hi all we find ourselves for a new video on red dead redemption two we go for all the cheats red dead redemption codes two actually
like in all Rockstar Games games for a long time
there are cheat codes that’s also the case of red dead redemption
2 there is a lot more than 30 currently, we do not have them all yet
discovered that’s why I’m going to put a complete list in the
description I will not be able to all you show them in this video this
would be way too long but you have just go into the description and
I will note you all the codes I will update this list
whenever a new code will be discovered like that you’ll just have to
come back on the video and you’ll all with everything you need to do
to unlock them because they are only not all unlocked basic most
unlock by buying newspapers or ending some chapters where
some missions I’m going all you detail in the description I will
still give you an example here at Valentine you can buy the newspaper
number 27 that will unlock several codes like for example the
Unlimited Ammunition I specify that activate the cheats codes blocks the obtaining of
trophies and successes and prevents you from saving time
that you have activated a cheat codes it’s a bit of a problem with the new
rockstar code systems that’s always like that, for
to enter a code we go in settings
here you have cheat codes at the bottom right here
you have the list of all the codes of cheat you will be able
enter a cheat codes with the same touch it will have to enter the name of the
rating is in English it’s usually very long here we’re going to get in the one who
allows you to have the ammo unlimited that I have just unlocked
with the newspaper it must be
note in full, activate it and then you will have a message that tells you that it
prevents trophies and save you will be able
enable or disable it in the list and we have unlimited ammunition
can shoot everyone without any good problem it’s good to have fun
but you can no longer advanced in the Thu
Then I will give you some more examples this one that will allow you to have the unlimited cold blood once you have enter the code
Of course, you have to activate it in the list and it’s in the same place as you
can disable it here is the message for the backup and the trophy, it’s been like that since GTA IV about we do that for
not that it’s too simple because that indeed if not with health
unlimited the coldness in unlimited and Unlimited weapons we smash everything
the world but for fun that can still be nice to clean up
areas fast done another example that will allow you
to learn from all recipes I will not be able to show you everything because there are some
way too much and I’ll put everything to you in the description anyway this
will be even much clearer an idiot to
commands will allow you to be stuffed all the time it will allow you to have the effect to be stuffed that you surely have
already seen in history or drinking this one that allows you to have $ 500 every time you
go activate the code it can be very convenient to have a lot of money
very quickly run run run who will you
to spawn a horse from race
if you do not have a horse anymore can be useful every time
you of course ally activate it in the list and we’ll stop there I’ve got you
showed a little bit the different codes that there could be there will be the list
complete in the description so here I hope I helped you
tell me what you think of cheat codes that have always been there
in all the games rockstar games for the oldest you remember
surely the jetpack code in gta San Andreas at the time when cheat codes was doing outright part of the game anyway
I hope you liked this video if so, do not hesitate to let go
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