind of
the short story and there’s a lot of hiccups on that row but that’s how it’s
how I you know transition full time into real estate Wow there’s just so many
things that you touched on that I want to you know
talk about so fast you went to your ears then you met a mentor where you followed
up you mid you know you got a mentor you secured a mentor and then you know
sailing you know of course I know you do a lot of property management as well and
which show me you know the rental combo before we go to all of that what do you
say to someone who might be thinking or who might be you know in that situation
you were in which was working a job but thinking you could do more with yourself
but they’re they aren’t just sure how to get started what do you say to that
person you know another great question Allah I would say looking back glad to
do it again I’m a me and my wife and our big Dave Ramsey fans getting on a budget
understanding your finances nobody really takes you to live and if
something happened you got an emergency fund and you can do things so I would
get a budget together get a plan kind of have a vision get a mentor join real
estate clubs and just educate yourself you really need to educate yourself if
you have a job you don’t like and you want to move then I would work on you I
don’t know how to say it only there’s a right or wrong answer I think your gut
just gonna tell you my in my case my gut I just knew like I knew if I had that
opportunity I could do it I’m still a little scared cuz if I you know I didn’t
want to walk away from their job because they didn’t have a lot of jobs like that
for a guy like me in our tale and so I think you just know now I think you’re
playing for it and there comes a time where you gotta believe in yourself and
you just do it but I think you do it educational wise and and you don’t just
go well you know what today I’m gonna do real estate let’s quit my job and start
doing real estate it’s that’s gonna be a bad idea I think once you educate and
get to that point of knowledge you’ll just you’ll just know when you’re in
your heart of you’ll know that you can do it yeah I think I think I really like
that point because there’s some talk on like bond the boat and I understand and
I appreciate that but sometimes in some instances that
might be a little bit dangerous if you just wake up one day and quit your job
and without educating yourself and say I want to do real estate that might not be
you know such a great idea so tell us what happened afterwards so you’ve got a
you know it’s disembowel deals made good money and then what or what else
happened when you find you know the that piece to
actually say hey I want to quit my job so when I was on suspension
I started wholesaling properties and actually hosts I don’t the one of the
hotels what’s the guy worked with at AT&T and so I was also working for a
foreclosure agent in our town and this was in I want to say two thousand six
seven eight in that range and so at that time you know the the economy was real
estate wise for buying was great but you know it’s a bad foreclosure market and
we had a lot of scariest things going on in our economy back then and so I was a
foreclosure agent I was making really good money you know selling people
houses so I was I was a wouldn’t it it at that time of one bound too many
rentals I wish I would have but I did not because I was you know it didn’t
have a job and I was trying to build up cash and just make sure I could sustain
the lifestyle was accustomed to and so I started being a foreclosure agent I met
a lot of people that way a lot of other foreclosure agents and brokers and I
found a niche in the market to where a lot of these broker agents on
foreclosures did not have they were having trouble when they got a house it
was in such bad shape they needed a company to come fix it up I didn’t have
anybody and so I just kind of kept listening to him talk and I was like you
know what I can do that and so then I started up a general contracting company
because I don’t know how to do repairs and I had guys in place I’m just on a
small scale we just kind of built that scale up and I started not only being a
foreclosure agent I started running a general contracting crew for some of the
biggest foreclosure agents in town and so we were really busy fixing up houses
we start a grass cutting company because they needed people to cut grass and
either preservation company cuz any people people to trash out the houses
and change the locks and so I just kind of got my you know I jumped in both feet
and you know I was look back on it it was a good learning experience but I
literally wasted three or four years of my life because all I did was work and
it caused a lot of problems at home caused a lot of problems with my kids
and not being around like I should of because like I said in the beginning
money was the goal so that’s all I thought about was okay this is what this
is what’s gonna make us happiness is what’s gonna work for us and
and so on that I was managing other properties too I had my own rentals that
I was managing also and I was just it was just non-stop and when I came home
um you know we sit down eat dinner and I was never present and my wife would get
so mad because I’m sitting there while we’re at the table talking on my phone
text messaging emailing you know people she’s trying to talk to me my kids are
and I’m kind of like you know I’m busy guys let me get this thing done give me
a minute and it was just causing a lot of
problems and she was getting very resentful and for good reason because
yes we had a nice house a nice things but if you’re not there to share them or
enjoy the journey and the ride who cares and so I knew something had to change
and so I’ve been spending the last few years putting better systems in place
more I guess fluent with me and with my personality and how really do things
because I know there are systems out there for everybody I think they all
work in their own right but you still gotta know who you are and then build
that system based on what you like to do and don’t like to do so I spent the last
several years kind of getting that cleaned up and literally spending my
days now doing what I like to do which is talking to people like you hola doing
podcast and um and and just to do my pitch and while I’m on the show too is
so sitting at that table I found out when I had empty rental houses I was
very stressed out and I would always get the same phone calls they answer the
phone hello al tech tell me about your house I got a 3-bedroom 1-bath give him
description of the house we would pre-screen over the phone which would we
would ask you know how long you been in your current job how much fun you have
in the bank are you on section eight well you sound three year lease
blah blah blah and I was like you know what I’m wasting a lot of time doing the
same thing over and over and over and so I said it’s gotta be a system out here
that does this this is not a complicated there’s got to be something here to take
away these phone calls and emails and text and automate this and so I went and
looked and I couldn’t find anything and I was like you know what this is such a
big time saver that if we can do this this would help a lot of people with a
lot of headaches cuz this is kinda like all the crap part or property management
which is screening the leads coming in to your house
I couldn’t find something so we just created something and we created show me
the rental that’s I was born and it was born so I could have my time back at the
dinner table and my wife would stop give me dirty looks and yelling and screaming
at me and and it kind of saved my you know in a way it saved my marriage
because now when I’m home this gives me an idea where I am
nowadays I’m home every day about three o’clock it hears off the bus
so you basically created show me the renter from a place of angst right and
you’ve been thinking of a way to better systematize your life so what would you
say or what I’m kind of the from a property management perspective what are
the most important questions we should be asking as a property manager you know
I don’t that’s a great question I don’t know the most important answers or
questions I think what it is for me personally I built a lifestyle I’ve
built my business based on my lifestyle so what I did for me is I put my life
first in my business and stuff second now it’s easy to say because I’ve you
know I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’m at a point now where I can
do that so starting off it’s hard to do just I mean starting off just gotta get
in there and go you’re gonna make mistakes
you’re gonna go up and down up and down and then you just kind of be persistent
and stick with it and the good thing about real estate is you know we talk
about it we have a little mastermind group when we meet we talk about all the
time time kind of fixes everything in real estate so if you buy the house
wrong time will fix it because the rents gonna or the motors don’t get paid down
the rents gonna go up the property buddy is gonna go up if you’re rince too low
and time you keep increasing it so everything works out great so as long as
you can hang on and get systems in place you know you can do pretty well so so
for me personally what we did is when I first started buying I bought a lot of
crap I shouldn’t have bought didn’t know it at the time so it’s a good learning
curve but I was buying C&D properties for cash flow and so on paper looked
great but then they were so property management intensive it was taking a lot
of time doing stuff that man I wished it was not good use of my time and so what
I did after the market started rebounding as I had those houses and I
started going you know what these are my headaches if I want this lifestyle if
this is my plan for my life I got put myself in a spot to be able to
live this life and so okay what are my headaches what do I like to do not like
to do so I took my headache properties and I went a tenant’s moved out I would
fix him up and I would sell them now take that money and pay off debt and
then I did that over and over – I only have about four or five houses left to
do that – and then I’ve upgraded to a and B houses we’re now I can get nicer
houses and nice neighborhoods preferably by a good school districts easy little I
like little brick ranch does that have you know little one story with basements
and Kane and then I make them very very nice um you know basically as nice as a
retail house because I want to attract that quality of tenant customer that I’m
not gonna have a headache with I’m not gonna be they’re not gonna be calling me
like this is a Holiday Inn and every time there’s some kind of little problem
they don’t know how to fix anything so and we screen them very carefully now
based on what we want which is we’re gonna provide you with a better rental
house than anybody in this neighborhood or any man in this area and in return
we’re gonna want you to take care of small things small items don’t bother to
with those with don’t bother us with those and then we want you to pay your
rent on time so I don’t want to be tracking you down and so what we do now
when we screen is I just like before we don’t do section 8 anymore we’ve had too
many problems in our local town with the new rules and regulations with it so we
don’t do section 8 that’s our number one question are you on section 8 how long
you been on your current job we want somebody who’s been responsible can hold
down a job how much money do you have your bank so we won’t put somebody that
goes okay I’m not red line and so when my car breaks or something goes wrong
I’m not gonna have any money and so we want reserves in their account are you
willing to sign a three to five year lease so we get long-term customers now
because we tell them off we do a year lease but if you move out a year and we
just got a simple do a simple paint carpet or simple touch that we just lost
you know a lot our cash flow for that year and so we want long-term customers
and then that you know that’s basically it and I just kind of go from there that
makes our life easier so now I travel I hardly get I literally we might get one
call month I mean it’s very cool on what we do
but we sent our houses up in a way to they should be okay for the next 20
years so you kind of have a specific demographic a specific product that you
go for like it’s exactly yeah three bedrooms one bath so I think okay so
what is kind of the next step by you kind of just you know are you kind of at
a place where you don’t really want to you know take on too many properties or
are you thinking of scaling you know what are your thoughts for the future
it’s a great question and the good question so I don’t know if I got the
right answer but my answer is I don’t like politics it scares me to death I
don’t understand it I don’t understand how people can’t talk to each other or
disagree without having to get argumentative and fight and so it scares
me is I hear things now like we’re gonna tax the rich we’re gonna go up to 70%
taxes and just silly stuff that makes no sense to me and so I have I call it the
15 what do I want to call it the 15 815 and so what that means is I want to
bring in 15,000 a month no debt on my real estate which I’m paying off now
sonoda my real estate bringing 15,000 a month to pay for my lifestyle
so that will pay for our travels for a house for anything we want to do which
is more than enough money if you don’t have debt I mean you don’t need that
mind sets for whatever dumb reason that’s my number I don’t know why
thousand you don’t need a lot if you don’t have debt so 15,000 the eight
hundred thousand or eight hundred is I want eight hundred thousand dollars in
my kids college funds so I have five kids on average the average math is it’s
$40,000 a year to go to college and that pays for everything books room board
everything that’s 160 a kid it comes out to roughly eight hundred grand I can do
that and what I do that and when I call sisa account of Coverdale educational
savings which is a tax-free account that I can do deals in and put that money in
there tax-free so if I didn’t do that that eight hundred gravity would eight
hundred gram it cost me roughly 1.3 1.4 millions if I paid for an after-tax
dollars so I’m saving a ton there and what we do for our kids is ups is big in
our town I’m from Louisville Kentucky and so I love the UPS program we’re
gonna pay for you go to school but here’s what we expect we expect you to
do some work for us and we expected to get A’s and B’s if you do these and you
qualify for we’re gonna pay for your school so I’m
gonna treat my kids kind of the same way like I’ll help you but if you’re gonna
take it for granted you’re gonna screw off and you know be a goofball then you
know you’re on your own the other 15 is for tax free investments
so I do a Roth IRA and what they call solo for one okay and I do my best deals
a year in those two accounts because if for some reason that first 15 we’re
living on if they say hell we’re gonna tax all these people and I always would
ask these politicians is I get you need a taxing
I said I you know I don’t understand why if you would tell me where the money
goes now like what do you do with all the money you make now and you and you
legitimately have a legit request like hey we need more money and show me how I
don’t mind paying more but I feel like the government has it and and in
insatiable thirst to spend other people’s money and there is never
there’s no accountability so I’ll worry about you know they just keep one more
and but they don’t know where it goes now what they do with it all and how
much place is involved is incredible so I want to do tax free account of
investing also so if it does come to that you know I still got 15,000 a month
coming on tax free investments that won’t bother me at all so that’s kind of
a big game plan and that’s where I’m at I got the first part pretty much taken
care of I’m working I got half of the second then I’m working on the third now
I’ve got one deal my a couple good deals going on in my retirement accounts and
just keep plugging away at those fantastic I really love that is a really
very good plan so we’re definitely definitely dwelling into the quick
rounds that these are gonna be quick questions quick all right first question
what makes you cliff unique what is that differentiating factor that separates
you from the next guy or the next girl you know it’s a great question my motto
is you you you can’t fail if you don’t quit so I think what I you know what I
believe in myself I believe highly in myself
I’m not an arrogant way but you know I’m I work very hard I’m more efficient than
I’ve ever been and you know I won’t I won’t take no for an answer so if I need
if I want something I’m gonna get it and figure out a way to take care of it
I think I’m unique in that way yes fantastic second question what was the
last book that you read and what was the one thing you picked up from that book
it’s a good question if it sounds terrible
like reading books I can only focus for about 15 or 20 minutes and I look and I
just I just go off in another fantasy world so I’ve actually used the app
called blink Asst I know if you heard of it
I said what blink estas it takes a book that I want to read and makes it a book
report and so that that book I know I’m never gonna finish I can read in about
15 20 30 minutes and get all the kind of highlights and the important things on
that book so I’ll do that every morning I try to read a book every morning on
blinkers oh I like that I like that in the book I just read what’s called
traction by the way so I think it’s a great book especially for new people and
it’s how to implement run your business effectively fantastic last question so
you obviously you’ve got your business running you know somewhat automated
you’ve got a lot more time you’ve got you know show me the rental calm you’ve
got your family as well what do you do for fun that’s another great question I
travel so what we started doing is last year we took a 40 day RV trip with the
kids and and what we did is we bring an RV and we went out west for the summer
and all along the way I spoke to different REIA clubs for ShowMeTheRental sort of pitching my idea so we could make that part partially of that
trip a write-off and we went out to Arizona which is absolutely beautiful
Sedona Arizona if you’ve never been I recommend it for anybody and then we
went up through California through Oregon Washington and Utah and then came
back home so that’s what I loved traveling and meeting people like you
Ola and just kind of seeing how different you know I enjoy watching my
kids seeing things enter I got to see so I came from a different different kind
of world which I like that they’re sheltered I think all that all fathers
and parents want their kids do better see more have more and so I loved
watching them on the beaches just interacting with people you know right
now in our town which is very sad we have a drug epidemic going on so oh I’m
so sorry for that beef but so we have a drug epidemic going on so we go and give
it out waters and we do things to help out to realize that you know we’re very
lucky to have what we have this is not normal it’s a lot of hard work and I
want my kids to understand that and so that’s that’s what I do for fun
Wow thank you so much for sharing down I mean that’s just amazing so if there’s
somebody listening in and they’re thinking wow I really like cliff and you
know I want to learn more about cliff and I want to you know get connected
with you can you tell us more about show me the rental and how people can get
connected with you yes so just a quick explanation of show me the rental
it’s based in online system we created it advertisers generates leads
pre-screens of leads and then automates the showings and basically it it turns
and then it sends them online applications so basically it takes care
of all the crap part of property management that we had and it automates
it all and you just sit back and wait for applications to come in now again I
like to differentiate cuz some people get confused it is a tenant it’s a lead
screening service not a tenant screening service so it doesn’t do background
checks it doesn’t do leases anything like that it literally instead of you
taking a phone call the email it automates that whole part and gets kind
of like a big filter and it gets those kind of door knockers or tire kickers
out of the way and then gets everybody down to the people who are pre-qualified
to go see your house and then takes care of it from there I love it of course I’m
partial to it because it’s mine but you know we made it as cheap as we can it’s
$49 until the properties are in it I’m a manager you know my goal here is to get
people to have dinner with their families again because it’s helped save
my marriage and my life really cuz you know divorce I mean divorce is a
nightmare I couldn’t even we were headed on that road and thank God we turned it
around because that would have been I did all this for nothing then in my mind
so we made it very cheap no nickel and dime stuff $49 a month so it’s rented
and that’s basically it Wow Wow I love that thank you so much if
I really really appreciate your time today thank you thank you thank you you
know for I can’t think you know for being on the show today
well great all I appreciate the opportunity you have a great day

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