Reasons to Stockpile Ammo – How Much Is Enough?

hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I wanted to
speak with you about why everyone should be stockpiling ammunition if you are a
gun owner you have the right to enjoy your gun and to take them and shoot them when you choose you need to make sure that you have enough ammo so that even
if there are ammo shortages you will also have enough we don’t often know what is
going to come but we do know that ammo prices tend to fluctuate if you buy ammunition
at the prices it is today you are probably going to save money
because the prices don’t ever seem to go down sometimes they can shoot up
dramatically and they may drop back off ammo prices are never going to be less expensive
than it is today there’s also the threat of ammo bans things can happen in the
world that makes the political leaders want to ban certain kinds of guns or
ammunition to keep them away from law abiding citizens we don’t know when the
next event might occur that would cause those in the government to try to take
away our right to keep and bear arms our right to have our guns to collect our ammo to
shoot it in a law abiding way when we choose so if you get the ammo now you
will make sure that that does not become a problem for you did you realize that
the United States government is stockpiling ammunition and intends to
stockpile one point six billion rounds of ammunition if you consider that the USA
military at the height has only used sixty million rounds per year and that all law
enforcement uses about 15 million rounds per year why would Homeland Security need
one point six billion rounds of ammunition perhaps they know something about
society that you and I have not considered as a viable threat so if the
government which is not the military or the police is collecting ammunition that
tells you it’s probably a good idea for you to be doing it too the world is a
dangerous place we don’t know where the next threat might come from we don’t know
what some unstable person might do or just the turn of the tides of the political
opinions on what is right and just and what you should and should not be
allowed to have if you are a law abiding citizen and a proper gun owner
get enough ammo so that you always have what you need to do the things that allow you
to enjoy your lifestyle know that if you’re a gun owner that
comes with a lot of responsibility it is up to you to make sure you keep your guns and ammo safely locked away so that those who should have no access to them never do being a gun owner is a right
it’s also a very enjoyable activity to be able to own your guns to take them out
and shoot with them whether you’re going to the range plinking in the desert or
hunting make sure you have enough ammo so that you can continue to enjoy those
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