Rachel, Strong and Independent in Her Own Home

I have lived in my own home
for about 12 years. I feel very strong about being
in my own home, very independent in my own home, very safe in my own home. I think that’s important. When it came to living independently
and on my own, biggest challenges was how to keep my
house tidy kind of thing. You know the chores you do in the house. Well with that I came up with pictures that reminded me of the chores I needed
to do and that actually um helped me cause I’m a visual learner. So um, that helped me to understand
about independence. There is a whole bunch of people who live
in my street. It makes me feel really great knowing that
there is people around. You know, like if my parents went and did
not know who to go to, I would cause I’ve met these wonderful
people. From my home I can walk to stores. That is all part of the independence. You know, yes I go to the library. I go to music store or bookshop. When I go to the coffee shop um in one of
restaurants, they say, “The usual Rachel?” And I say “Yes.” It makes me feel great. I feel accepted. There is a saying that goes, “Don’t dis
my ability,” which says even though that I have a disability,
doesn’t mean I am that. Look where I am. I am studying for um a diploma,
hopefully to be employed. I have my own home. I, I have someone in my life. I’ve got people around me in a community. There is a poem that I wrote, which is
my version of disability. If it is okay, I’d like to recite it. Under the moonlight, where the winds blow, The birds in the trees sing out to me. I gently touch the only life I know. Mark my words, hold my hand. Nothing is broken, nothing is wrong.

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