hmm how can i escape from this prison hmmmm aahha nice maybe one more wahoo yeah that was so good okay now lets escape from the prison i have an idea, let’s try it out oohh ha chooo okay one more aachoo wooh i think this can work okay lets spit now aa choo okay one more aacchhooooo ah yes (wistling) no body see me h ah oh yes ok lets move fast Ooh ooh (Prisioner is escaping) Oh god there coming… send a guard to the left Alert Alert ok maby ill hide here (Backround Noise) Ok I should be quite ooo ok they dont see me now Oh Ok ok… sh sh sh verry quiet oh no oh no ah ah ah guu ohh noo (Found You!) ok ok man (Stay Right Here) chillout bro (don’t make any mistakes) okay year umm how I escape now….. (Guard) Hey what are you doing?? nothing hahah haha (nervious laughter) just looking around ok lets escape maby ill brake a hole in this wall Yes Yes It worked! ok lets make it faster guys yeahhh ohh I’m not free noww mm oh no umm oh no how we escape now? mabe I break this mabe I break this .. this this ok lets try ahhh that hurt mabe this haha take this oh come on man noooo please oh come onn You can not escape I’m watching youu every second pleaseee hahah how can I eascape noww hes a watching me I have idear officer please I need to go to the toilet please really fast ok fine but really fast ok ok ok go oh thank u soo much officer don’t make any mistakes come on , Ok lets go where is the toilet? here on the left , go go how I escape now?… nice ok what are you doing? yes I come I come ok ummm (?) zzzzzzz stop sleeping chill out bro! why you sleeping? thank you, very much officer nice yeah yeah shut up yes now have new spawn point now I have to kill my self how?? how ?? I have idear (hey what are you doing) uhh oops hey don’t make any mistake da heck ok I have to kill my self now oh yes lets try it out with my fists umm stop what are u doing!!! oh yes ok lets kill him the keys the keys fast ooh ohhh (Alarm) alert alert high prisioner escaping oh I’m hiding in the tree now no body can find me


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