Rafael Cruz: Evolution Is A Communist Lie

you know communism or socialism whatever you want to call it what's happening in this country is no different than what happened in Cuba the procedure might be different they may be a little slower but it's the same thing it is about government control of your lives and you got to realize how Marxism how socialism works and we need to understand the issues when you hear all these things about homosexual marriage this has nothing to do with homosexual rights that you know that the whole objective is the destruction of the traditional family has nothing to do with homosexuals they could care less about homosexuals they want to destroy the family you need to understand it's just like evolution you know most Americans have their head in the sand about evolution I met so many Christians that tell me well evolution is a scientific fact baloney I am a scientist there's nothing scientific about evolution but you know something Karl Marx said it I can use the teachings of Darwin to promote communism why because communism or college socialism if you think communism is too hard a word necessitate for government to be your God and for government to be your God they need to destroy the concept of God that's why communism and evolution go hand in hand evolution is one of the strongest tools of Marxism because if they can convince you that you came from a monkey it's much easier to convince you that God does not exist

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  • lol wtf. so many layers of absurdity. good to know one of our senators and potential pres. candidates comes from strong stock. It's also funny that anyone associated with the right should be so marked by such a strong L2 accent (aren't the right-wing supposed to be anti-immigration?– oh i guess it's OK if they're "educated" like this guy is LOL.)

  • Took him less than 5 seconds to make a logical error. Communism is not the same as Socialism.

    Edit: Also refers to himself as a scientist…..he has a degree in math and chemical engineering. Pretty probable he has never even taken a course in evolution or has any understanding of genetics.

  • he is right…this is the same thing communists did in the USSR and they are now doing in the soviet system created in Europe called the EU…if you want to have a formal debate with Rafael Cruz then please organize one…MOCKERY IS NOT AN ARGUMENT…leftists avoid formal debates and stick to mockery and ridicule because they really have no arguments. lol…they are not smart people.

  • This scam artist is associated with Benn Hinn Ministries. He speaks in tongues and now clains his son is annointed by god to be the next president.

  • WAIT A SECOND… In the very beginning of this video Rafael says,"It is about, government control of your lives." Now maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way (pretty sure I'm not) but he doesn't agree with gay marriage… ISN'T THAT WHAT GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF YOUR LIVES IS!?!?!? I mean that's the dumbest fking thing I think I've ever heard, and I'm 17…

    On top of that he says prayer should be required in school…. What about aetheist/agnostics like me? Is he gonna tell me who I have to pray to, because if so, that's government control, which is NOT Democracy.

  • Introducing the world's first video that can make you laugh while your blood pressure rises rapidly, simultaneously.

  • I keep asking, how many of these rightwingery pseudo-religious numpties are there ??
    there seems to be a different one everyday on YouTube.!!

  • Yikes! Mr. Cruz is so spot-on about this issue that it's scary. Yup, Its' time to turn off the Monday night football and get scared America. Wait a minute, I just read all the negative comments below…Too late! The frogs in the pot are already boiling.

  • This from a nation where the only concept of " freedom " is to swagger around the streets with a gun in your fist.
    " freedom " from want, from ignorance, from disease, from exploitation, from poverty, etc are despised as " socialist "

  • Mind: Blown!

    I had no idea Darwin was a communist, who wanted to break up families, make everyone gay, and make us pray to the government. I'm glad that prophets such as Rafael Cruz came down from heaven to teach us about the one and only true God, who seems to be so shy that he only reveals himself to men who go up mountains to get high (and only once every couple of hundred centuries), and the virtues of capitalism, consumerism, and caring less for your fellow human, lest we all become well-educated and well-informed commie bastards.

  • "it's not about human rights, but rather the destruction of traditional marriage" – that's the point you don't have to listen past….cause this man is wack.

  • If anyone wants to attack communism, then

    (1) show how incompetent a historian Marx was
    (2) show that the consumer society is a new stage of economic progress
    (3) expose the pathologies of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim (either one), Castro, Pol Pot, etc.
    (4) expose the Commie record on human rights
      — and —
    (5) expose the body count of Marxism-Leninism.

  • Wow, he is fucking stupid.

    "I am a scientist, there is nothing scientific about evolution."
    Proceeds to incorrectly describe evolution by saying it's trying to convince people that we came from monkeys….


  • So what or who do you want to control the people? People themselves? are they gonna unite? People of God ask for a king, and God gave them one.

  • Darwin discovered the natural law of the development of species(evolution by natural selection), Marx discovered the law behind the development of society (dialectical materialism).

    It's only natural that far right loonies would hate them both.

  • He didn't say one thing that was accurate. The only thing "truth" was his hatred for those that had different opinions from his own.

  • Let me say this in a way Rafa Cruz can perfectly understand me, Tu eres un pendejo loco, que lo que piensas no es verdad o importa. Y tu hijo es otro pendijo que nunca vas a hacer nada importane con la vida de el.

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