Reconciliation on Bay Street

I think economic reconciliation is very important to indigenous people and to all of Canada to reconcile some of the imbalance that has been caused by colonization I have to say that before colonization indigenous people had a strong economy when we agreed to share this beautiful territory we were kind of cast aside and I think there's a really important history that all of Canada needs to learn about we need to as the first nations have to look at a situation right now and do an inventory of what we have what we need and institutions we give us what we needed that's quality education and bring our people back but we have our students coming to institutions like this that's an investment in our community and we have to get a return on that investment which is very very important once people learn the truth about Canada's history I think we need to look at ways to bring indigenous people into the economy the film is is dedicated to the survivors of the residential schools the survivors are really the the heroes that started the truth and reconciliation of the movement I call it the hidden history of Canada which is burgeoning to the forefront so regardless of your area of study or your call in life there is at least one if not more call to action we calls upon you and I hope this film inspires you everybody in Canada has a role to play oftentimes people count on the government to make changes but really in Canada I think that there's a another path that's just as important if not more so and that's working with corporate Canada to achieve economic reconciliation unless you actually have an appreciation and you take the time to listen to engage in conversation and have real dialogue is astounding at times when you see some CEOs where they're just scared to death to go into a community I think it's just you find it remarkable and I think there's both sides to it we're not we're not saying we're just gonna call on Government of Canada our corporate kind of do something we've got to do our part as well to be involved I encourage our young people and partner with the right organizations and I think as success is seen we'll just continue to build like that nowadays we have so many students coming you know a lot of these institutions well qualified to be be those people that work up in the corporate field I think the opportunity like that would help build a you know change our success and change the direction of who we are

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