Ram Dass Here and Now – Ep. 96 -Trust, Contentment, and the Guru

hi everyone this is Raghu Marcus and this is Ramdas here and now in a very very special edition it's not often that I get a chance to hang out with Rahm Das and do a podcast just chatting back and forth so as you can imagine it's a wonderful real delight we we've been doing this a long time he and I and I get a chance to talk about stuff that not only is just occurring to me that might be interesting to to all of us out there but also to me in particular so before I get into a little bit of a description of what it is that we talked about I just want to mention again I know I've been mentioning this and the first couple of podcasts we've been doing what I've been doing on mind rolling and what I think I've had one podcast that I've introduced with Ram Dass a talk and it's of course around the be here now network which we now have up and running and many of you in the past have access to our podcast through the mind pod network and we went through a transition as I and the board of love server member which takes care of all of rhombuses media and books and website and represents his and neem karoli baba is teaching i we all thought it would be great if it would be under love serve remember the podcast network so we we began that and now you still can get podcasts from mind pod Network you can go over to mind pod network.com and listen to next generation of podcasters really but on be here now network of course we still have ROM das and Krishna Dawson jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg all of our dear old friends from the Vipassana days and who else lama sri and us and of course what I do with mine Rowling and Danny Goldberg does this amazing rock and roll's podcast and he just did one with Steve Earle was just fabulous you gotta check that out and Chris Grasso a young upcoming Buddhist who has really edified a really non ecumenical is that the right word let's just put it this way he's open to everything Chris he's also really great guy and so and we're gonna bring in some new new peeps Ramdev dale Borglum who's an expert in death and transition work and that's not just what he's going to be talking about but we're we're gonna be happy to introduce him to you and we're gonna have special guest podcasts from Roshi Joan Halifax from David NIC turn from lammott tsultrim and other of our family of teachers so I want you all to look forward to that and so what would be great is if you all could go do a do two things one is go to be here now network.com and sign up to the email list because we have some wonderful offerings coming up that we'd love to have you aware of when they happen and that is there's a a very very rich smartphone app which will be for both iOS which is Apple and Android users and you're gonna be able to get push notifications just to help wake us all up in the middle of our day you can program you'll be able to program meditations and chimes and gongs and we're gonna have cute little things like Ram Dass repeating over and over be here now be here and just help us wake up during the day so that plus all sorts of wisdom articles we're gonna have what's called an awakened heart blog with incredible articles of course many of the videos that we're now starting to put up on our YouTube channel will be accessible through the through the app and what else life in balance which is a course that I have been working on with others of us for quite some time and it's excerpts taken out from the different podcasts that we've done with through a lot of them through mind rolling and they are exceptional because they're so you know they're they're just loosey-goosey chat mode not pedantic teacher mode not that any of these teachers are that but so yeah it's it's really cool and and and I'll be getting into more of what description of the course I mean that's gonna come up probably in the early fall we're just finishing it now and this so there's two actions one is to sign up at the email list and the other is of course support is needed to continue and we do what we can to make sure that when that support some of it goes towards the teachers to help support what they're doing and maybe help keep them off the road a little bit because the road is tough traveling and all that so this is a call back to what I used to do on mine rolling and that is please go to be here now network comm and you'll see the Amazon portal on the menu the link and you can just copy and paste that link and I said something wrong last time I sit into your browser not into your browser into your bookmark menu and once you have it there and anytime you want to buy something from Amazon you just go it's an easy click and then the network gets a small percentage of whatever it is that you purchase and and that really goes a long way to helping support what we're doing so appreciate that action those two actions are key there's a third one you can just go to the donate button and just give a one-time a recurrent a small recurring donation would also be really helpful okay say no more I know there are many of you out there that get a little bit perturbed when we go on a little bit about support so I want to you know keep it brief but it is necessary for us to be able to continue to offer everything for free so onward to it so now this podcast with Ramdas it's your gonna get in this his I really pushed him to really tell us how did be here now come about that incredible effort that his so identified with him how did it come about what were you thinking when it happened what would your environment he was in India when it happened so we talked about that and the rest of it is around trust contentment and the Guru and I was gonna say early you know doing these podcasts with Ramdas when I get the chance which is not often he's extraordinarily busy and only has so much bandwidth but he fortunately this is just just happened within the last couple of weeks and we're we're just getting it out now and and I said I thought that it is a delight which I said before it's a delight because suddenly you know forget the podcast and the the quote-unquote business of putting this stuff out and everything that we have to do the opportunity for me to just be here with him and it was on skype and how much presence he has just sit on skype it's just like sitting in front of him physically I mean that's the beauty of digital media these days a digital connection rather and I and and the one thing that struck me is I remember in the podcast when we were doing it videocast I said to him you know because we were talking about trust I said the first second I met you and I tell the story a little bit about how I met him through the radio station that I was the program director of and I went and found him at a house to bring him to go do an interview and the first moment I saw him I had never met a person who was so present as seemed as if there was nobody in the world but me that he gave a about okay and that sitting there I met him in the door I'll never forget it and when he opened the door there was nobody else there where he was staying and that same thing was present all these years later just in this Skype thing that I that I did with him so it was pretty amazing full circle so here we go this is Ram Dass here and now and I don't know what I want to call it but I think I want to call it Trust contentment and the Guru who we talked about as well so thanks for hanging out look forward to next time hi hi everyone including you Ramdas hi Heidi so normally this is Ramdas here-and-now podcast and normally everybody's used to me introducing a particular talk you might have given in the last decades that we take a little piece of and then I talk about it a little bit from my own experience and then we run the talk that you did today we have a very unusual episode in which we are going we are live from Maui and Asheville North Carolina so now I'm happy to hang out and do this this is always such fun and full of usually a lot of grace so wait but first I need to introduce one of the reasons why this is happening and that is because we're starting a new network to host all of the podcast of your friends and my friends for all of these decades so it's it's a beautiful new initiative from love server member foundation and again be here now network com if you're listening to this you've probably gone there or you can actually subscribe through iTunes and we look forward to a lot of great offerings in the future through this network okay that's the that's the roundup of what's going on and and interestingly enough of course be here now I just mentioned to you geez all these years since its come out you know in nineteen well I mean the initial the initial be here now before it was a soft bound publication came out in 6970 something like that after you did it at lama and they bound up all of the brown pages and also its many many many decades later and people are still discovering it and a whole whole new generations are coming into it so i you know i know the story and many people know the story from be here now of the genesis of that aphorism but what are we talking about you you were you're in the car traveling with Bhagwan das okay I just want to get back at the the reality of how this thing came about yet just think back a little bit and just give me this scene you're travelling in the car what are you going through that prompted this we were barefoot going from Buddhist temple from and Buddhist temple we were begging and begging literally and it's I yes begging for food and food and I had my traveler's checks in my pocket and we would talk but we talk along the road and I would you tell him about going so honored at what with Timothy Kim Larry or I go to to the railroad or any of my my past and he'd stay not just looking at this power you should you should be here now literally he said that you should just be here now look he never said that I think I interpreted at be here now oh really yeah come on he'd said come on back here I come on back to the moment look at the flower be with the flower that kind of thing yeah and that's stuck in your head through all that time then all the way through meeting Maharaj II coming back to America and then giving talks about Maharaj II which he told you not to mention him and that's course all you ever did for those couple of years after and and eventually like that just stuck right be here now that's all stuck and you know so I wanted to talk about trust okay the way the trust it's like a formative stage for people and and I just since we're all growing older you know you probably know my story because we've known each other for since that time but I heard about you at a radio and so do people who listen to this podcast by the way I heard about you because somebody wanted me to promote you on a radio station and I had no idea who Ramdas was okay so they said as a reference well you know Tim Leary and Richard Albert and then I went right yeah I know them I had trust because I had done acid and they had and through the trust I had with Leary and Alpert and the psychedelic experience I became open because of that trust right so the next thing I said was okay well send me a lecture Ramdas must have done a lecture you have on tape send it over to me and they sent it to the radio station and I went in and listened to it and of course you told the story of meeting Maharaji the story how he and by the way you and I have a discrepancy whenever you tell this story you talk about Maharaj II reading your mind and I many times have I said no he wasn't reading your mind he was clairvoyant he knew this isn't something in the moment that you sat down in front of him on that hill by Bhoomi Adar when you first met him you weren't thinking about being with your mother the night before reading mind happens in the moment this is my experience right so it was hi everybody out there we have this thing Robinson I always about this and so basically is knowing that when you trans when you talked about that and told that story and I heard it in that little studio in that radio station I had a deep trust oh this guy is I believe him and it was not just because of the tone of voice and what was behind it it was the rest of what you told which was the honesty about where you were at in terms of before you met him after you met him the stuff you went through so it became okay I can that it's okay I can I can be where I'm at I don't have to be guilty and ashamed about the that goes on in my head right more trust next day not even the next day that day I went out in Montreal I found out where you were and I went over and the people you were staying with everybody had gone there was just you you opened the door and there's no way on earth you will ever remember this and certainly not the way that I remember it right because you met a million people in the same way but you opened the door and you look at me exactly how you're looking at me right now and just completely being in the moment and I had not been completely in the moment with anyone in my life right until that and and it you know it wasn't like I had was suddenly and had this Sartori Experion uh thing like that it was just present the the power of that present the power of now is that car Tolle says was incredible and then ensued I brought you the station and interviewed you and and then went to the talks and then you know our radio station then became a loudspeaker for Ramdas at the time but the point being so I got that trust right and I got that trust and then I bugged you amongst many people to say I I have to meet this guru I mean you've got to and of course that you were very guarded at the time about that but event but you said you were going to India and I followed you to India not you know a month or so after in 1970 and wrote and finally I did meet Maharaja and that trust and that's all I had I had no faith I didn't know what faith was I couldn't tell you I couldn't have did it was a word that was a lousy word that had to do with Christian and Jewish religion right faith it meant nothing to me I had trust that meant everything to me and I went and then when I when maharaja came out those doors and there he was I completely realized what well first of all I knew he I knew knew him forever before like you know it wasn't even a mental thing and I just I thought that's what Ramdas was all about so that trust then got transferred into something through what you talked about that unconditional love that transfer that was the the the the permutation from trust to faith now that Trust is so powerful and we talked about be here now and the book that new generations are finding that book and it is opening up a door for them and you know we speak to a lot of people who come to retreats nowadays or come through podcasts and so on and emails and there is that basic trust so first of all can you recall your own trust I mean I trust the first you know the first person I trusted was in this whole realm allen ginsberg why Allen Ginsberg said pot is great it'll open up doors for you and I I trust it for some reason I trusted Allen you know who I met later through you who and what was it that gave you the kind of trust that opened up doors inside yourself sorry dollars psychedelics psychedelic suicide in the the active active ingredient from the mushrooms hill that showed me that there was there was more to life than I was I was living right and I was i I was going towards that and I was I went to India because sense that the people from the east could tell me something about planes of consciousness and then I found Maharajah right ultimate trust yeah but even beyond our yes sorry I then because of that love that tell him me telling me telling me about my mother and you're right if look how then he talked about my mother and you my mother who isn't in Boston and he said he said she was sick and then he said he said spleen spleen which was the organ that my mother died from in and then he said big in the belly before she died and she because she was so freaked by big in the belly she was thinking people would think she was pregnant Oh God say you know and so this this this power the city that Maharaja used on and in this particular case around your mother solidified of course everything you had been looking for solidified the trust and and between that and the and the unconditional love which happened as you said if he knew that he knew all the other that was going on in my head and he still loved me unconditionally so in effect that solidified the the trust and it was converted to faith immediately I mean that's my experience your experience and many of us who went there you would would you look back though and also think that Tim Leary what you did you had a certain trust with Tim I mean he introduced you to mushrooms right so you had a certain trust with him the way that I had a trust maybe with alan ginsberg although i had met him at that time just hearing him trust from Tim he was he was 10 years older than who I was and he was a better psychologist than I was really but he he was a lolly faculty members at Harvard that I knew he was the only one whose consciousness had not he was not preempted hmm I mean they were I'm a Harvard professor yeah and and he didn't care he didn't he didn't even care and that was that was breath of fresh air mm-hmm and that was like Allen Ginsberg yeah right they he didn't care right and he came back from Mexico and he came back with this story about crazy Juana taking the mushrooms and because he was such I had trust in him I heard yeah yeah so taking this to the to the thinking about now all of these people over the decades that have read be here now or miracle of love or any other book and they've gotten from you a sense of trust that there is as you went to India trusting your experience with the psychedelics that there was a different reality another reality and other planes of consciousness people trust what you are saying through these books through these talks that they get now through Ramdas or whatever it may be and then it becomes a question and here's the the next question I have of of that converting into a faith and what that faith that you have talked about faith before you know you actually talked about how political people especially in this country talk about faith in God and I have the faith than God that I'm you know pushing the button to wipe out a bunch of people and God has given me this faith I have the faith in God that I should be President I don't know if Trump is saying that these days but he might as well maybe it was Cruz that was going to do that Trump isn't doing that I don't know but you've talked about people people in the world using their quote-unquote faith in God as a definition for their acts that they do and how that has nothing to do with with true faith and you've said that Maharaja showered this is a quote from you Maharaja showered me with grace which I experienced because of my faith so there's a there's a large link between faith and grace and and I think that again going back to all of these people who have begun with this trust which I which we just talked about and both of our experience you've had trust in Tim and and and took the mushrooms I had trust in you and that led me to Maharaja and these people have trust through reading be here now or any of these other books looking for a bridge and and and just looking at some of the things you've said in the past that intuition seems to be a doorway to faith can you talk a little bit about how people once they have a certain amount of trust can then turn to their own intuition can you talk about intuition well I I was a social scientist I believed everything my senses told me was true and that's all that's all the intuition and imagine Asian and other realms of consciousness they are not proven that's not proven but I was in that Fox and then my intuition and my imagination I looked out at these these realms of consciousness which was in me and out there and I trusted myself that that these far out either in my imagination or well realms and consciousness or intuition in the new world there was new world and the world was big big and then I started to travel in these realms but first I watch out you know you're imagining things then so what what so I'm going in my imagination that's right there is the rule yeah imagine me because you don't check in with senses when I got so that I trusted my imagination Trust trusted my imagination right that's what they turn around yeah yeah yeah and then just then I realms of consciousness like spiritual realms they were they were not liking my my imagination these things were beyond my imagination yeah little bits of going out going out going out and that that's fate yeah that's fate very beautiful he once said once I could hear the Guru my faith which is a heart matter just like belief is a mind matter yeah that faith through I'm sorry yeah that faith through the unconditional love from my group was what made my faith real which is just you just said that you just said that you know it's so I another thing that comes up you know often for people especially when you and we all talk about Maharaj II so much you know we really people start to think well it's nice you've got a guru what do I have and how do I find it you know and you I want to read something that is from your book journey of awakening a meditators guide book it's from some time ago it is available and you can get it through Ramdas org everybody and this is co are not finding your guru I don't know if you remember writing this thing then it'll be new for you too seeking one's guru is like going on a pilgrimage it is a useful journey but you don't have to take it to finish the path there is a good possibility you will never meet your guru physically but because you do not meet your guru does not mean you do not have one any person that reaches towards God which this is such a key thing I think toward liberation toward the spirit is noticed and I love the way that said is noticed anyone who reaches out is noticed and a contact is made with the vehicle or form that will ultimately draw you home you needn't know your guru it is only necessary that your guru knows you only your need to maintain control compels you to try to know your guru your journey is one of purification and you could proceed whether you know your guru or not don't worry about it your guru will become known to you if and when necessary if the girl were to manifest too soon you might get lost in an interpersonal devotion that would just be another trap for you you must wonderful yeah you must trust here we go back to trust that the process is benevolent when needed the Guru appears it is a benign conspiracy that's terrific okay that's terrific all right yeah the nine conspiracy yeah well first in my always always Mara G in India yeah the physical and then in my imagination he's with me all my like a companion and then he came now if he in me in me when people say I have I don't have a girl I say look within because the it's part of the Hockman in the Hinduism the Ottman god guru and cell that everybody has the ottoman in in their soul in their soul and then go inside and that's that's what we call intuition yeah perfect right at the same time what you wrote those many years ago the fact is you did when you say the Guru does know you and that individual guru with a certain form will manifest itself to you when it is necessary you know and and in this thing you say you know if it were too soon you could get lost in an interpersonal devotion can we not think of many many people who were with us with Maharaja I count myself amongst them who got lost in an interpersonal devotion and when he left we were absolutely devastated now thanks to everything we've been talking about intuition and imagination and being not afraid to to be carried into other realms of consciousness other planes of consciousness as Lama Surya das calls Maharaja the big maharaj ji' has fortunately appeared to us which is not that body that we were so very much attached to in India so yeah I think that's an important important as well yeah I when maharaja died hmm i died didn't cry or any other things because I just he was still here in in this these realms yeah Wow faith yeah now when you called me when he died on September 11th 1973 I was at my father's famous farm in Abercorn and I answered the phone and you told me this I did not have that going for me in that moment I only had one other more devastating moment in my life that was my son almost dying then that moment so but then picked myself up you know clean the mud off of me of falling in that pit of despair and then we all have to there's work there is practice that nobody should mistake that that's part of this part of the grace is that as well to find that intuition and connect with it within ourselves so want to mention that um I got one other thing before we leave here and it's around contentment we've talked about this a few years ago actually that's a very difficult subject I do myself a little prayer every day that includes may all beings be at ease with whatever comes their way in life and that's quite difficult and so I just want to get your comment and here's Maharaj ease thing about this which you haven't heard in a while the real contentment comes only when there is no desire no hankering in your mind for anything how can you say that you have got everything and do not want anything more when you are holding on holding an empty vessel in your hand you might be saying this with your mouth but there would always be the worry in your mind about how that pot could be filled always looking from side to side with the expectation that somebody will come and fill it up well how can you call this contentment when one sees that when the pot before him is full to the brim it is emptied and when it is empty it is refilled of its own that is contentment if anyone wanted to give him anything he would show that the pot was full already what will you do with anything more even if he wanted to share it with others where would he put it this is the real contentment and it comes only through the grace of God when you have full faith in Him full reliance on him when you can surrender everything to him then that grace comes to you by itself you do not you do not have to ask for it or make any effort such is the value of faith in God and that pretty much there's a neat kind of bow around everything we've been talking about you know and when I you know I don't know when I do that little prayer and and then the reality of when stuff happens to people suffering happens on a day-to-day basis for people some some minor and some major and your ability to be at ease through faith there's a big big deal right and I'm I'm content I am content with my life or their just content and I never was content because I was looking for something looking for crowds looking for looking looking and then now I'm content and this is interesting Here I am with the stroke at the and an aging ringing ringing aches and pains it's all part of the play of life and I I'm content I'm intend yeah yeah hey how about a little just a little taste a little few minutes of a meditation on whatever it is you'd like I'd let you know the Guru is a good always a great thing the gurus love meditation how about a couple of minutes we meditate now straight back you you you you you you you you are you are living in grace cool everything in your life crazed you just it just a blanket around you you you you guru you you is with you you you you you you is outside of you it's inside of you you you all you all your troubles in life turn over to the goo you you surrender to the girl render Surrender surrender of your surrender your your control control you you you you you things happen from outside like a bee sting you then that's the gurus great you you luxuriate and grace you you your life is great your life you you is a manifestation of grace you you you you your side enough your path gone includes seeing of the you you of the as outside of you and then moving slowly you you you merging you are inside of the girl the goo is inside of you you at this moment we are graced because we on a path to merge you just be here now just be here now in the moment moment as is not in time moment in sin in this in this very right in this moment is Grace is this moment you you meet your guru you in um Roman of infinite you you every life it fills with moments time not in space you it's promised infinite you in the moment you meet your guru you you meet you the sunlight rain you the flower you relationships you moments of fire surrender to the rule you you you you you you you you you you you you you namaste namaste thank you thank you just say moment in the apartment in Montreal same moment nom nom enjoy the day alright I'm Rob thank you all you

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