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in the start from the blade start Birmingham Zuka radical XA and links with stalkers to confirm x oz a oxy of the to name in the terrorizing unsafe the blades over had a radical is earring awesome process where him in so obvious and taro wastewater the distempered radical a touch for dr. radical dengue total fire did I stage lift velcome in the Zohan and the jihadi haubstadt and protect from Bernard are you coming to this demo you staying where you are Neera they're basically over at the other end there they're gonna stay there they're not coming here because they've been they've been separated over your friend that way yeah thank you I go straight into the middle mix it up with a little bit of war order them I'm a warrior the es de Piedad a Maserati in England would in Birmingham had a Latino Donovan extreme recruit a mere day at the protest even local Muslims in under miniheader abbreviating the demonstrate see also hits yeah um introduced II attempts by delayed from the most information so good no kick off here when they split up they're gonna start walking down and then any Muslims that they see them so what we want to do is that we're not going to confront them we're just going to act as a deterrent you want to come in on you and everyone you access poor grueling just four grueling there's the main dog have a good time enjoy yourselves proud to be British made proud to be British do you know why Britain first was here today in Burma well it's because of a Henry Jackson report Henry Jackson society report and in that report they stated that there has been a very large number of convictions in this city and ideally this city is the Johari capital of the country and a number of journalists also repeated that line so that's why they're here it's not because of recent attacks for instance Manchester and so forth they're basically saying that the city of Birmingham is the jannah' capital of the country Birmingham the trade is stuff from a train if : CAC if the Roadster Muslims make up from Atlanta the outer industry a Levesque in business not having an admission kilter Dale d'affaires above walking neither the center terrorists insurance lottery Naropa case Birmingham in the media the Naaman booth plants for devastators an ass dot met no goals honours for need Muslims how come Birmingham gets the name jihadi capital the problem is that there has been several cases of people being you know arrested on terrorism charges and who have specifically come from Birmingham if you go back to the 90s people like myself and also you have to understand that a lot of people that were arrested on so-called terrorism charges have been released without any charge so but the finger stick where's the driver of that car that gold car where is he this is the person that drives up with a lady people Rodya blasting is on the Joker when you have a very negative irresponsible media in the UK and then the international media picks up on it talking about no-go zones in Birmingham which is absolutely rubbish you know anyone everybody's welcome to come to Birmingham and walk around freely house you gonna brought your eyes yeah thanks you might join in with the festivities yeah have some samosas and oh boy well what kind of work you do with the younger people I go to schools and colleges and I talk a lot to young people I deliver projects too young for for young people basically around the issues of gangs drugs criminality and extremism as well I've got experience in all of those fields you know as you know so I'm kind of well-placed to be able to talk about these things and my objective my mission is to create a sort of you know help the younger generation to get through the complexities of their life and all the different issues that they have and try to impart some of my knowledge to them to help them to understand what's going on now the ants laughing longer in 2000 safer there I adore the Blitz interfering neither auntie terrorists Mistretta here he introduced yet the Fontan bombs locking the Dinka plants but they will hiss myrfor hain awesome be dragging outed by talent regime new cut man had phenomenal answer dragging and precedes demon city or cordoned after stones burger is out of ellis the terrorist of a more organized on schedule 7 is a power which that gamma is given to the police ports of entry international ports of entry where they can stop anyone coming in or out of the country they stopped me they held me for about five hours the to my DNA swab my fingerprints my photographs 45 degree angles it's not just there and they are they are they are there they're all the way around up-down fingerprints palm prints a name just asked me these kind of questions and it was just this was you know I didn't get out until like 2 o'clock in the morning and I was vexed I was feeling by the time I you know I got out I was you know I was really angry really not upset I was actually angry I was livid and I remember thinking if had I not known what I wrote a lot I know about Islam I would be right for any extremist terrorist to recruit me right now because you know I was just enraged you feel as though your you know your your dignity is being taken away from you you're made to feel like a criminal and you haven't done anything wrong there's no other way to describe it when the majority of those artists often look Muslim then they are profiles so when I travel not if I shave my beard off just to avoid them you know it's a shame I shouldn't have to put a shave my beard on but I did also on the deal from the Neva anti-terrorism I'm a traveler but in Birmingham at anti-radical is a nice Bahama prevent in the food that will for karma that let's bear in the video I'll talk about the top terrorists me in the beginning estimates it for all of the artists on swag and I benefit all up scholar back or ethnicity and moonlighters prevent my name is first rolled out everybody was father I mean it sounded like a lodge it sound like a great thing you know this in which if we can intervene early enough and prevent an atrocity from happy I mean who's gonna disagree with that who I mean you just cannot disagree with that it's perfect sense it makes so much logic it's you know it just it's just stupidity to try to argue against it however when you see the application of it then there's a problem when you know you have the counter extremism in Terezin bill that was little doubt in 2015 in which obliges teachers and doctors and frontline staff to effectively spy upon their fellow citizens and to pass information on to the government so everything this guy he has been here has been radicalized the problem that however is that you're talking about a teacher or a doctor they're not accounted terrorism expert they're not they're not even experts on Islam nvm Express on counterterrorism so they know very little and what they do know they pick up from the media they pick up from politicians this idea that you know he shouted Allahu Akbar before he committed his act of atrocity we call out Allah Akbar or ten times a day in our prayer sorry 20 times a day Sparky Oh both of his parking spot Brooke he's kind of a lower socioeconomic area but it's a great community to live in you've got parents grandparents children now bringing up their kids here so there's a real sense of belonging in this area and then all of a sudden your label does this area where there's an interest for the wrong reason not the right reason prevent is about developing future role models but you don't do it the way the government has gone about it which is label the community first and then throw money at it that's not how you do you work with the community we've always been on the borderline of being able to provide because we're a women's organization we work with women and prevents these women recently there's a bigger onus on having women participate but we as an organization made a conscious decision that we didn't want to prevent money and the reason was because we felt we know what this community is about we know what this community needs we're not going to deliver something that is dictated by government to deliver a lot of people will ask us you know some of the things we do is it funded by prevent money and we have to say no no no to reassure them that we're not you know part of that agenda a lot of people didn't want to share data because they felt if they shared their details somehow or other they'd be on registers and stuff they're almost like giving their information to say I'm part of this problem rather than part of the solution but Bitzer overhead budget for prevent which was hot on favor feet of million Evo and we don't have the Rams in had the childhood for dealt fear the local or overhead my implants from so shallow control at the fur coat like the dog for Delta for Zack thank you very nice coffee here was there I work in the community here it's part Brook I run a project called kick it pathways to recovery the project started from the community here we have a lot of issues around vulnerabilities so we have issues like drug dependency mental health you know high poverty in this area is a very highly poor area everybody knows what we do and we're very well trusted in the community and we're upfront about everything we do like we're working with substance misuse like working with prevent could we address issues of prevent are safeguarding so we look at it as protecting and safeguarding vulnerable people so I've been filming in this area for that talk to a lot of people who know you want everybody to say that you're doing an amazing work oh thank you yeah but people also say that you think some money from prevent we have tried an approach to the community through the masa to try and raise funds to run the project to protect and safeguard it but we didn't get any look and an advantage of getting funding through prevent is that it allows us to do what we're good at and help and how our community and protect and safeguard the vulnerable individuals and and it's not about spying it's not about you know turning against and being kind of like and enemy of your religion or Islam or anything like it's nothing to do with that these kids are gonna miss about now see mother turned the camera off for a bit they got to be very rude yeah behave yourself son gave you some big goodies Nana the prevent Duty came about after the July the 7th bombings the efforts by the government's past and present was to look at extremism within the Muslim community and look at the Muslim community through a lens of extremism the same Labour government that had taken us into war in Iraq that didn't recognize a foreign policy was the key player cited by the terrorists in the videos they made before they carried out the attacks that we are doing this not because of our ideology in fact they don't even quote very much ideology because they didn't know look very much in terms of Islamic ideology but very much they talked about we are responding to the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and that culminated over the years which included continuous occupations continuous bombings of Iraq Afghanistan and then later Syria into the prevent duty which became a law under the can Terrorism Act of 2015 all of this is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut in finding what it is that what is the cause what's making young British Muslims and some far-right people turned towards violence the truth is there are a whole series of factors but what we're not told is the effects that Britain hasn't told its population that we are an ABI we have been at war continuously at least since the beginning of 2002 if you imagine in Raqqa or wherever mostly young group of people who decided to tell them to leave the UK and join Isis or just local Syrians or Iraqis are bombed by British American Russian French take her pick coalition forces and a bomb lands what happens when a bomb lands it explodes it's incendiary it's explosive it kills it mames it decapitates it incinerates it devastates and we're not shown those images were not showing the images of children with half a head missing with a arm missing with women crying and inconsolable we're not shown those image but the images do exist somebody somewhere along the line has seen that type of imagery we're not told in the radicalization story about any of that we're told that is because this is franchised because they don't feel part of society they don't know what how great it is to be a British citizen or or Belgian citizen they don't understand their own faith all of that is true but what sent them over the edge that's the question that's not being asked and the answer is not being delivered in the early 90s I was given a video cassette and he was called massacres in Bosnia and Croatia I put this video cassette on and it was it was horrible I mean you know it really really shook me to the core it was just so overwhelming for me and at that moment you know I just sort of be that kind it's not pre-planning I just thought right I need to do something more than just give them aid so I joined the Mujahideen forces of the Bosnian army and then later on after that I also went to Afghanistan I also went to Kashmir on the Indian border you know I was younger I was impressionable so obviously what they were saying clicked with me you know because I was already angry and because I came from a violent background it was very easy for me to make that transition so yes that's I do understand that and and what I do is that's what I bring to the table when I talk to young people I don't use the approach of oh why are you saying this why you saying that you shouldn't do this you shouldn't do that no no you should have these feelings no I say to them I give him I know what you say I've been called worse Austin recently you know I've been called a parent wallah a police informant and working for the feds yeah I'm recruiting for jihadis I don't work for prevent I don't work for any government organization I'm an independent but at the same time I'm a pragmatic person as well because prevent now is part of the safeguarding strategy when I go into a school I don't go there to promote prevent everybody that knows me knows I have many issues prevent but at the same time I keep that door open in long all I said was [Laughter] Starly come how are you seems I know you're back from Iraq and you're gonna be tired I know that you know you spent two days already in London and basically the question that I had for you was that since we're in the neighborhood I'm ugly no worries all right all I was seen it was around these streets it was a young man who was playing a video of a British contractor who had his head cut off by militants in Iraq his friends were sat around laughing at this image and I just found it quite disturbing it was upstairs and that building where the snooker club was and that's where I'd arranged for them to play snooker at night and keep off the streets and I'd run that snooker program for a maybe about two or three years so that building for me really marks a change and shift in my own life John can you describe your relationship with the media yeah it started off quite difficult to be fair regarding terrorism it did the thing is most people don't really want to truth they just want a story we want the truth to be told and if there is a problem we want to know about it we want people to accept our side of the argument we're not apologists we're not saying that there isn't extremists in our myths because by the very nature of our work we're actually trying to tackle you know extremist behavior because it affects Muslims as well affects every member of society really peckish so I'm alright Ravi's please do I look shy I'm seriously um I've had so much guys just digging these guys have spoken to shy boy yeah Master Sheriff what about prevent yeah you talked about I mean just to the native it was a big this morning about the same thing for me I don't want any involvement with prevent whatsoever and I've had a lot of offers what kind of offers just to do to push whatever it is that they want pushed whatever agenda is but that's not something that I would do it's not something that I could do either this for certain people in the community that can probably do it but for a lot of us we wouldn't and we couldn't even if we wanted to we couldn't like because of how it seemed it's seen as a toxic thing and anybody that is involved in it anybody that is part of it the community will literally want nothing to do with you they won't take you seriously they'll chew you up and they'll spit you out imagine from the stop you're growing up in an area that you're told is a hotbed for extremism why that's dangerous for these kids if you tell them if you keep telling these kids that there is something or they're from something or they're part of something they might start to believe it yeah and if they start to believe it that's really dangerous how long since 9/11 16 years in saying the same thing every time every day every interview every time I speak to guys like you every news outlet that comes it says he's after just sit there half to say the same thing and everybody now is just sick of saying about it's almost getting apologetic do you know I mean and it's not about that it shouldn't be about that every time something happens my phone and his phone especially won't stop ringing oh you know I'm Muslim did this what do you think about it who cares what I think about it do you know I mean why do you need to know what Muslims think about it I don't know it's like they want us to either why do we have to publicly condemn it I'm born here you know this is how many you know this is home this is all I know you know I'm British more can I tell you we share the same values any values that if you ask someone to compile a list all right what are what you know what are British values and stuff and you know they're gonna come out with all the nice they're not gonna mention the colonialism and all of this and that they'll be like oh no being nice to people you know we like how ice cream in the summer we like fish and chips like hey me too you know I mean everything that is considered British is me this is Britain take a look at this what country you watch it from this is Britain you know I mean this is I would look like everybody looks different but we all here we share the same values and we're a big part of of the Society of the country and that needs to be represented in British values since traders and health is to prevent programmatic states Mia offered neutral data extra misma and a traductor hood from katakana ever the trainings poker machine would be massage Allah and all the rising is telling it verbalize the county at what American market is our lacunae Dada operatically searing Melia Bhatia was for Zeta from the national student apartment and his new sama metalia apartment to talk about the Campania student ascend came for doctor very very key here me Tommy we're all concerned with questions around security and we all want to solve the problem and to ensure the safety of everybody in this country and worldwide but this is absolutely not the way to do so by stigmatizing and targeting particular community by effectively leading a witch-hunt and suspicion everywhere we are not going to solve these questions and so obviously when I was elected as president we helped seal that and we ensured that there was absolutely no no compromising on this question the right-wing media in particular what they choose to run with that it's just such a perfect story that this Muslim head of the Union is also the one opposing the government's counterterrorism strategy so we gained a lot more heat during my presidency but at the same time a lot more people were informed and what came of that is you know I'd come out of a mosque during I'm lon and my son would approach me in saying this is what happened to my son's what happened to my cousin can you help us how do I deal with this case can I talk to a lawyer about it it meant you know I'd go into schools and I'd hear what parents have had to undergo teachers have had to undergo and and have been exposed to and so I think in many ways it helped raise such awareness and understanding that this policy is corrupt and that you are not a bad person for calling out for what it is which is a sama phobic Latifa since you are in the education system what do you see is the impact of something like present they just ask you you know all your ideas the pupils are asked they are basically everybody is a suspect and they start really advertising about it so really they kill the the natural way of behaving of either the pupils all the stuff so everybody is watching everybody we are becoming watched basically most schools they have cameras in the in the classrooms in the classroom in the classroom yeah and so that they know exactly what's going on and you know what you become I don't know I become really like worried about what I am going to say when I just want to give like advice to the children they say oh no no no no you're not allowed to say this you're not allowed to say that if I find that the child for example has done really like a bad thing to a girl like a butt touch or something I'd say you know come on that's really your religion allow you to do that did you think one second about you as a Muslim boy in doing this imagine if it were your sister it doesn't have to be only for Muslims it is for applies but I apply it to him because I know exactly how important normally the teachings he had either from the family or from the fatal from the school teacher if he were Muslim he would have told him this so it's the instead of using for me instead of using this faith and this religion to work for like a better education and advance progress all this they are using it to do it against they say oh no no no no you're not allowed to talk about Islam we become really like you know yeah the metodo from prevention is a battle to over telling that we do comes to travel to do for Coleman Mensa care doctor Tom for dr. Hajra hang upon individuals to Mel the better overhead how do you prove that someone has the intention to may be different absolutely you can you can't prove it and you know even if someone see you might have the idea you might even have the intention but then when it comes time to carry out your second Holden what am I doing here and you check yourself when they out there as a woman and you stop and you haven't committed the crime I mean I'm sure there's plenty of armed robberies that haven't happened because someone's thought actually no I'm not gonna do this and they've gotten locked up in this one else on this me any kind of it someone's gonna correct right and I'm not gonna do so to preemptively criminalize someone that is problematic himself I was in Afghanistan in 2001 in the summer I moved there to live and work the United states-led coalition started the bomb when I was there as a result of the 9/11 attacks the Americans had dropped leaflets all over Afghanistan and northern Pakistan offering bounties of $5,000 for each foreign terrorism suspect that a person may decide it is one and so I think I was sold over I said initially for a bounty but I saw people beaten to death I saw people tortured I was tortured myself and humiliated in ways it's very very difficult to describe but then I was sent to Guantanamo and spend most of my time in solitary confinement I was held in American custody in total for three years I was never charged I was never taken to court I was never convicted in fact I've been compensated we as people who have been targeted in one way or the other and I talk about myself more than a lot of other people I mama have a victim of the government's policy over the past two decades you want us to fix the problem that you created which included victimizing us and targeting us and abusing us you want us to come along now to fix your problem yeah there's going to be a huge amount of mistrust we don't trust you at all and we don't trust you because law after law you've passed has targeted us measure after measure being stopped at the airport schedule seven stops constantly happen in the case of my colleague Mohammed Rabbani who is the international director of cage he essentially been prosecuted for refusing to hand over his passwords his electronic devices under schedules of Terrorism Act and he was protecting privileged client information of a client who had been severely tortured and given that information as a trust to my colleague so in Britain in 2017 you can be prosecuted as a terrorist and not have committed an act of terrorism rather you were doing something that if they say a journalist or a doctor or a lawyer or indeed a human rights worker was doing you would not have been prosecuted you would not have been set upon by the state so now I can can I get your attention please people the last time that I was here at Westminster magistrates was when I came around the back way in a police car and I was being prosecuted under terrorism and it gave me a great deal of emotional pride and courage and a boost to see that people had come out in numbers to support somebody they knew there was initially an understanding that actually Muslim women were going to be they would be the ones that would dear idolize their men their brothers their cousins their uncles their fathers their sons but they would also be the ones to provide us that information and then when that didn't work out for them suddenly post a true duty that narrative was flipped on his head and what we see is that women as sin is the problem but it's the Muslim women that stay with their children at home you know that bring up their children the ones that homeschool their children are the problem that is the root of radicalization they're the ones that are turning these children into terrorists and so you see that really the narrative just relates to whatever fits and legitimizes the existence of the program the damage that is done is an amplified sense of double oppression that you deal with the previs son phobia but the misogyny as well internally and the sense of dehumanization because you were just a vessel for the state and whatever you're needed for I was elected as the president of the National Union of Students I was the first woman of color I was also the first Muslim at a time where it was incredibly unpopular to be so particularly in public life and so the backlash that followed my election was unprecedented I was painted as an SI sympathizer anti-semite anti-police anti everything pretty much my life was literally in danger that the levels of threats that I received internationally it wasn't even just the UK as a Muslim as a person of color you getting a role in political life will mean feeling the full brunt of racism and Islamophobia for Muslim women in particular they just thought you don't even wear the hijab like you're not even visibly Muslim this is the kind of treatment that you dealt with what hope is there for us what why on earth how are we supposed to engage in the politics of this country and internationally if if this is what we need to expect you use the word with prevent I advised the government prevent I was paid for some work but I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall they weren't listening they had their own set of objectives and aims so we have had a number of independent programs and certain influential members of community who are willing to talk to other people to ensure they don't throw their lives away and I think that that is an achievement in itself okay I'm sorry come thank you so much for coming one of the issues that we currently have and have had for so long is this idea of a British Muslim identity and it's actually synonymous with the Second World War to some degree because there's a young man when I was growing up one of the questions that I was posed is what did your grandfather or father ever do for Britain they did nothing and you should piss off back home to where you come from I'm sure that many of you are familiar with that kind of language those phrases so British identity is very closely intertwined with the idea of the Second World War because Britain has an imperial history and the barn the standard here is if you truly British you actually did something for this country now in the Battle of Dunkirk it was such a bad situation that British officer said we need to recruit these brown men we've got to recruit these Muslims in these Indians because they've showed a high level of discipline and composure when everyone else around them had lost theirs these boys can fight us Britain recruits two and a half million Indians of which 600,000 a Muslim the vast majority are from the area now that as now part of Pakistan okay so we are more or less the descendants of those people and this is what they look like and the one right on the far right he looks basically 1314 years old a very very young boy okay if I was to make a security assessment based on our history then I would say that we pose more of a threat to the Middle East and the Middle East poses to us because well over a hundred years we've been playing all sorts of sinister malicious games in the Middle East we've invaded them we've interfered with them we've gassed them we've bombed them right we've wiped out civilian compounds we've killed innocent people but no Middle Eastern country has ever bombed a Britain okay so who pauses who more of a threat we pause more of a threat to them than they do to us and yet we're continually saying hey those little brown people in the mud they just want to kill us all yeah they want to kill us because we keep bombing them if you keep bombing people for a hundred years Bom Bom Bom and then they'd want to kill you back it's just natural human reaction you don't need Islam or an ideology to make you want to seek revenge that's a natural human characteristic there are a lot of vulnerable men out there who playing games like qualities you can think it's real life and I'm afraid in real life right you have minds in modern-day mind yes 50 blow you've put straight off you walk on that and it's gone okay and these are still in circulation in these very same war zone like Iraq and Syria this is a fragmentation mind you know stick it on on a small port and then they just literally just they have a wire running to a tree and you pull that bang that's it you're a goner you got you know modern campaigns got mortars going off 20 millimeter rounds that leave a gaping hole in you sniper bullet 0.5 0 caliber the trace around our eyes the tracer on it just imagine all of these things flying at you then if that isn't bad enough we've got bombers as well London on your head that's a world war two British Cooper bomb it's a 20-pounder okay high explosive this lands you're just gonna vaporize okay so these are the kind of things that are out there and you've got kids playing Call of Duty ID I think they're ready for modern combat you know you're like at least in Call of Duty you can kind of like pause the war go away for a pizza break come back you know I can't do that in real life you know I mean it's so difficult actually you know I mean maybe I should do a demonstration here so that's your assault rifle now look how long it takes me to put the bullets in one two three four okay I'm a seasoned pro but um you know there are kids out there who've gone and that I remember one story of a returnee from Syria he blew his friends foot clean off he says I forgot to put the safety on that's how well-trained these dudes huh right so knowing the reality of war and confusing it with the fantasy world I think is really important and you know you've got these kids who've turned this game essentially in the college he had is called a duty mate I've come across some of these young lads personally and certainly those two boys he left from Birmingham believe it or not one of them was a Call of Duty fan but his only experience of combat was his bedroom that was him right and and I actually I was in core as an expert witness to try and get these two boys a reduced sentence their mother cooperated and because their mother cooperated I feel I felt that you know what she's done all that she she could do you know these are victims they're not criminals these are victims and they need help they need rehabilitation they promised suffering from pea TSD the problem very shocked as to what they saw didn't expect him one thing I probably experienced something totally different and that's why they came back otherwise you would have stayed there 17th of February 2000 living I went Libya and I stayed there for almost five months fighting helping her with ambulance that was with it was on the famine were almost almost on the front line with the guys on on the northern front attacking attacking by the coast and how did you feel there I felt I was doing something worthwhile I felt I was you know I was I mean in this is a country that I was born in and his people have been oppressed for a long time we had to get rid of Gaddafi it was gonna hurt us but we had to do it I mean we had no choice in the matter so this is I said Benja yes it's very strange you know and you're getting bombs land tried to land and you're trying to hit you and we're they're laughing about it and it's just you know after a while you just become almost an exercise to it you know it becomes normal just to hear the bombs and you know he was like why's it so quiet for so it's a it's a it's a strange experience it's not a great experience some parts were quite difficult some moments were really difficult you know but it's in your mind we're doing this to liberate this country and liberty is people okay you know if we were taken over by some sort of dictated in this country who going to fight for the liberty of this country as well you know freedom is really important it's it's a fundamental part of who we are if you work if you study really hard at school you guys have a really good job then yeah you can if people are reluctant to talk about their kind of military experience in other countries they're they're a little bit afraid problem is he is that it gets criminalized so why criminalize it there's a massive difference between cement Abady done and what we were doing 2011 in Libya when we went to Libya we saw civilians being brutalized we saw civilians being killed now in Manchester that was 8 year old girl that was killed in that there was innocent civilians are killed and you cannot justify that you cannot matter the to the term terrorism was used by Gaddafi when he was killing his people in the streets even though the British government and the Americans were giving air support in support of those terrorists we have the Assad regime he called the Free Syrian Army right from the beginning he said they are a bunch of terrorists and we the British government and the Americans supplied non-lethal aid to the Free Syrian Army up until 2014 until Isis blurred the whole thing we are in one way or another even now as we speak providing air support for the YPG or the PKK who have been designated terrorist by a NATO ally Turkey so what does terrorism mean it means nothing it is it has absolutely no meaning at all if terrorism is that the the the definition the the textbook definition of terrorism is the use of violence for political by the logical or religious reasons and everybody's guilty everybody is guilty and it's simple as that everyone's a terrorist you're never going to stop people getting radicalized as long as there's youth they'll be radicalized let radicalism the the what they mean is we don't want people to become violent extremists which is fine they should stick to that terminology but they've moved across they've introduced radicalism extremism in definable terms and I think to suggest or to tell our youth that they shouldn't be radicalized is completely wrong they should be radicalized because radicalization brings change personally if I look at Britain as a country I love the aspect of multiculturalism in this country I love the diversity I love the people of this country I've been opposed to the government's thus far whichever side of the political divide because of their policies but I have an increasing respect and love of the people here particularly after how they react to various issues whether it's the Grenfell tower whether it's very atrocities and attacks I see a great deal of good in this country and so I was despite all of the the pessimism I remain hopeful so this is a history of the UK and this is the history of the Europe that we are the part of the Europe's largest eat gathering alhamdulillah here on our donek we must be thankful to allah subhanahu wata'ala for this great blessing we need to have safe spaces where people can express their feelings express their grievances speak frankly and if someone is harboring Isis like beliefs let me sit down let me let us chat let's have a discussion and I'm sure and I will show or animal case show just through discussion the problem is that someone who harbor these thoughts and they won't express them to anyone because they'll fear getting thrown into prison but once you start eating those thoughts people start challenging them then it starts seeing the flaws and their own arguments and that's the best way to get rid of terrorism radicalization it's not about to employer behind bars so it changing what's up in here if you can unlock this and enlighten it then I mean that's real prevent there [Applause] thank you for watching for more on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended video don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on our documentaries

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  • Is t it these idiot Amaerica who gave money and arms support to Pakistan , bombed Iraq and Afghanistan, blew nuclear bombs on Japan 😠😠😠😠😠
    And isn't it these Muslims who went to Britain to create a new life for themselves and live like medical stupids because someone has taught them extremist and hatred about people in some other country. They forgot they went to Britain for good life. But still live and look like pests.

  • Most are chanting nazis scum out of brum when Birmingham is full of racist and segregated areas lol its a very racist divided city areas are segregated and people are territorial and ignorant minded in Birmingham lots of hatred towards Asian and muslims. Most radical muslims are from Birmingham and many far right live in Birmingham too.

  • Birmingham is full of racism in thier segregated city divided and then there is more radical muslims in Birmingham not London as london is multicultural all nationalities who live there and areas are mixed, where as Birmingham in west Midlands is segregated and areas are very racist and hostile races dont get along integration doesn't work in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

  • Wake up England. BBC is already for and by Muslims.
    They are taking over your media. Be prepared to see loving documentaries about Syria and Pakistan and Bangladesh. Your British bake off winner was a Bangladeshi women !
    That card of playing victim and rubbish example of saying we say Allah ho Akbar 20 times a day.They will live in England but care about only Muslim living in some other country. An excuse to be violent. They are already full of hatred. Clearly they get offended and do not support security services.

  • As a result of political correctness and the mental disorder of Liberalism, the problem is not that so many want to cut our throats, but that so many are willing to bend over and LET THEM

  • Muslims that say they aren’t radical still aren’t calling out those who are, why?? Why won’t they protest against them like they protest about wanting Muslim holidays celebrated in the country they are in? They aren’t helping the situation by being silent, they need to speak up and and denounce jihadists.

  • Most Muslims live like any other people in the uk, I’m not even Muslim and I see so many Muslim families just go to work to put food on the table like any other family. Many non Muslims just simply don’t care about this shit

  • I am a malaysian non muslim minority ,I have been living under political persection by the malaysia islamic goverment . The malay islamic goverment militialised the malay muslim ,since the independent of malaysia. In recent years the islamic gorverment started to bring in hundreds of thousands of south asia muslims, they now act at the same pace. They are here to enjoy preferential treatment given by the malay islamic goverment.goverment contracts have been given to them because they are the brothers of the malay muslim. Well pay job had gone to them also.

  • Just look at this guys teeth. This Muslim works with kids well what a shame. Just look at what the crime rate is in these areas and that tells you all you need to no.

  • The islam leader looks like ali dawah but 30 y older … Enyways islam destroyed burmingam… wow. I whoudnt grow my children is such a place, i whould in hindu hoods that looks allmost the same but islam hoods are to dark to hopeless. Better bronx, or favella .. Wow …i remember france, i went to an islam prodominant hood, i was with a tunisian girl not muslim … allmost fight enybody in that hood… she told this is way they are .. i told her i can be whorst if is about fighting for defending and i never pick easyfights,
    I didnt knew then what was the problem but i found out is an ideology that has no reason no logic to be in europe, stupid in his core, was in 2012 …

  • Muslim or islamic countries of europe are
    5.Macedonia(50%muslim population)
    6. Northern cyprus(muslim population)
    7.Turkey(some part of turkey under europe)
    8.Islamic or muslim republics states of Russia are
    A. Chechnya

  • If There is any Doubt – Dispatches:
    Undercover Islam / Muslim Mosques:
    The Return – Real Stories: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3WgVa3VRFb4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Where ever these people go they will destroy that land. Examples are in front of our eyes. Hello germany hello spain…. i visited london 6 months bfore and it was my dream to visit london after few hourse of exploring london i was like hey did i land in london or some arab country even i saw shariah law stickers on road side. Why don't these people go to saudi arabia their mother land why detroying and giving trouble to other people.

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