Reconciliation Pole installed on UBC Vancouver campus

This here pole, it's a long, tall, red cedar totem pole and it's a titled Reconciliation Pole. The bottom figures is the bear mother and her cubs and the Raven and it's our way of thinking of our stories and things like this and it's our history. And then after that all of a sudden we get this residential school plunked on our head. No-one seemed to be talking about the dead children as much as I thought that should be, because, I mean that's horrendous — a lot of kids died there and so what I'm doing is that we put the school on and then also we're putting copper nails in this pole, this totem pole and the copper nails represent the dead children. So each nail represents a dead child so we got the figures before the school and then the school and after school. So everything changed after the school because it was designed to destroy culture and and things like that, language, everything. And the canoe and the longboat are above that and that represents us working things out and moving forward together. Separate yet but still moving forward. For me it's to introduce this, thank people and then stand aside and let the people that have something to say, you know, say it and they've got a lot more to say than I do about this stuff and what had gone on and things like this But we're also looking towards the future right so it's all about that too.

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