Recapping Fantasy High with Ally and Zac

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into art through shirts. So that’s cool. – I didn’t realize Gorgog
was gonna be this teary. (laughing) – Yes the artist has rendered Gorgog exceptionally teary here. – [Zac] But not wrong. – Not wrong
– [Ally] Not wrong. – Not wrong. – [Zac] But- – [Ally] He was kind of a sad guy – Yeah a little bit- – He was a very sad boy. Well, I wanna talk about
this actually because I feel like Kristen and Gorgog
really get to the heart of the T … I think that
like whenever you’re making characters for a D&D campaign,
people take different parts of the prompt. You know what I mean? And I feel like Kristen
and Gorgog really came from the heart of the teen experience. And I wanted to know from
whence these characters came because they seek,
like what parts of these characters are autobiographical
to your own teen experience even as they are like wielding
divine magic and literally of like fantastical
species in Gorgog’s case? – I feel like Gorgog, I
wasn’t probably as … Like my experience with school
was overall fine you know. I think I definitely felt
similar to Gorgog in ways on a more internal level but
like outwardly more like. Not like the kid sketching in the corner not talking to anyone. I think I’m familiar with
that vibe and type and had friends like that but wasn’t
quite all the way that. – [Brennan] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – And ya know I relate a lot to that age in like just the different feelings and just kind of feeling like you know you don’t have
control over yourself a little bit. – It’s a insane time to watch people slowly get shunted
into adulthood right like- – [Ally] Shunted is perfect yeah. – … it’s like a conveyor belt. Days stack one after the other, and you just eventually will turn 18 and be legally an adult and you will have done whatever
personal growth you did. And that’s it. You just turn 18 and there you go. – [Zac] It’s time sorry. – Yeah. – Sorry it’s time. You’re an adult now which is wild. And I think that feeling of impending doom is very present in Gorgog as a character. Just like oh man this is so much. – [Zac] Just my body is so different than I thought it would be. Or even, I never even
thought I would change. – Right and I think too it’s very special because obviously Gorgog’s
an adopted character and there’s a lot of
comedy that was created by the idea of giving
this high school archetype to the idea of a half orc barbarian. Which is an extremely
classic D&D character. But the idea of like
wait you’re gonna make the half orc barbarian like-
– [Zac] Shy. – Shy, like that doesn’t
… And then but it does tie it together so well. But like when you were
coming up with that idea for the character did you
know like this is going to be like insane and funny. Or was there something about
that made like an interior logical sense to you? – I think it made … I think I knew … It made sense to me
internally because I knew of archetypes that were in things that are like the shy kid that’s actually like kind of like don’t mess with me. (laughing) – Ah yeah, yeah. – And so I think there were examples. But yeah it’s maybe less
popular than like straight up like this guy’s the
you know, more like the Rog type you know? – [Brennan] Yes. – Oh yeah Rog. – Where Rog at the beginning versus Rog at the you know-
– [Brennan] Yeah. – … where he ends up. But like yeah I think it made sense to me. Like I kinda locked
into what was personally interesting and funny and
like what I could play with pretty early on. – [Brennan] That’s rad as hell. And Ally I feel like Kristen was definitely autobiographical. – Yeah. – At least in parts. What was it like to, ’cause
was this also I think your first time playing D&D period. – [Ally] Yeah, absolutely. – So what was that like? And also what was the
learning curve of like, ’cause Zac and I played
D&D for years before we started playing Fantasy High. What was it like sitting down at the table and trying to get the hang of this, not only what we’ll call a game but also a method of storytelling. While telling something
that was kind of personal on a certain level. – Yeah, I mean well that
made it a lot easier. It’s always like way
easier to like experiment and stuff when you know
kinda like the source material so well. So that- – [Brennan] That’s a great point. – … that was great. It was, yeah my first time playing D&D was episode one on camera. Like we played a half
practice game up in a like a office if you remember that. – [Brennan] Yeah. – It was like you, me and
like three producers maybe? – [Brennan] Yes. – Maybe one other … I don’t know. And it was just like,
“Anyway then we’ll do this. “Ah we won’t do that now
but you’ll see on the day.” And I was just like, “Oh okay.” – Have you ever played D&D not in the setting of Dimension 20? – No. (laughing) – Every game of D&D you’ve-
– [Ally] Well … – … ever played has been recorded. – Yes, yes it’s true. No but because like we spend
so much time on this show that like to play D&D
recreationally I just … It’s like it’s my best
friends all on a show with like incredible sets. I’ve just been spoiled. – [Brennan] No I get it. – What I’m gonna go play a home game? Like- – No it’s not, it’s also
very much … As someone who plays a lot of home D&D like the games of Dimension 20
are like some of my favorite games I’ve ever played. – [Zac] Totally. – Like it is hard, you
do get spoiled I think- – [Ally] Yeah. – [Zac] Yeah. – … of like look at these sets. Rick pairs incredible sets and the dome. – [Ally] Yeah. – And also the company,
like you guys as players- – [Ally] Yeah. – … are the most
fuckin’ fun to play with so it’s very- – [Ally] Yeah and we got
Emily and Murph on it. – And Shavon and Lou. – Shavon and Lou. Yeah it’s a dream. I would play one of your games though. You’re a DM now right? – I have DMed truly one and a half times. – I want to be there for
the second half of that- – Please. – … second time. – Please. (laughing) It is funny to like come in
and when we come in and there’s a new battlefield and be like,
“We’re fuckin’ pros dude.” – Yeah. (laughing) – We’re absolutely pros dude. – Mechanical like thing and
it’s like this is the NFL. – We’re sponsored. – We’re freakin’ sponsored,
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have a sort of penetration into that market. I love to drink your sour colored water and I would be happy to sell it on your behalf, please get at me. (laughing) Cool, I wanna talk a little bit too about what we say about these characters, especially after the events of the last two episodes. We just did I think 113
and 114 before we started the stream today. And that was, I’m tryin’ to remember. So 113 is First Kisses Last Words, where we have Zelda and Gorgog’s firsts date. It is also the episode
where Kristen formally comes out. – [Ally] Yeah it’s true. – She gets blasted. – She gets blasted drunk. – And you got both of us for this episode. – Yeah I know. Freakin’ perfect. – And we also have a lot
of fans who watch the show who are big into like shipping. And into the idea of like
following and talking about romances in the show. And I feel like Zelda/Gorgog
and Kristen/Tracker are like two of the romances
with like the teen drama or the teen sort of romcomy,
kind of romances that we see bud in this. What was going through your
head in 113 when this sort of started to flourish or come about? – Just thinking back to
you know role playing with essentially you are Zelda. – Yeah. – With you, my girlfriend. – [Brennan] Yeah 100%. – It’s very funny to just
remember I mean not even that long … That is to an exponential degree like what I am like. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. – Obviously playing it up. Like the anxiety that like
is there like whenever I think back to my experiences
of like dating or whatever where it’s just like that
is more hidden clearly, I mean hopefully. But like just be able to like
wear it is just very fun. And just to recognize that
it’s like a two way street of we are both playing these anxiety ridden teens just trying and like just whatever
effort you’re putting into there like that’s
what matters, even though it just looks from the outside. Just horrible. – Yeah you two are the perfect
pair of like nervousness. – [Brennan] Yeah. – That pairing was just
like watching a train wreck. – Yeah I think Zelda like
brought a rose and then ate it. And I think I also described her like- – [Ally] She did eat it. – She ate the rose
’cause she’s a part goat. And then she had the whole thing of like- – Describing her, oh sorry. – Oh yeah but what were ya gonna say? Describing the metals?
– [Zac] Her music. – Yeah all the metals she was into. And I literally went
and improvised as many different types of metal music,
thrash metal, crash metal, slash metal, this whole long list. And then I went like, “So that kind of music what about you?” And Zac just goes like,
“Pretty much that.” (laughing) – There is a moment in the
improvisor kind of brain about like a quarter a
way through that list. And I think you probably
knew this, that I was like I’m just gonna say same. – Yeah, yeah. (laughing) – I’m like, Brennan’s gonna keep going, I’m just gonna- – I’m just gonna say the same. Yeah that’s the nice thing
about playing with improvisors, people that you’ve
played with a lot before is that you develop those. We’re recording season five
right now and it’s crazy how good … I’m just
gonna … Can I just brag? It’s crazy how good our rapport- – [Zac] What’s that, you can’t brag. – Can’t brag? – [Ally] Yeah, no brand names,
no cursing and no bragging. – Well, I’m mostly bragging
on you guys which is to say that your guys’ characters- – [Ally] Oh you could brag. – … your guys’ characters
change every season. And it’s wild how fluid
and dynamic the rapport at the table is, that the
characters can completely shift. And everyone stays completely
in sync with each other. – [Ally] Totally. – It’s beautiful, it’s really … I have the best seat in the house for D20, to like watch you guys. – [Ally] Aww. – Truly, to watch you guys perform. – It is fun to improvise
because when you just don’t have anything to
go off of, you do totally end up playing yourself. So it is a fun way to see like … Sometimes like when Shavon
answers something I’m like, “This is just Shavon
talking like normally.” You know what I mean? Like yeah if you get pushed
for an answer you’re just like, I guess I’ll just say
what I actually think. – There’s a great thing
actually Frank Garcia Hail who’s an improvisor at UCB
that we all know out here in Los Angeles, had this
great metaphor he used for what a char … When you’re
improvising you have to be drawing on yourself. But obviously there’s such
thing as playing a character. And he always said this
great thing about characters which was, “Characters are transparent, “they’re like stained glass.” Where he was like, “The
light that shines out of a “character always has the
same origin which is you, “your real feelings, your real reactions.” Part of why D&D is phenomenal
to watch is you’re watching real emotional reactions that are genuine. So of course if the
reactions of a D&D character are genuine they are
genuine from the genuineness of the real person experiencing
them and playing it. But like pure light shining
through a piece of stained glass the nature of the character
can color and transfigure the genuineness. So you imagine this perfect
blend of the character is changing something that
is original and genuine within the players. The player is being affected and reacting. But you go, okay this is a
darker piece of stained glass, ’cause this is a darker character. Maybe there’s more rage
or more sorrow in this and the reactions are being
filtered through that. But it’s still fundamentally the same. And I feel like we’ve
seen that, like you know the differences between
Kristen and Pete are between Gorgog and Ricky are like
enormous even though I see you both in both of them. – Totally, yeah, yeah. – That’s awesome. And then episode 114 The
Arcade, what an insane fight. – [Ally] That was wild. – [Zac] Very, very cool. – What was your guys’
experience … I mean obviously this is the arcade. We got Gorgog trying to
save Zelda at the end there. And was not fully able to save her. He got hit for some
insane amount of damage and had that white streak in his hair. – Oh yeah. – Mm-hmm (affirmative) – I mean it was very
cool to realize what the battle would be like you
know while you’re fighting. And then also like realize oh
Gorgog I just got you know … Like it’s always fun
when you go into a battle and you’ve just taken
an ability or something that will help you in that battle. – Yeah.
[Brennan] Yes. – Like when I got mindless rage. – [Brennan] Mindless rage yeah. – I think that’s what it
is where I jut can’t be frightened and that like
ended up helping me a lot. – Oh totally yeah. – And it’s always so
like impossible to tell what will help you in the future. It’s just really guessing, fully guessing. And so that was just very
satisfying to be able to like narratively it made sense
for me to like get that far- – Yeah. – … and try that hard. – I mean what is that like
for you as the DM when we email in and we’re like, “We
wanna take this ability.” And you know the next one
is like a haunted arcade. – At like one o’clock
in the morning sometimes when I get these emails
like, “Ah I’ll take this “spell or I’ll take this feat.” I will sometimes shoot up from
my chair going, “Yes, Yes!” Because all that it …
I never give you guys any clues about what the
upcoming battles or challenges are gonna be. And when you guys select an
ability that’s going to make you be able to solve one of these puzzles I know how gratifying
that storytelling moment is gonna be. You know what I mean like
it’s so satisfying to watch you guys effectively guess correctly. – [Ally] Fun. – Which is dope as hell. Awesome, we’re gonna go to
some audience questions now. This is from Hustler Mulligan,
hey kiddo how’s it goin’? “Ally and Zac what was your
favorite moment in Fantasy High or the Unsleeping City
and what made it so special?” Thanks for the question Hustler. – Man that’s a good question. The one thing from Fantasy
High that I will say that it’s not one specific
moment but the same moment over and over again. (laughing) It’s just asking people
if they were my dad. (laughing) Which was just a endless well
of fun, every single time. And just somehow very,
it was so satisfying. It’s one of the rare
cases where I was happy every time I got a bad
roll on a insight check ’cause I knew I was in for
like about four minutes of just straight up fun. – Yeah. (laughing) – I think one of my favorite
moments from Fantasy High that actually happened in
last week’s screened episodes. This happened in 111 I think. Which was the … Or maybe
at the beginning of 112. It was the house party. It was Austin Tacia Wilds’ house party- – Oh yeah, yeah. – … where Aolin was the big villain. And it was the moment where
you rolled the terrible insight and I was like I
don’t have any NPC here. – [Zac] Yeah. – And I went like however
briefly you entertained the possibility that you are
your … That’s exactly it! And the incredible editors Noah and Aaron do a slow push in on Zac’s face. And every single cast member
has like a set of like performer superpowers, like
things that they can do that are truly superhuman. And Zac’s is … I do a
lot of talking on the show, narrating and setting the
scenes and describing stuff. Zac never breaks character even when someone else is talking. And the amount of times
that we can do a slow zoom in on Zac, who has elected
to play in the first two seasons of really dumb characters. Just grappling with, just
slow pushing in on Zac who I think you have a
gift for playing dummies. That is truly spectacular and- – [Zac] Thank you so much. (laughing) – … and Gorgog there just
fully going galaxy brain as he realizes he might be his own father. It’s my favorite Zac performance. It’s completely facial. It’s totally in your face. But just you, like with
each thing and your eyebrows are just like ticking
on like a Richter scale. It’s incredible. – Yeah. (laughing) That reminds me of like
talking about like improv stuff just like I’ve taken classes
with like you know people like Eugene Cordero who’s
been on you know on the Good Place and other stuff and Alex
Ferney and other well known UCB person who like really
like champion like … It is like doing the funny thing if you’re just living in like a real reaction or living in a thing. And so often I personally find my words. You are incredible at what
… That’s your superpower is how amazingly verbose you can be and how descriptive you can be. It’s not my superpower. So I very often by default, I end up going the other way with it. – It is such a joy to watch. I was trying to work like with
my favorite Are You My Dad? Which I think is an
underrated one of all the many “are you my dad” moments. The one that I was the most
proud of which was equally brief which was just
Arthur Eggford’s reaction. It’s like one of-
– [Zac] Oh yeah. – … it’s your second to last one. I don’t wanna give too
many spoilers because we haven’t screened these on Twitch yet. But effectively you go, you say, “Are you my dad?” And his response is, “I was
about to ask you the very same- – [Ally] Yeah. – And it sounds, it’s the
most on-game thing I did for Arthur, who the game of
Arthur Eggfort is all of the things we understand as
traditional wizard things, are if you examine them
for even a moment, the most dangerously insane things
you’ve ever thought about. Right like- – It’s just really capturing that whimsy- – [Ally] Yeah. – … the spectacular nature
of whatever he talks about. But also doesn’t make any sense right? If it does it is so scary. – Mm-hmm(affirmative) – The implications of if you’re not insane are even worse right? – [Ally] Yeah, yeah. – Absolutely, Ally how about
you, favorite moments from- – Okay I think the one in
these two episodes that we’re talking about where I
get drunk and I love playing with the cliche of coming out to everyone and them all saying, “We know.” – [Brennan] Yeah. – Which was very much in
these episodes it was just me being like, “I have
something to tell you.” And everyone’s just like, “We know.” (laughing) So yeah just getting blasted and deciding that’s the time you wanna
come out of the closet, just felt very real for
Kristen was just like, “And actually I wanna kiss …” And then I think I kissed
everyone in the cast. – [Brennan] Yes. – And most people were like,
“That was my first kiss.” So I drunkenly kissed everyone. – [Brennan] Everybody. – Yeah I thought that was really funny. – That was I think
everybody’s first kiss except Fig and Fabien-
– [Ally] Yeah I think so. – … if I’m not mistaken. – [Ally] I mean that would make sense. (laughing) And then I just found
out something crazy about Unsleeping City, so I know
we haven’t streamed that yet but this is just a little fact. In Unsleeping City-
– [Zac] How it ends. – Yeah it’s just really
quick about how it ends. No in Unsleeping City my
character gets a tattoo and I just found out that
our sound person actually used real footage, the real
sound effect of me getting a real tattoo from another Dropout show. – [Brennan] Yeah Total Forgiveness. – And put it in there as
my character gets a tattoo across his knuckles. – That is so crazy. – Isn’t that so insane? – Noah couldn’t find a good sound clip of- – [Ally] Yes. – … of a tattoo gun and was
like, “Do we have any kind of tattoo themed audio in any
of the stuff we’re doing?” – And then he was like, “Wait we filmed someone getting a tattoo. We filmed Ally getting a tattoo!” yeah isn’t that so sick? – That is incredible – Yeah. – What? – Amazing. – Isn’t that really cool? – That’s amazing. – I love that. Shout out to Noah, that’s incredible. “Question but not really. Just wanna thank Ally for
playing Kristen who literally inspired me to ask my crush out. We’ve been dating for over a month now!” – [Ally] Hey, that’s great. – Hell yeah. – Hat’s off. – Hat’s off to rat_cheez_its. Rat_cheez_its, fingers
crossed, beautiful, romance. – [Ally] That’s great. – How beautiful. – Let’s say, you didn’t
ask but I would say start watchin’ all the
gay movies together. The best nights of when you
first start dating queer it’s like, “Do you wanna
watch a movie,” which means make out for five hours
and also watch a movie. And if you’re watching a gay movie baby we got a whole queer night. So watch But I’m a Cheerleader,
watch that weird movie High Art, watch one of those weird
movies where who is it Misha Barton owns an eagle at a private school. – Owns an eagle? – No she has a hawk. – Misha Barton- – What’s it called? Lost and Delirious. Find that, it’s a horrible movie. It’s incredible. – Sambunbunn, thanks sambunbunn, “Does the fact that “D20 is recorded and streamed change “your playstyle/DM style?” The answer to that question
sambun, which is a great question is no, not really. I would say that if you watched
me playing in a home game it would be remarkably similar. The only way I can think
that it gets changed is due to … It doesn’t get
changed internally at all. Like I forget the cameras
are on for the most part. I’m not changing any way that I behave or I act, or I perform. I’m not higher energy on
camera than I am in my home games and- – Truly the first time I
played D&D was with you in your house I think. – Mm-hmm (affirmative) – And it was startling
how much energy you had. (laughing) It was incredible just to be like, “Oh we’re in it, oh excuse me.” (laughing) – [Brennan] Yeah, truly, no for sure. – Wait I have a question with home games, since I never experienced this. What is the big difference. Are you drinking a beer in
a home game that feels like- – I had people tell me that
if they’ve played a lot of streamed D&D that
sometimes they actually get bummed out going back to home games if their home game is too relaxed. That like, some people
play D&D and it’s like more than 50% bits and table chat. And people are knockin’ back some drinks. – [Ally] Yeah takin’
smoke breaks, leaving- – Yeah leaving, taking
a call, doin’ whatever, doin’ work on their computer. If that’s how you get down
and everyone loves that congratulations you’re succeeding. You know if you’re having a
good time you’re doing it right. – [Ally] Yeah you’re having a good- – You’re having a good time. But I do get the other
side of it which is people that are like, “No I get
my rocks off the most “if I’m really in it.” So that’s actually a nice
thing about having it happen in a professional environment
is that we get deep in it. You know we’re not breaking
unless it’s a bathroom break you know for real. – [Ally] Yeah true. – And that provides for
some really deep commitment. The only thing I would
say that is a change in my DMing style is
this loose idea of like role playing episodes and combat episodes. – [Zac] Yeah, yeah. – And it’s not the
camera that influences me as much as the clock. It’s the idea of okay
these roughly have gotta be a certain amount of
time or I’m really damning our editors, I’m making
our post production side have a hard time if this
… You know we do … I never cut an episode short. Sometimes things do go
over that two hour mark because it is improvised. So I say the only way that
my style is being changed is I have an awareness of pacing and making sure. You know in a home game
I might let tangents shoot off a little more
because I would know that it’s not the end of the world. But even in a home game
it’s sometimes a good thing just for peoples’ focus
and attention to kind of clip those tangents anyway. – [Ally] Yeah. – How bout you guys? Is there anything that …
Obviously Ally wouldn’t know. – Don’t have an answer. (laughing) – Yeah I think my answer
was probably very similar where it’s like yeah probably more random encounters I would say. Just by the nature of how kind of meandery like home games can be. Like I feel like you can
spend a lot more time being like what are we doing. Like you know with like
you’re saying the clock influences it a lot in Dimension 20. So it’s like we can’t just
not be doing anything. Or like you know like- Although sometimes we are like
what’s up with that pigeon? And we roll on it for like I don’t know. – We had a home game where I
think for like truly an hour we set up how this ambush was gonna go. – [Brennan] And that’s the thing. That’s the kind of thing. – Yeah. – Murph actually brought up,
he was like, “That was so fun.” And it’s the exact type of
thing that couldn’t happen in a streamed game. Basically I introduced a
villain in this home game that was so scary that the PCs spent three hours of like an Airbnb weekend being like- – This thing is going to kill us, how are we going to get around this. And it was just a very,
very involved plan. – And then the next day
you guys spent five hours making stuff out of wizard steel. – [Ally] What? – Like it came away from that
weekend like did anything happen in our game. (laughing) Like except for that one
huge thing but like truly that was-
– [Brennan] That was what? – … that was a very
isolated smaller considering how much we played. – Oh for sure. Mriley16, hey mriley thanks for chattin’. “Were there any moves in
Fantasy High that your castmates “made that truly shocked you?” – Oh almost anything Fig did. (laughing) I swear to God it was the
most like her like … Have we gotten to the doctor? – Yes. – Okay yeah, that whole thing
of where she’s just like, “I kiss him. “I morph and I become a
nurse and I live this life.” That’s kind of the
tangent thing though like- – [Zac] That was a- – … you indulge certain tangents. And when you do it kind
of feels like we’re like getting away with … Like
it’s just like oh my God like- – I think I mean I love the tangents. It makes me as though, it takes
me back to being like a kid and be like, “Oh we’re
gonna get in trouble “if we go over here.” – Yeah, yeah. – I like wish I like went for them more. But like it is so fascinating
to watch someone like Emily who is just fully onboard with like, “Let’s go make up a hospital.” – Yup, let’s go like
act out essentially like an episode of ER like a, up episode of like betrayal you know? – [Brennan] Yeah truly 100% absolutely. – That shocked me. – I love that. For me the thing that most
shocked me, a lot of things shocked me in the show. I would say fundamentally
that the thing that shocked me probably the most is
something that’s coming up in episode 15 and therefore
I can’t talk about it. You’ll have to watch episode 15- – [Ally] Oo one word hint. – I’ll talk about it next week. One word hint? – [Ally] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – Plunge, that’s the one word hint. – Oo. – Teboz89, teboz89, “Ally, “was Kristen or Pete the Plug “your first pitches for PCs
in each campaign or were “there other choices?” Thanks teboz89 appreciate it. – Oo, that’s a good question. Pete the Plug was the
only pitch I think I had for Unsleeping City.- – Yeah. – I think it was the only one. – I think so. – I had another pitch that I
just remembered the other day. – What was it? – I know you were asking
Ally but I guess I’ll answer. (laughing) If that’s okay. – I’m here too, but my eyes are up here. – When I was thinking
of like kind of reverse engineering things from
like what felt like New York stereotypes. And I thought it would be
fun to be a bike messenger- – Oh yeah. – … that is essentially
like a cavalier like – [Brennan] Fighter. – … fighter. – [Brennan] Yeah. – So like-
– [Ally] That’s sick. – … it’s like my bike is my
mount and I’m like you know like kind of like BMXing people. – Yeah, full BMX bandit if
anyone knows the Michelin web sketch, yeah exactly. – [Zac] Totally that. – I remember that, that was really fun. I liked that. – [Zac] Yeah.
– [Ally] That was fun. – It was just Ricky, it
just had to be Ricky. – [Brennan] Had to be Ricky
– Yeah. – Yeah I think that Gorgog
and I don’t remember other pitches you guys had for Fantasy High. I think it was Kristen and Gorgog. I remember originally Kristen
was conceived as a Paladin. – [Ally] Yes. – And we both talked
about Kristen as a Paladin partially because of the idea of that being like an easier class for a first time player than going primary spell caster. – [Ally] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – But the more we talked
about Kristen the more it just seemed like no
she’s really a cleric. Like, she’s not a warrior, she’s like really this like devoted evangelist really for-
– [Ally] Totally. – … Helio, so we ended up
going for it and I’m glad we did ’cause especially
this last and the arcade. Kristen slaps man. – Yeah having all those
like philosophers for sure. – [Brennan] Philosophers
and you’re fighting undead so you’re doing- – I put a cornstalk out, whatever that- – [Brennan] Guardian of Faith. – Guardian of Faith, yeah,
yeah that was really fun. – It was very dope. ManuSaiz, ManuSaiz, thank you ManuSaiz, “Do you have any advice or tips
to encourage someone to DM? “I’ve always wanted to but
I’m really shy and kinda “anxious about it.” – You and me both. – I was about to say Zac were
you typing like on the side? (laughing) Brennan I’ve only DMed
one and a half times and- (laughing) – I don’t know answer
this question or whatever. (laughing) – Do I have any advice or tips
to encourage someone to DM? Okay you want to DM. You’ve taken the time to
type out this question and you’re gonna be great. You’re gonna kill it, I know it. It’s obviously very daunting. I think the trick here is don’t put the pressure on yourself. Don’t ever put the pressure
on yourself when you’re doing something for the
first time to know everything about doing it. Especially it sounds like
you’ll probably be playing with newer players. They’re gonna be newer too. And if you’re all new,
you’re all on equal footing. I don’t think you should
put pressure on yourself. And your players will have a great time. The important skills of being
a DM, I know people like to talk about experience. I don’t actually think
experience is the most important part of the equation. I think that you can do
it for the first time and get most of what’s important. I would rather play with a DM
who’s playing for the first time if I knew that they
cared about the experience of their players, were an
empathetic caring person and were someone who …
You don’t even need to … I don’t think you need to
be a “great storyteller” TM whatever that hell that means because DMing is not really story telling. I say that as someone who
also professionally writes. I write stories, that’s
not the skill I’m using when I’m DMing. I’m not a “story teller”
I’m an improvisor. Because the story’s being
told through the collective actions of you and your PCs. If I had to pick someone
out of a hat that was gonna be a great DM and I had
the choice between a like you know Hugo award winning
writer or someone that I knew through friends was great at listening, I’d pick the person who
was great at listening. I think they’d be a better DM. So you don’t need to have done it before. You are gonna do a great job. All you gotta do is just
be listening to your PCs to see what it is they’re trying to do. And then once you know
what they’re tryin’ to do try to make that
achievable but challenging for them to accomplish. – [Zac] Can you say that again? (laughing) – ManuSaiz, “Now I have
to DM I can’t not do it.” Shocked frowney face. If I find out that you didn’t DM. (laughing) – [Zac] Brennan, Brennan chill. – No, no, no I’m not gonna chill. If I find out you didn’t
DM you and me are gonna have words. I’m gonna jump into that
chat myself all right? So I’m gonna hear next week how it went. Break legs or I’m gonna have to. (laughing) – I can only hold him back for so long. (laughing) – Morganisaleo, “Zac and Ally what- – I’m a Leo. – Leo. – Cancer. I think we have three Leos on the cast. We have a lot of Leos on the cast. Wait what are you? – I’m Capricorn. – Mm-hmm (affirmative) – Go goatfish. What a terrible animal, goat fish. Stinks to high hell, not
a griffin, not an eagle and a lion, it’s a goat
and a fish, everyone’s sad. “Zac and Ally what Fantasy
High RP or combat moment “did you wish you
would’ve done differently, “or have “better” ideas
for after shooting?” Thanks morganisaleo. (mumbling) – Ask the two of us (laughing) who literally die- – Immediately. (laughing) – That’s right. You two died in the very first combat. – I mean obviously- – I wouldn’t change a thing. (laughing) – … obviously I just
forgot that I had this relentless endurance, whatever- – Yes. – … whatever keeps me up as a half orc, like a killing blow or whatever. Or something that takes you
below zero will take you to one. And so I should just- – [Brennan] We also got
wrong that you had a rage. I didn’t know that … This
was my first time playing 5E was Fantasy High. – [Ally] Oh really? – And barbarians had two
rages, ’cause you’d use the rage earlier in the day. So you should have been
raging that whole battle which means you never would
have even gotten that low in the first place. – [Zac] And I even asked you. – You asked me and I was
like, “You’re out of rages.” – [Zac] I asked him. – Funny, but here’s the
thing, if only one of you had died I probably wouldn’t
have resurrected them. So that’s something interesting
to consider is that- – [Ally] Wow. – … it was only because
two of you went down that I was like, “Something’s
gotta be done about this.” I probably would’ve let one slide. – There would have been no Kristen. – No Kristen right? Although the roll that took
you out was you slipping on wet corn and diving
head first into the floor. – Yeah. – But-
– [Zac] That killed you? – Yes that was what
brought Kristen to zero. – Yeah. – So there was a lot of …
People often say … Some people said that you
know that first encounter was overpowered for
first level characters. It was not overpowered, I just
didn’t know how to run 5E. – [Ally] Well, I mean obviously we were just like chasing shiny things and we did like athletics rolls. – [Brennan] Jumped on a lot of tables. – We have done a lot of-
– [Zac] Pretty dang lucky. – Yeah. – [Brennan] And you also
spent two or three rounds- – And that went on- – [Brennan] … with Murph being like “We gotta kill the big guy.” And everyone going, “Right.” And no one attacking the big guy. – I think I was also … Yeah
this was I guess my first time playing 5E right? – [Brennan] Yeah for the most part yeah. – And like, didn’t really think about like disengaging and stuff. And I was like, “Well, these
are all going to hit me “if I go by so I can’t
just run through them.” – [Brennan] Yes exactly.
– I could have though – [Brennan] Exactly. – Yeah, yeah. – [Ally] Damn. – I’m trying to think of
other done differently things. There’s a moment in the very
beginning of Fantasy High episode 17 no spoilers. But there’s a thing that
if you’ve watched the live shows that Kristen gets
a chance to do a very big impressive thing and ends
up immediately regretting what she creates in that moment. No spoilers but-
– [Ally] Yep. – … that’s like an in
character regret which is so deeply funny.
– [Ally] Yes, yeah. – Oh yeah. Chieflanevis, thank you chieflanevis, “What’s everyone’s favorite Box of Doom? “Where does the double nat 20
race game roll in the list?” So of course this is episode 114 where Fabien is about to get downloaded
into Biz Glitter Dude’s horrifying machine. And we see that the video
game rolls a nat 20 which means that Fabien literally cannot succeed unless he rolls a nat 20. Lou’s rolling with
advantage, gets two rolls, rolls a 10 on the first die
and then a 20 on the next one. – [Ally] Yup. – And the table erupts. – [Ally] Yep that was epic. The stakes were so high. – I don’t remember doing
it but I remember Lou telling me that I was like,
“Just roll it, just see.” – [Brennan] Just see. – Oh yeah right. – Yeah. – Yeah ’cause you were reminding
him that he had advantage. – [Brennan] We almost put the box away. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – We almost were like
you have advantage right. Almost-
– [Ally] But that was insane. – [Zac] Yeah. – Watching someone hit
that nat 20 when literally not even a 19 will do is
one of the most powerful, exhilarating feelings in the world and I need it all the time. – [Ally] Yeah. – I’m trying to think of any other ones. – [Brennan] I need a big Box of Doom- – [Ally] I mean they’re coming up later in this season for me so I
don’t wanna spoil anything but- – Although that nat 20 that you roll is not in the Box of Doom. We know that the nat 20
… If you’ve watched the full season-
– [Ally] Oh you’re right. It’s not in the Box of Doom. It was- – Why would it be? Because why would it be? – I roll the most nonchalant nat 20 you’ll ever see in your life. – It’s incredible, Ally’s
story rolls are bonkers. I’ll just say by the
way a little shout out, something I should have plugged
in the plug sesh up top. But right now episodes 1
through 14 of Fantasy High, obviously everything we
do’s available on Dropout. That’s where the ultimate
D20 experience is. But if you’re like a big
Twitch person and you wanna look at stuff on Twitch, we have VOD of all of Fantasy
High through episode 14. So episodes 1 through 14 and
as we do our little marathon and stream going up to September 25th, we’re gonna add more and more. So by the time September
25th rolls around, you’ll actually be able to
watch all of Fantasy High, even the behind the paywall stuff if you subscribe to our
Twitch channel as well. So cool to check out. – [Zac] Nice. – Nmc_for life, thanks nmc_for life, “If you had to pick another
class for your Fantasy High “or Unsleeping City characters
what would you choose?” Thanks nmc_for life, interesting question. Pick another class. We know the Paladin thing for Kristen. – Yeah. I’m tryin’ to think of
for Fantasy High I already mentioned the Cavalier kind of fighter for Unsleeping City. – Yeah. – But essentially think
’cause it’s another class for you character so it’s- – [Zac] For my character. – So like if Ricky or
Pete or Kristen or Gorgog had to be a different
class what other different class would they be? – I just think, I mean I
know we’re not talking a ton about Unsleeping City because maybe people haven’t seen it. But I think being a wild
magic sorcerer for Pete who is a drug dealer,
it’s like we couldn’tve done anything else. It’s like I’m gonna wild magic search, possibly put the party in danger. – [Brennan] Yeah. – Much like how truly addiction
affects a friend group. It’s like you’re totally
wild magic searching. You never know like if you
can trust that person or not- – [Brennan] Yeah. – And it really puts a wedge between you and all your friends which
we saw kind of play out in Unsleeping City at different times. – No I mean actually we
had Lou here last week and we had a whole conversation. Someone asked him a question
about Pete and Kingston and their relationship. – [Ally] Yeah. – Which is really intense and we saw the one that just aired. We just had episode nine
air on Dropout so we’re not trying to have too many
Unsleeping City spoilers. – [Ally] Totally, yeah, yeah. – But the fact I think
that what Pete and Kingston represent, Kingston as this lawful good city domain cleric who
is literally … You know if you were playing 3.5
you would have been like a community domain cleric versus this chaotic good. – [Ally] Chaotic neutral. – Chaotic neural- – [Ally] Maybe but mostly good. – Well, here’s the thing,
I would say at the top of the season Pete is chaotic neutral. I think a lot of Pete’s
… The first thing Pete does you know trying not to give spoilers but when the character
that is almost like Pete, one of the sources of
Pete’s power is suddenly injured and in danger. And I watch, Ally this was
you, this was a gut reaction where you went, “I leaped
for them, grabbed them “with my body.” And we see like especially
at a moment where everyone in the campaign setting doubts Pete. He’s given a chance to
prove himself and does. – And he does I agree, yeah, yeah. – Which is, that moment is
so touching and beautiful. And then everything after that
is about this reconciliation. And a lot of the season’s
about duality and binary’s and that whole idea. And you know the scene
that we have in the museum, again trying not to have any spoilers. The scene in the museum
where Pete comes away with this knowledge of like
me and this other person couldn’t be more different. I am a force of chaos. I am wild magic. I am this insomniac drug dealer,
altered consciousness guy but there’s something in
that that is necessary. And there is a job that I have
to provide that perspective. – Yeah totally. – Beautiful. Wizkid772, “Brennan would
you ever be willing to have “a guest DM so you could be a PC?” (clapping) Yes I would. – I would die for that. – I would love that. – Get Mercer on the line. – Merce what’s up dude- – Or put your team together. – Well, Murph was so kind
to have … I know Zac you’re as maverous as
just like in the process of wrapping up on NADDPOD. And it was so much fun. Murph was so kind and
then he and Emily and Jake and Caldwell over on
NADDPOD invited me over to come play Dead Eye which I can’t tell you
how much fun that was. – So fun I listened to the whole thing. Yeah of course. It was so great. And it’s also so funny to see you as a PC ’cause it’s like playing I don’t know law with the lawyer or something. (laughing) – You know? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re just so well learned. – Like you know everything. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like the things Dead Eye
would do were just like game breaking and you know
like oh shoot, this guy is destroying people. (laughing) And then even, we played a home game where Lou DMed and me and
Brennan and a couple other buds were playing it and it was very fun. Brennan was an Aarakocran?
– [Brennan] Yes. And like truly in a way
that I could just fully … Obviously Lou had no plan for this. But we went to this like
library that had some important stuff and like we were
in a place that was like maybe a little unsafe. And Brennan just picked up important books and just flew away. (laughing) Like back to a town
that’s like hours away. Like by himself flew away. – No. – And I was just looking at
Lou like, “Are you okay?” (laughing) “How are you doing with this?” – I felt so bad because
there was thing of like yeah I mean everyone has their
way of like introducing chaos into games. – [Zac] Yeah. – And I think when I become a problem player for DMs which again I don’t have
a huge sample size ’cause I hardly ever get to play. But I think when I become trouble, like everyone has the moments
where they become trouble. My moments where I become
trouble have to do with being presented with a
stretch of open field. In other words like
within the DM’s challenges they’ve set up, like a hole
in the defense opens up and I see this thing of
like okay we’re in this bad mansion full of scary criminals. I’m in a room as a Aarakocra
wizard with all these extremely important ancient spell books. I know that in the hallway
are all the bad people. And there’s an open window. I get a big piece of the
drape, I think it was drape. I literally tore some curtains
down, made an enormous hobo bindle and like I only
had a strength of eight. Sp it was me like trying
to like flap furiously. Huge, swelling hundreds
of pounds of books just (squawking) just like flying off into
the night sky I think was stealing all these books. – Like wow, amazing. – And Lou kind of went
like, “Do you fly back?” and I was like, “Yeah.” And I think he literally
checked in with me. He was like, “Hey if you do that “you’re not gonna be in any of the other “scenes that happened.” And I think I thought
about it and was like, “That’s very true. “I’m good.” (laughing) Like I will take that. If I get-
– [Zac] That is fine. – That’s fine, I got the books. – As a DM if one of us
were to do something that was so chaotic and outside
of the like the rails of what we were doing. At what point are you just
allowed to make up stuff? You know like consequences. Do you think that like …
Maybe that’s a more complicated question but like if
someone circumvents like any sort of challenges that
you had set up at all. Do you ever make alternative challenges? Like there’s a Ballista
there you know like … Or does that feel like you are just like- – That’s a great question. – … trying to lie. – Yeah it kind of feels like that. I try my best not to
because I think that the … It’s kind of the thing of like … I’ve used the metaphor before but it’s like in like Vegas where they say like the house always wins right? Over x amount of challenges
the DM is going to have so many opportunities to stump people. Like I’ve just got so many more cards. You guys have a character sheet with a fixed number of powers and a set number of hit points. I’ve got the entire world
and anything I can make up. It’s not a fair challenge right? The deck is stacked against you guys. So as a result of that the
mentality I take is kind of the mentality that I think
a casino takes if someone hits a jackpot. Like of course if the
casino could stop people from hitting a jackpot they would. – [Zac] Yeah. – But the issue is in the long run if you try to intercede and
go like, “Wait, wait, wait “before you hit the jackpot.” If you intercede people begin
to know that it’s rigged. And they go like, “Oh I’m
just not gonna play here.” – [Zac] Yeah. – So what you have to do …
The mindset you have to be in I think is if you get
stumped, if one of you guys, and this has happened. You guys have done stuff. And everyone has their own
creative ways of doing it. It’s not just like Fig being like, “Let’s go to the hospital.” And I’m like, “Okay gotta
make up my own thing.” It’s also like Riz shooting
Daybreak in the head. Even Murph with his lawful shenanigans can sometimes like see
a way around a problem that stumps one of my challenges as well. All of you have different
ways that you represented in games of like, “We’re
gonna solve this in a creative “way that you didn’t anticipate.” I feel like I owe it to
you to let you whomp me because I can always just put
the next wrung on the ladder. Like why would I go make
this wrung be different than I anticipated- – Yeah, win the battle
lose the war kind of- – Exactly. – Overall we want a game
with momentum moving towards a narrative or whatever. – 100% exactly. So I think if when you guys
want me I just have to eat it. And I go like, “Great you did it.” Even if you did it creatively
or in a way that was really surprising to me. It’s like I’ll lick my wounds
and come back again tomorrow. – I mean I would love to see
some sort of thing that we do with Fantasy High
seasons maybe in the future where there’s little interviews with you where it’s like, “So what went wrong?” You know and you just get
to be like, “What the … “Where did that come from,
like I had this, this …” Like what did you have
planned, I would watch after each episode. – [Brennan] Yes, absolutely. – Like a 15 minute little like damn. You know hang your hat up
and you’re like, “Well …” – Well most of the time
… Yeah most of the time it honestly rarely comes up
because for the most part when you understand that
you want to have that improvisational style,
you anticipate for moments of that happening. – Gotcha. – [Brennan] So you know what I mean? It’s almost that thing of
like a bunch of martial arts that are things that
are more like Aikido or things that like redirect energy. That are less like I’m
never gonna present this concrete opposition to you. I’m gonna try to stay loose
so that if you do throw me I will get to roll with it. – Yeah. – Kitkatgal37, hey kitkatgal37, “Hey all. “What’s another high
school archetype you would “have liked to see or would
like to see in Fantasy High?” Thanks kitkatgal37 I appreciate it. This is like the correct
time for a huge confession on my part as the DM of Fantasy High, which is that I never went to high school. So in terms of high school archetypes, everything that I threw
in there was something I either heard about or saw in a movie. So that’s what I was coming with. – [Ally] You’re like,
“Then your mom comes in.” And we’re like, “Brennan
that’s not high school.” – That’s not … You sure? Isn’t high school you and
your home schooled brother attending classes at Sydney Allster? That’s not high school? (laughing) – It’d be a lot stranger of a
like campaign if it was that. – It would be very fun. – It would be very, very weird. – Two brothers-
– [Ally] Fantasy home school. – … everyone else is just sitting here. I think that … Well, it’s incredible to me that you didn’t go to high school because you represent
a lot of it very well. – [Brennan] Well, thank you. – Just kind of a first thought
that that makes me think of is like I think that there
are … I think the Bloodrush sport is very fun. I’d be interested to see
what other athletes and other sports were like just because like people who play football
are a little bit different than people who play soccer you know? – Yeah, yeah. – That I mean, that doesn’t
necessarily need that much space in the show but
that’s maybe something that could be explored. – Yeah. – I’m trying to think of anything- – I feel like skaters probably,
that was such a huge thing- – Oh we did. – [Brennan] Yeah to have
a PC skater you mean. – Yeah like I think maybe
I would make a PC that was like a little skate
rat or something yeah. I don’t know I grew up
in like such a rural area so I am playing myself
with Kristen very religious but it was just like so small town. And this, what we played
was like quaint small town. It was like, “Oh my gosh
there’s like a cafe and …” No like I grew up it was
like, “There’s a cow.” And like I went to high
school and then my church also met in the same high school. So I went to high school-
– [Zac] Wow. – … all week and then
went to youth group at the same high school at night during the week. And then on Sunday parked
in my same parking spot in high school to go to church. It was just like everything
was in the same spot- – So I’m the only one who went to a normal school I think? – The first bully who
bullied me did so by throwing a chicken at me at a sleepover. – A live chicken? – A live chicken, rot in hell. That chicken didn’t
deserve that neither did I. If you’re listening I
hope you fuckin’ work at Walgreens. No I’m just kidding. (laughing) I’m so sorry this is a PG-13 room. But I was triggered. – We would like to thank
everyone at Twitch. And you know thank you.
– [Zac] Appreciate you. – Thank you. – Everyone who works at Walgreens is dope. That’s not, I didn’t mean
to slight you like that. You know what I mean? – Totally. – I just think in particular
she hated Walgreens, that’s something you need
to know about the story. – Yeah. – I have plenty more stories about her. – Part of the reason that
I went into home schooling was bullying as-
– [Ally] Oh yeah. Bullied non stop. – Non stop. But-
– [Ally] We made it. We made it out alive. – We made it. – Look at the elbow. It’s perfect every time. Look at the elbow. – You can tell I was home schooled ’cause I don’t know how to high five. Yeah no I think that
there’s a lot of high school archetypes that could come
back into there as well. I think it’s also a
very funny thing because high school archetypes change
and lot of the references in what we think of as
like high school stuff are cultural artifacts. – [Ally] True. – Like this idea of teens
being like Super Bad. Like, “Let’s go party,” is part of it. But I work at a summer camp
still and all the teens I know are depressed queer socialists. Which I don’t see reflected
pretty much anywhere in high school-
– [Ally] Yeah, totally. – [Brennan] … media. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah totally. – So let’s the get the
movie about the last day of senior year with a bunch
of depressed queer socialists getting together for some direct action like aiding in a labor strike- – [Ally] For some canvassing, yeah, yeah. – Some canvassing, something like that. That’d be awesome. – [Zac] Wow. – Katiealong, hey katiealong thanks. “Ally and Zac who’s your
favorite Fantasy High NPC?” Thanks katiealong. – Galeer. – No question Galeer. – I think it’s Galeer yeah. (laughing) I really, I wish I could
expand but it’s just- – Someone with such a high status voice with like the most low status life. Just like, “Oh no I spilled yogurt again.” – It’s like you created
a Simpson’s character. – Yeah you really did. – Where it was just like
endlessly like I love just to ask like little questions to Galeer like, “Where’d you get the crackers
for the turkey crackers?” – [Ally] Oh yeah, “These?” – “They were discarded in a dumpster “outside of the Bastion Market.” – [Ally] Always. – You just really like, you just lose something in your eyes. – Yeah you really do, you
lose hope in your eyes though. Kind of clicks- – Something kind of like vacates your eyes when you play Galeer which is just so funny to watch. It’s like there it went. There it went. – [Ally] Oh Galeer is so fun. – Oh my God I love it. Yeah, no playing Galeer is very, very fun. I was shocked because
to me Galeer was like, I love Galeer but you
know in my head I’m like who are the funniest NPCs. I go with like the really high
energy, like Bill C Caster, Arthur Eggfort type characters. – [Ally] Yeah those are fun. – But nothing made you
guys happier than Galeer which reminds me of, there’s a quote. It’s from like Bossy Pants
and it’s like Tina Fey talking about comedy writers. And she’s like, “Comedy
writers absorb so much comedy “that their actual natural
sense of humor warps.” It like genetically mutates. She says, “If you wanna make
an audience member laugh “take your biggest most
muscular cast member, “dress them up like a little old lady “and throw them down the stairs. “If you wanna make a comedy writer laugh “throw a little old lady
down a flight of stairs.” – Yeah. (laughing) – Yeah I remember that now. – Yeah. – But there’s something to
that and I think the idea of like having these big goofy
characters that are like, “Whoa,” and then like what
makes the six comedians laugh? The saddest man in the world. – [Ally] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – The man who’s just
living off expired yogurt. – Yeah, yeah. I mean that was another
moment of Fig being crazy when she was just like,
“Can Galeer come and work “at the school?” Or I don’t know if that’s- – Yeah or even the live
show we did in Austin when she was like, “Can Galeer
come disguised as Fabien?” (laughing) And you’re like, “This is …” Or the whole thing like the lunch lad. – Yeah totally. – Yeah the scene- – Oh she puts a tip jar up. I think Fig made him a tip jar. – They made him a tip
jar and I immediately … Oh remember that was one
that I felt, because I never went to high school that I
felt truly so happy about ’cause I put my tip jar
up there and I was like, “This cafeteria full of
teens immediately fills “the tip jar with the most
horrifyingly hurtful written “abuse you can possibly imagine.” And Ally you literally went in the moment, “That is the most teen
thing I’ve ever heard.” – [Ally] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like the idea of the sad
Elvin divorcee and having a tip jar-
– [Ally] Here’s a tip. – … for students. Being like, “Here’s a tip.” – So good. – So sad. – Another one from rat_cheez_its. Thanks for hangin’ out in
the chat rat_cheez_its, appreciate it. “Which set of Fantasy
High parents would y’all “say are closest to your own?” – Oo. – Fisselsprings no question. – Yeah. – For me. – Fisselsprings, just Sweeties. Sweeties that wanna talk
to you about graphic sex. – Yeah extreme love, I’m tryin’ to think. Yeah not Bill and Helarial,
not Galeer and Sandra Lynn or Gorthalax. Certainly not the Applebees,
certainly not the Abernans. Not the Guckacks. Yeah it really is the Fisselsprings of like kind of like crafty, artsy, hippies that are very, extremely,
overwhelmingly loving and progressive to the point of like … Yeah just beyond progressive. – [Ally] Wow. – My answer’s weird. – [Brennan] Yeah. – Okay my parents and not to
the extremes that they are on the show are probably like
Scolanda and Bill C Caster. – Oh, ho funny. – Where like you know but
they both are working parents. Like my mom is a nurse and
just like kind of coming home to that like working mom energy that it’s just like,
“What, what are you doing? “Just chill out I’m trying to take a nap.” And but also there and
like attentive and caring. And then my dad is not Bill
C Caster but he has like a kind of chaotic larger than life energy of a man who is a karate master. Which is what he-
– [Ally] Yeah. – And like literally is
his job, came from Japan to teach karate and like is-
– [Ally] Has a Dojo right? – Yeah and so like there
are shades of that that are like yeah you’re kind
of an insane character. – [Brennan] Yeah. – Versus like your average parent. – Truly, how bout- – My mom is a little bit
like my … Like you had one line where you were like,
“Oh no were they illegals?” – [Brennan] Yes. – And we are all just like gah. My mom will do stuff like
that where she says a term where you’re like, “That
is so deeply problematic.” – [Brennan] Yeah. – But if I talk to her
about it she would be like, “Oh gosh,” like she would be
more understanding I think. She’s not as rigid. – [Brennan] Yeah. – Especially I mean, both
my brother and I came out of the closet to my mom
and she’s fine with it. So she’s rigid but ultimately like
loves us enough to listen and like kind of adapt and us both kind of like work together. – [Brennan] Yeah that’s beautiful. – Yeah. – No I feel like even with
the Applebees in Fantasy High there is that thing of like you know … In the first episode you can
see that they love Kristen it’s just this thing of like you know their politics mark weird, un-intuitive ends to what their natural
good instincts would be. – [Ally] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – And I think everyone’s
had that thing of someone where you’re like, well,
your politics just … Like I know you wouldn’t
treat this type of person the way you’re treating
this other type of person. And this other intersection
of your politics has come in here to make you do
something that is clearly not right. – [Ally] Totally. I would also say by the way I forgot that 113 is also the episode
where we have the scene about docking- – [Ally] Yes I was just
remembering that, yeah, yeah. – … with the Fisselsprings
just remembered that. – Yeah, yeah I totally forgot. – When the Fisselsprings explain docking. – Truly an accident right like- – You said talking and I
responded ’cause I heard you say docking, I went, “Docking?” – And then that’s like where
the improvisor locks in. We’re like-
– [Ally] Yup. – … “What do you mean?” – What’s docking? – What’s docking? – [Brennan] Ally you
were destroyed in that- – Oh yeah absolutely. – Was there a part of you
that maybe didn’t think that I knew what docking was? – Yeah there was a part of me. There was a part of me that thought, “Let’s see how this plays out.” – I do know what docking is. (laughing) Chieflanevis again, thank you chieflanevis for hanging out, appreciate it. “Um Actually has had a few
fan episodes so my question is “would you ever be willing
to have a fan side quest?” That’s an extremely exciting question. – Yeah. – I would absolutely love to
play with fans of the show. – Yeah. – That would be amazing. – We had a fan in Chicago play with us. – We did. – Yeah
– [Brennan] Yes. – Lou and I played-
– [Brennan] CC. – A quest … Yes with CC. They were playing flip. – Yep. Which was such a hoot. – That was so sick yes.
– [Brennan] Marching band. So sick. – Oh great. – A trumpet player yeah. – A trumpet player. – Oh that’s a great … And
talking about like territory to cover, that’s an- – A marching band guard, it was so great. – And then we had …
Oh yeah, anyway yeah. – Which was really, really fun. But I would love to play a game with fans whether that would be a side. The problem with playing
with fans is everyone would have to come to Los
Angeles where we have the dome and then depending on what
our shoot schedule would be would have spend maybe a long time here. What feels like it could be
awesome would be to organize something like at a
convention where maybe more people were gonna be. – [Ally] Totally.
– [Zac] Totally. – [Ally] Yeah ’cause I know
… I really liked when Trap did the fan episode of Um Actually. – Yeah. – I loved that he really
… ‘Cause I feel like the tendency sometimes when you’re
casting a show like that that everyone needs to
be in L.A. is to be like, “All right let’s find people
who are already near L.A. “and do a fan episode.” But Trap was like, “That
sucks for people who “are in other states.” – [Brennan] Yeah. – And I just love like the
push of Dropout to be like, “No, we said this was open to all fans, “let’s actually like find people “from all over the place so.” – [Brennan] Yes truly. – Yeah we would have to find
people who are available for all those shoot days of a side quest- – [Brennan] Yes. – And could … Yeah anyway yeah. – But I would love to play with you guys. That would be a hoot. That would be so fun. LittleKing2021, I like
that name LittleKing2021. – Coming 2021, LittleKing. – LittleKing. (laughing) – “Hello I’m the LittleKing.” “Hi guys thanks for
streaming on my birthday.” – Hey happy birthday. (trumpet) – LittleKing happy birthday. – You’re now, the BigKing. – His majesty’s birthday. “Thanks for streaming on my birthday. “I was curious how much do
the PCs and their characters “add to the lore and world
building in any of the seasons?” That’s a great question. I would a say a lot. The PCs add to the lore
of the world a lot. Often in ways that sometimes the players are not even aware of because I end up usually pitching the world to these guys before I’ve solidified everything. And then take their characters
that they’ve crafted and anticipate what their characters will want to know about. So for example, in
Unsleeping City all of this relationship about like
Nod and the waking world, I knew loosely that was gonna be a part of New York’s world building. – [Ally] Yup. – It wasn’t going to be
as central to the plot of the season until I
knew that I was gonna have a Vox Phantasma and a Vox Populite. – [Ally] Wow, cool. – So in other words some of
the world building is done by these guys consciously, with choices they make in character. And a lot of it is done with
me going like, “Got it.” Taking what they made for their characters and then painting a kind
of playground for their character to have fun in. – [Zac] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – [Ally] This game’s so fun. – That makes sense to me. I mean it does feel like a thing where when we’re playing I feel
very on, not on eggshells ’cause it’s way more fun
than being on eggshells. But like I try not to like just make stuff up about like the past or you know like what’s gonna be in there. I already know it’s this
and then you know like yeah. – And there’s been very
different moments but talking about the way people
introduce chaos into the game, Ally does not share your
compunction about making up world history and world background because the entire thing
of Kristen belonging to the harvest men was
completely created by you and the harvest festival and
them teaching this stuff. All of that was made up at the table. – [Ally] That’s all autobiographical. – All autobiographical. And all of that as me as
the DM was just watching my world escape from me in that moment. It was great, but here’s
the thing is I have such a sense of honor around
wanting to complete … Well, like sense of integrity
and wanting to honor whatever happens that the PC says. I listened to all of it and just went, “Yep all that can fly.” I was like listening to it
in the moment being like, “Does any of that change
up any of my stuff? “No it does not, it all stands.” – Wow. – If you guys ever did I
would push myself to the absolute limit to try to honor stuff you guys created about …
It would have to be something that literally like erased
an entire battle from being able to happen, for you guys to make it up and me to go, “Actually that’s not true.” But I love when PCs make up stuff. And certainly I did that as Dead Eye when I was playing on NADDPOD. Because I talked with Murph about wanting Dead Eye to be that like
old soul, been around the block a few times. So just being like, “Man
I used to party with “these people back in the day.” And I wanted a little bit
… It’s like some character concepts need a little
bit of freedom to get extemporaneous about the setting. Like it’s a bummer if
you’re playing a cleric and you can’t ever speak with authority about religious matters. – [Ally] Totally. – You know what I mean? So like I think that
it’s important as a DM to let your players do some world building in the stuff that they know about right? Or even with like
Unsleeping City I told Lou like Kingston can know everybody. Like if I mention an NPC you
don’t have to check with me. You can be like, “I know them,” right? – [Zac] Yeah.
– [Ally] Cool. Yeah cool. – Which was sort of fun. IcePup1992, thanks IcePup. “On the off chance there
was a crossover with Fantasy “High and the Unsleeping City characters, “how would Kristen react “to an Applebees dining establishment?” – She wouldn’t know what it is. Yeah she … – There’s a lot of people
named McDonald in the world. I think probably Kristen
would just be like, “Whoa checks out,” right? – Absolutely, if you ask our legal team they’ll tell you just like I will that it’s not because
her being named after the chain restaurant is funny you know? – [Brennan] Yeah. – I just came up with … I was like, “What’s a funny last name
that is not trademarked?” And I said Applebees. And then they said, “Did you
know that’s a restaurant?” And I said, “What are ya telling me bucko? “What are you saying?” – Yeah and then I said, “I
think you’ll find that the “restaurant has an apostrophe
in the name Applebees.” – [Ally] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – And I think if you look at
Kristen Applebee’s last name. – No apostrophe. I think she would go
there, I think she would get a Chinese chicken salad
and a beer on happy hour. And she’d watch the game. – Kristen, Kristen. – Kristen, you’re bad. – Bgreen, “Within season one
is there any specific event “caused by a good or bad
role that you would have “wanted to go a different way?” “Within season one is there
any specific event caused “by a good or bad role
that you would have wanted “to go a different way?” Bgreen, thank you for the question. – I mean first episode when
I was dying probably that. – Not having died. – Probably those roles. – Yeah I mean it’s hard
to think of another one. – Yeah. (laughing) – But pretty much that. I would have liked to have
seen what … Oh this is spoilerish, I’ll wait
on … I won’t say it. But yeah pretty much that, yeah. – [Brennan] Yes, is there
another … I’m trying to think if there’s any role
that I would have wanted to go another way. Well, I always want to
like share more information about the world so the most
frustrating thing as a DM is- – Yes. – [Brennan] … when I’m like, “Give me perception everyone.” So like Nat ones and I go,
“Okay you don’t see anything.” – Yeah. – Which is always tricky
for me ’cause I would love for you guys to see more stuff. I’m tryin’ to think if
there’s any other bad roles that I would have wanted to be different. I think for the most part, yeah it would have been
cool if you guys didn’t die in that first battle. But it ended up creating a moment that for a lot of people’s what
hooked them onto the first season of-
[Ally] That was so insane. – Teboz89, “Brennan would
you ever do a fantasy take “on a murder mystery,
a la Agatha Christie?” – [Ally] Oo wow. – I would love to do any
kind of Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmsey, I would love
to do some fun, weird take on like gas light horror
or mystery fantasy. What’s interesting is that
mystery, like a mystery is kind of the technical
genre of Fantasy High. Fantasy High’s like a teen mystery. – True, yeah, yeah. – In a lot of ways. Like the big compelling thing
of like the missing girls and the secretive like KBX and yada, yada. That’s all- – There’s some good amount I
feel like in Unsleeping City, as well right?
– [Ally] Yeah. – Yeah I think so. Well, I think too what a lot
of that comes down to is- – [Zac] Well, maybe not mystery
but you know what I mean. – No but there is. I think it’s one of those
things in the Unsleeping City where I like bad guys that are trying to
accomplish their goals and for the heroes to be
heroes they have to choose to stand in the way of the bad guys. Right, they have to choose to intercede and meddle in the affairs
of these wicked people. As a result of that mystery, there’s often an element of mystery. Because it’s like unless
you structure your entire campaign around your PCs
being kind of like chosen ones and the villains are
coming for them expressly, then probably the bad guys
are just tryin’ to get paid or do whatever else they wanna do. And you know why would they care about what the heroes are up to? The heroes aren’t even
heroes until they find out what’s going wrong and try to stop it. And there’s something to
me that’s very realistic and very matchable to our world, of like I don’t know
without getting too preachy about it, in our world
we know what the bad guys are up to and how they’re trying to do it. And it’s just sort of up to all of us, everybody watching and everybody else to be like, “Cool how do
you want to get in their way “and stop them if you care to do that.” – [Ally] Mm-hmm (affirmative) – And it’s kind of up to
you to put some hustle out there and get active
and stop the wicked people in the world. That’s how I feel. Cassielane2197, thanks cassie. “Brennan, how do you
feel about us calling you “BrenDad Lee Mulligan?” – [Zac] BrenDad Lee Mulligan. – How do I feel about- – I’m gonna change you
in my phone right now. BrenDad Lee Mulligan. – BrenDad Lee Mulligan, you know bud I want all you guys to have a good time and as long as you’re being responsible, you’re looking out for
each other and you’re taking care of each other
then any goofs and spoofs are A okay by me. Just make sure, make
sure ya get home before it’s too late. You got a big day tomorrow all right kids? – [Ally] BrenDad – [Zac] BrenDad Lee Momagen – BrenDad Lee … Please
it’s actually BrenDad Lee Momagen. Cool, we’ll make this our last one here. Thedragonllama. – Oo. – “Is there a possibility
of a Dimension 20/NADDPOD “crossover maybe in a live show?” Dragonllama … – No. (laughing) – How would that work? Dragonllama I think that would be rad. I think that would be totally awesome. Murph is the best. The only question is would
Murph be able to play a Dimension 20 PC while I was playing … How would that logistically work? – [Zac] Who’s the DM and who’s the PC? – I’ve got the perfect thing for this. D&D Tour NADDPOD and D20. We tour around the U.S. – [Brennan] How bout- – Double shows back to back. – A two story bus. – A two story, we do
not interact with them. – We don’t pick up Big Bird. – Yeah. (laughing) – Guys that’s been all
for this Extra Credit. Thanks so much to my guests
Ally Beardsley, Zac Oyama. – Not 20. – Oo double 12. – Two NADD 12. – Two NADD 12’s. – Nat 20. – I’ll go. – Yeah, yeah. (laughing) – Dice, guys that’s
all for this chapter of Dimension 20. But wait more full
episodes call out to you from the realms beyond Will you come to their aid and sign up for your free trial today?

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  • For new DM, most important thing is for you and players to have fun … thus the importance of the listener aspect. Then is to have a broad idea of what the story is you want to have the players go through…. so you can help prompt the players if they are stuck. But really just keep introducing little aspects and let the players run! DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON RULES … you can always just tell the players you will look it up officially for next time. That’s it, have fun <<GM for 35+ years>>

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  • Timecodes with Unsleeping City spoilers marked!

    0:00 to 2:58 Intro and merch

    2:58 to 9:01 Where did Gorgug and Kristen come from? Is any part of the characters autobiographical? What was Ally's learning curve as Kristen was their first character ever?

    9:01 to 9:58 NFL of D&D needs Gatorade sponsorship

    9:58 to 13:06 What happened in episode 13 and 14 of Fantasy High?

    13:06 to 15:36 On improving

    15:38 to 17:30 The Arcade battle and characters picking feats

    > Very minor spoiler 17:30 to 23:52 Favorite moment in Fantasy High or Unsleeping City? (spoiler at 22:58 to 23:51 for Unsleeping City sound effect)

    23:52 to 24:51 Ally inspired a fan to ask out their crush

    24:51 to 29:33 Does the fact that Dimension 20 is recorded and streamed change playstyle and DM style?

    29:33 to 31:19 Were there any moves your castmates made in Fantasy High that shocked you?

    > Minor spoiler 31:19 to 33:20 Were Kristen or Pete the Plug Ally's first pitch for characters or did they have others? Same for Zach. (just general character stuff from Unsleeping City which could be seen in episode 1)

    33:20 to 36:25 Advise or tips to encourage someone to DM

    36:25 to 39:42 What Fantasy High RP or combat moment do you wish would would have done differently or had better ideas for after it happened?

    39:42 to 42:00 What is everyone's favorite Box of Doom moment? Where would the race game with the double nat 20s be on that list?

    > Spoilers 42:00 to 45:02 If you had to pick another class for your character, what would it be? (spoilers for Unsleeping City including those currently exclusively on Dropout)

    45:02 to 48:33 Would you be willing to have a guest DM?

    48:33 to 52:17 At what point do you add consequences for breaking the rules or going off the rails?

    52:17 to 56:47 What highschool archetype did you want to see (or would like to see) in Fantasy High?

    56:47 to 1:00:02 Gilear talk

    1:00:02 to 1:04:12 Which set of Fantasy High parents is the closest to your own?

    1:04:12 to 1:06:02 Would you ever be willing to have a fan sidequest?

    > Spoiler 1:06:02 to 1:10:21 How much do player characters add to the lore and worldbuilding of a season? (spoiler takes place a few episodes in of Unsleeping City, but is currently on YouTube)

    1:10:21 to 1:11:30 If Kristen ended up in The Unsleeping City, how would she react to an Applebees dining establishment?

    1:11:30 to 1:12:51 Is there anything that happened during season 1 of Fantasy High caused by a good or bad roll that you would have wanted to go a different way?

    1:12:51 to 1:15:06 Would you ever take a fantasy take on a murder mystery a la Agatha Cristie?

    1:15:06 to 1:15:58 How do you feel about us calling you BrenDad Lee Mulligan?

    1:15:58 to end Is there a possibility of a Dimension 20 / NADDPOD crossover? (and outro stuff)

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