Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine Ep 1: Rsonist (Heatmakerz) Recreates The Diplomats' "Dipset Anthem"

I'm Sharif Islam news producer and dubspot instructor I accidentally my producer friends to be part of an experiment here at dubspot we visit some of the favorite productions using native instruments maschine create custom kits to perform these classics in a new live setting this is for claiming the remix machine today's yes we got my man awesomeness from the heat makers sup how you doing man I'm good good give people some of the some of some of with you we came from people know me from Dipset anthem which you know I think we're gonna try to remix today a lot of dip set records 11 tracks and diplomatic immunity 112 tracks and royal Santana's first album little Wayne – Carter – Kanye push your teeth you know Dipset man that's great you're crazy just crazy what's your process when you're making the track I find the sample I like and when I find the sample I like I find the pieces in that sample I like and I'll chop it up 9 out of 10 times just no more than three or four pieces and I try to manipulate those three or four pieces to make it into a new melody that's using my process and the drums will come after that sequencing to come after that as far as you know having changes and things like that but foundation is finding sounds in the sample that I like and chopping it up a new chocolate what are you using actually I had well right now I'm using the MPC Renaissance okay I had a machine I had a machine okay already coated today I made you say you had a machine all my MPC use of first and foremost I'm from the very first MPC to the very last MPC so for me it was kind of like I'm just a stubborn dude when it comes to change you know to me like especially when it's a creative process like I've used the MPC so long when I got the machine it was almost like a it was like a culture shock to me like was this even though you know looks the same pads knobs but for me it was just when I want to make a beat I don't have time to learn new stuff that I don't already know and that might sound ignorant to you because I think people should learn new things but it was broke for me so I never tried to fix it got you guys I'm from the same era man MPC City all the way up working with machine today you got a little frustrated with it all yeah because I had a lot of great ideas when I first got in the machine and I couldn't turn the ideas into into creation and I was bothering me because I didn't know it that well that what I did want to know how do you get one pad to cut off another pad in the machine okay so let's say this is your sample so let's say you want this to cut that sample off right basically what you do is you go into the sample page the sample page and you have polyphony and you have children all right so choke group you add both paint both pads or both sounds to the same show group so okay got you got you it's like new groups groups exactly ap so you take that add that to soap once an out got you chilled um now cuz it took me forever to try to figure that out I didn't have somebody like you to teach me the machine so it's kind of like I'm sitting in mind I'm sitting in my house and I'm like what is this you know our person in each other like cut it does fire and then and then yeah right that's what you're talking about you know I would definitely put I would tell friends and people were running into music in the street to come here first the producers I was already in the music industry so I had deadlines and I had things I had to hand in them for me to try to learn new machine was it was almost impossible for me in that time frame so another question about the Machine right after we finish making whatever record we're making we can just export everything as WAV files right you can spoil everything is WAV files and you can go from 8-bit to 24-bit go right here to says export audio mm-hm and you choose groups or sounds matter of fact it'll list all the sounds and everything would be tracked out from the beginning of the song to the insult got everything will be lined up when you bring it in Pro Tools Cubase Ableton it doesn't matter god so or you can do stems if you're doing something like for film and television you can do groups and you can do stems can you change the bit per wave like let's say you wanted the kicks to be at 8 bit but you wanted or would you have to dispense them separately you about some separately I apologize Nate Native Instruments my fault man see that's it you know we might open to learn yeah yeah yeah here we go we go we're gonna put it I like the machine so we got um we got the dips up anthem in here right you know we claiming remix right now we gonna try to flip this beat I made this beat eleven years ago which is crazy to say that but I made eleven years ago yeah years ago the production of dips at Anthem is a story behind it like how did you even over that sample you know I'm Jamaican first of all okay born in Jamaica Jamaican Jamaican like you know when you're going to blog those parents might be playing Marvin Gaye might be playing on parents Sam Cooke my parents was playing Bob Marley beerus hammond garnet silk sanchez so that's all I really knew so me being to do that samples I didn't have the knowledge of a lot of soul music so it was more so reggae for me got you and I knew what I like I like aggressive samples and the original sample to Sanchez one-in-a-million two love song [Applause] the first four bars yeah that football it's just is monstrous so I try to figure out a way to manipulate those four balls into a record right and that's that's what you hit or vice to a hit record right okay this is what comes in when the record comes in right and this is right after that but it's just chopped into two separate pieces so I have to figure out how to manipulate those two bars and make that into a record that sound exciting and non repetitive okay and that's really my process for every beat that I make I find the best parts of the record I try to piece them together and make a record that sounds like it's a new creation you had two bars to work with right and then right here we got a third piece it's the second hit so she okay yeah and it's actually in between it's not on the kick it's not on the snare but when you trigger it it almost it gives it it gives it a dope melody to it which is weird that's why a lot of people if they try to remake this beat it's hard for you to find that cut it is because I tried to remake your grind right here and it's a different type of I could get it it took me a while we us trying to figure it back out just to tell people but yeah it's like it's an in-between it's not on the snare is not on the kick it's just but when you put it all together like you're shy gives it like a okay yeah it's like a stop dennah hit the snare but it works right then we got here you got here say let me show you how this was done but I was really done yes you just that would be the four bar loop okay that's an ask me how it works is just that's what happened when I made the beat and it all came together that's why I think sometimes if you making music is just organic you can't really can sometimes mistakes are your best things absolutely absolutely so and I sit at it in class and of course that we teach it machine you say live a lot of the big hit records i'ma say facts and stuff with mistakes yeah you drizzle with you known for that yeah when I first heard 36 changes in RZA production I was like dude doesn't wait then I started to his genius ins music like he had the perfect imperfection to me that's what you can't recreate by having certain programs do things for you ah when you did the B what did Dipset say wit camera the crazy part is when I did the beat I was gonna throw it out I didn't know if it was hot so my cousin walks into my student he was like you don't have that beat is hot and I'm like you like it because that was my fifth beat of the day cuz I used to you know my regimen was just work work work put it aside listen to it later work right so that was my fifth beat about to get rid of it my cousin walks in and citizens that's hot and that's how I end up keeping it Wow Wow okay okay which is my probably one of my most notable records today ir says this is what I did I took the sample that you sent me right I said you know what I'm going to remix it myself I'm gonna try to remake what you did know there's a heartbeat to remake because it's like I said that one cut though could throw everything and it threw me off but I did my best to fun and I started just like right taking it somewhere else or trying to keep the authenticity of what you had so basically what I did was I got some drums didn't get your exact drums of course and then I'm basically paddling these two these two classes have one trigger another basically how you stack in an NPC so I track these two that's one with meta verb go right and then I took down on the group I have a transient master which is a new effect that came in machine 1.8 I said 1.81 and then there's a compressor so the transient gave it more of all like a limited sound to make it pop and then the compressor here to tighten it up and then the EQ took it down some try to filter it out to give it a dirtier sound because it's really clean the dirtier sound that's what you do you take some filtering at the transient master and compression to make a little tight and then you Street snares and try to make a big 30 as possible really clean now this kick it's not compressed like the kick that's in you it's in your song like but I said let me get something and maybe give it a little twist to it and then I had it's how Hatton I kind of like fighting it just like a little sample rate going on bringing it down song then I took your the main sample sound like okay I'm I set it off with that that sounds like the record but you got kind of crazy so at the main sample and then I went and chopped I think this is your Bunga actions get that record yes so I took that loop and I chopped that in Machine right and then same thing here Ramez I had a scratching to hit a scratch yeah this is the scratch I had I really you know what machine you can get dirty stuff I got here and which I dirtied up and basically I put a filter on top of it within Machine effects and so when I played it come it comes with built-in effects built-in effects from filters to telephones to accuse delays all kind of stuff and then finally I had so I can chop the whole where you work it yeah I was working or working yeah I had three cars you at 16 but that's also right so then basically what it basically came out to it turned out to this that is and I added this to the inner image so that's what I doubt it I'm not mad at if using machines version up and say anthem right I was trying to match that money wage remix man so yeah it has the New Age 2002 machine remix yeah exactly what I'm gonna do is on I'm gonna keep the drums you have alright and I'm just gonna try a different arrangement of the sample the way it was originally chopped over your drums okay and we'll just we'll call that the remix that'll be two real co-production co-production alright fast fast miss right that's how it works the avid we go that simple the remix hope you do co-producer to read sub spot aren't you a pleasure man this guy's here welcome to dubspot we believe in providing you hands-on experience right away whether you're completely new to music and want to turn the sounds in your head into a musical reality or you're an experienced artist looking to refine your skills and add new tools to your arsenal we're ready to meet you at your level for students of all ages all levels and all styles of music dubspot is here to help you achieve your goals with course offerings both online wherever you are and at our school in the heart of New York City we are ready to guide you through the next phase of your musical transformation whether you want to produce music DJ or do both you come to the right place come explore dubspot for yourself become a part of our community and make music you

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