Rabbit Freedom Ultimate Challenge

hey guys congratulations for finding
this video anyway so kind of doing some peak life experience type deals here so
the last couple videos have been and that’s we’re gonna keep doing here but
this one’s gonna be a little bit different so we have a different a
different type of will say attractive character in this video so stay tuned
hey welcome back as you can tell I’m in kind of a odd setting right now so I’m
in my backyard I live in Fargo North Dakota for those of you that don’t know
but South Fargo has this problem with a lot of rabbits so in my backyard I find
a lot of rabbit so I’m staining my window well right now at my in my in my
backyard at my house and I don’t know if you can see him here but we got this
little guy tucked down there next to this garden hose that fell down over the
one or so you know peak life experiences now is about us so we have to keep that
in mind and think about others whether if the human or not so what we’re gonna
do is get this guy out of this little window well as much as I don’t like
these things running around my backyard destroying everything from plants
vegetation gardens around here okay and like I said they’re they’re everywhere
but with that being said I hopped out of the shower and South this guy hanging
out in this window island it’s no way for anyone to go so what we’re gonna do
is got the gloves on we’re gonna try to snatch this little guy up and I don’t
know go play so if I can’t grab him here I got this trusty box to baby scoop them
up and I don’t think we’re gonna need itself stay tuned look yo well came a little nudge hello
but they’re there yells let’s see if we can get them again make you safe but
we’ll see if we can track them down all right well as you can tell I’m not a
professional rodent getter picker-upper whatever you want to call him I guess
mission accomplished we got the little guy out of the window well kind of gave
a little toss up here put him down and he took off running couldn’t track him
down so sure he caught up with mom and dad and he’s probably having a little
better day a talent he was earlier self once again that’s Anthony Henderson
coming to you here thanks for checking out this video if you like more of this
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come up with so appreciate you tuning in have a good day
bye bye

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