Reconciliation After Divorce – Tim Humble

what about if the couple divorce and the husband says to the wife you are out of here you're divorced even in this if they follow the Sunnah of the inter period and the wife staying with the husband what did Allah Azza WA JAL see and allaha yuhibbu ba da da da amra maybe Allah will bring about a reconciliation even after divorce but shall I tell you when this doesn't work it doesn't work when the people may fall out in opposition to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah so the man he says Holika Holika Holika you are divorced divorced divorced then there is a mosque in now because he opposed the Sunnah and he went for a innovation in his Talib and so what happened is he robbed himself and his family of the chance for reconciliation he stopped the chance to make things right Allah Azza WA JAL told him to wait when does he wait he waits until they have not been intimate until she is not on her monthly cycle he says you are divorced one time she stays with him for how many three menstrual cycles one month two month three months for however long it takes four months or three months however long it takes all of this time there is a chance for what a chance for reconciliation a chance lalala Holika amra more than that Allah Azza WA JAL said it is better for them to reconcile allah subhanaw taala said mob or Allah to Hoonah a Huckabee rod daehan afid aleca in Arado is raha their husbands have the most right the most rights in this for them to reconcile if it is reconciliation that they want when the people follow the Sunnah they have opportunity after opportunity after opportunity for reconciliation even if they break up even if they break up and even if they go their separate ways and they marry somebody else olara Sajal said for envelop aha father to handle a woman bags hat tankers OG envira for in falaqa half a laguna la Hima IESA raja in vana a Yukimura dude Allah what salute afro doo de la Vega new honeycomb me animal Allah said about the couple three times they divorced and they broke up and everything went and she married somebody else and so on and so forth and then they divorced Allah said there is no harm upon them if they want to reconcile look at the opportunities that Allah gave for reconciliation

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