Red flag laws violate our rights ft. Dana Loesch | #TruthStraightUp

♪ Loesch: Red flag laws are a total
bastardization of our right to due process. If you want to have someone declared
ineligible to carry or purchase a firearm, we have many, many legal
pathways for that to take place. You can have a civil commitment.
You can have someone adjudicated mentally unfit. You can take out a
restraining order against an individual. There are a number of ways to do this
while still respecting the cornerstone of our republic, which is our right to due process.
You don’t have to diminish this right by passing red flag laws.
That’s what red flag laws do. I have yet to see a red flag law
proposal that does respect due process. Furthermore, there are
no checks and balances. It’s very difficult and very expensive to clear
one’s name and clear one’s record and get one’s property back.
If you think that there’s corruption already in the justice system, just wait
until red flag laws are the law of the land. Kim K. isn’t going to be
coming to save you in her Yeezys. ♪

30 thoughts on “Red flag laws violate our rights ft. Dana Loesch | #TruthStraightUp

  • I didn't get the Kim K. reference but due process is great unless you're against the clock and someone is seeking to harm others in the immediate future.

    Many times we've seen shooters that law enforcement were aware of as being possibly dangerous but they made no concrete action to seperate that person from weapons. That points to an error in giving these cases the attention they deserve before bad actors act.

    I think it'll take time to come to a proper solution but in the meantime I don't support any kneejerk reaction that may go too far.

    God Bless President Trump. The greatest American President in modern history. MAGA KAG

  • President Trump. He killed America. He deceived and betrayed Americans by giving leftist democrat dictators everything they wanted – his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other gun laws. Trump knows the many recent staged set up fake preplanned premeditated “mass shootings” are performed to scare and trick good people into giving up their guns. Now only bad guys and corrupt government will have guns. Trump killed the US constitution 1st 2nd and 4th amendment rights. Trump and leftist democrats are establishing Marxist Leninist Stalinist style dictatorship in America. President Trump. America is dead.

  • "Red flags" used to considered an alarm, a waking up of persons to pay attention to their surroundings, an enemy afoot. If our government wants to term anything "red flags", it should be that illegal guns are taken away from unlawful criminals, not lawful citizens. Lawful citizens are NOT the enemy afoot.

    Criminals don't buy guns legally. Law abiding citizens do. Mentally ill persons don't buy legal guns either. Sane people do.

    Democrats thinking is so twisted, confused, brainwashed, delusional and completely ignorant of truth; or they are simply lying in part of a global cabal takeover. Sad to say, but true.

    Much love to all American patriots and their families ❤!

  • How are these laws not a gross wholesale violation of multiple parts of the Bill of Rights?

    In specific, violations of the First Amendment as relates to freedom of speech, association and assembly.

    The Second Amendment as relates to "Shall NOT be infringed".

    The Forth Amendment as relates to unreasonable search and seizure.

    The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment as relates to Due Process.

  • I'm fine with red flag laws
    As long as there is an appeals process
    Getting a little sick of innocent people being gunned down by maniacs.

  • So Trump was red flaged when he said. Russia if your Listening we want Hillary e mails ..we got a three year fake investigation along with an attempted coup Judge Kavinah wrote about bear pong an Flaculants an got red flaged ass gang rape. That turned into investigation that destroyed him an his family. Alex Jones an Laura Lommer spoke to Truth an used there freadom of speach an called out anti Semites like Farachon. They were red flaged. Laura LOOMER kicked off every social network an Alex Jones was kicked of the INTERNET !!!!!!! SO WHAT RED FLAG LAWS HAVE BEEN USED TO BETTER THIS COUNTRY OR TO MAKE IT SAFER. BESIDES THE LEFT WEAPONISING IT LIKE EVERY F – ING THING ELSE TO DESTROY REAL AMERICANS !!! BETTER WAKE UP ! MAGA K.A.G 👊😏🇺🇸

  • the Liberals want to take away the first and Second Amendment rights, that's all it is ! they want to control us , from the Cradle to the Grave !

  • Yep, you know that neighbor who cant stand your guns and think you're some crazy survivalist nut preparing for Armageddon? Now, in some states, all he has to do is make some type of inquiry on you to the police and then they get the S.W A.T. Team make a plan to raid your house and property. And even though this is going through a legal system and judge you're are not even notified about this until the day they come bust down your door, at least in Colorado anyway. One day we all gonna either have to sack up and fight this shit or just give in and give up bc they are coming after our weapons. Whether it's by votes in 30 years from all these indoctrinated kids we send to public schools these days or by some law passed with tricky wording and Umbrella terms like Assault weapons. Once they get AR15s and other rifles on that list they'll move to extended magazines and high capacity clips then Semiautomatic pistols that hold over 6 shots, or not a revolver. We're the frog boiling to death slowly and before we know it our rights are gone.

  • this is how they are going to get around warrants.. they will use reg flag laws to invade peoples homes with out "warrants" they suspect you of something ohh well we can just say he is a danger and go raid their home!!!!

  • Restraining orders are not justification for gun confiscation. Anyone (especially women) can go to a court and get an ex parte restraining order using false allegations of abuse or harassment.

  • A good case in point is that high school student suspended from the school before even going, because of some pictures and videos posted on the internet I was his going out to shoot. Disgusting. Shall not be infringed.

  • The constitution is being burned right in front of us all. We’re already seeing a swatting likeness by ex wives that was already being done but now it’s a complete abomination. The whole nation loses soon on both sides in the end. RIP all red flag law victims cause its coming to a state near you 👇🏼

  • Yes, yes they do.

    These laws will only be used to harass gun owners. The very few times it will actually be used for their intended purposes will be meaningless.

  • It's time for the American people to take back the country from the government run amuck; we are obligated to defend the constitution and Bill of Rights!

  • I agree with you Dana.

    But something that’s been bothering me for a while: I hate when beautiful women make themselves look generic, plastic, and robotic with the cosmetic procedures. You didn’t need any of it. Perhaps rethink the Botox and lip fillers.

  • Patriot act violates our 4th amendment rights. Free speech zones violate our 1st. Civil Asset Forfeiture violates our 14th. No fly list? You're on it. Laws are not only abused, they're now written SO they can be abused.

  • Look at who holds the power in Colorado, where Red Flag "Laws" have been passed. Jared Polis the openly GAY Governor and his band of MORALLY CORRUPTED cronies who have taken both houses in the legislature. We need to hold these people accountable. God Bless you Dana!

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