Raj Shah In Conversation With Mohamed Abbas | Social Impact Dialogue

the great thing about your ambition is you start out by saying I'm gonna reach 400 million people you know that's awesome it seems like the things you're doing like using data data analytics basically coming up with a credit scoring methodology could actually help a whole lot of people yeah so tell me a little more about how that like how you came to this idea I co-founded a startup to rely for me finance plays an important role from the entire life stage of individual my humble beginnings inspired me to to devote part of my life to a passion that I'm very passionate about which is Financial Inclusion so I was brought up in a lower middle-income families and I my parents worked like two to three jobs to make ends meet but this group of hard-working people didn't get access to credit opportunities I think the problem is huge in my region in Singapore or in Southeast Asia four hundred million people is a huge number there are also people hiding behind such skylines raelia well what can we do well hey you know you're right forty percent of extreme poverty is still in Asia it actually cost more sometimes most times to be poor the biggest example of that is credit yeah right because you either don't have access to credit or you have credit that comes from moneylenders that take advantage of the fact that you don't have access to credit I'm hoping that a lot of young people who develop these skills like you will want to use those skills to really fight on behalf of those who are vulnerable and reach those who otherwise don't have as much opportunity than I think your efforts are going to make a huge difference is there any proven playbook to the extent that I think there is a playbook it's really that passion right applying the power of science and technology and the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to help people move themselves out of poverty is is deeply rewarding and when you get to do something that's your passion you're just more happy what would the advice be from your generation of leaders and innovators to other philanthropists myself included so to me for my current this current generation is more – it's collaborative power so you have to collaborate and co-create projects and initiatives together with big foundations us we have to get out of this comfort zone and understand and acknowledge the problems across the region and come up with innovative ideas and get support from big institutions to really propel mankind forward so I think we shouldn't give up and try and pursue our passion moving forward that's a great message so we should end there on the message of pursuing passion and thank you so much thank you

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