Randy’s Sinus Story

Randy Johnson from Watertown South Dakota I have a wonderful wife. We’ve been married for 46 years. I’m kind of self-employed. So I tend to take Friday’s off and go golfing with my wife. I was having trouble breathing through my nose. I didn’t know for sure what it was. I didn’t have any idea. But I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I could only breathe out of one side. I would always wake up with my mouth open. It didn’t feel like I was getting any kind of restful sleep at all. So you’re always tired. I tried everything. All kinds of over-the-counter drugs. Sprays. Nothing worked. I was getting some insurance because I turned 65. I was explaining some of my symptoms to my insurance guy and he said “I have a brochure for you.” And the brochure was of Dr. Mancell. I came to Dr. Mancell The first visit he checked me out with the scopes and everything. He said I have 4 polyps. Then he said my sinuses were totally infected Really, I needed to have surgery. Take the polyps out and drain all the stuff out. I said, let’s do it. I wanted to feel better. It’ll be two years in September. I’ve had no problems since. I’m feeling great. I can breathe. I can taste. I can smell. I recommend this for any body who has it (sinus problems).

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