Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

[Music} So we’re in Argentina, day one, and it’s a little
chilly, and I hope it doesn’t
get any colder, cuz – yeah – I didn’t bring any more clothes
than this. [Rodrigo] You ready? [Larysa]
Oh yeah, I was born ready. [Casey] And it begins. So my gun slept really well last night. I think he’s rested,
well-rested. Yep. Time to do work. It’s pretty much, dead-on. It makes me feel good. Any stag
comes across – across me and my gun – game
over. Game over. This week’s game profile: red
stag. Location: Argentina. Known as red deer, which is one of the
largest deer species. Average lifespan: ten to
fifteen years. Inhabits most of
Europe and Asia, but has been
introduced to Australia, New
Zealand, and Argentina. Only the stag have antlers,
which start growing in the spring and shed each year. Red
stag antlers are distinctive, with the
fourth and fifth tines forming
a crown. During the rut, mature stags
compete for females and will clash
antlers and fight. So this is really happening. This whole
horseback thing. Yeah, I didn’t know that when uh, I
signed up for this hunt. So – I’m excited, but also a tad bit nervous cuz me and
horses – I don’t know – mix well. You know how you can
tell this is my horse? She’s eating. We’ll get along real well. She’s snacking. I don’t know if I can – oh my god. I feel really oh my god. I feel really shaky. Hold on. [Rodrigo] Stop, stop. [Larysa] From the bag? Take it
off? There we go. Phew. I’m officially in Argentina. And just jumped on a horse. And heard the red stag roar. I don’t know if you can hear on
the film, but Oh My God. Like, Oh My God. We are officially in stag country. [Announcer] Coming up next, on
Larysa Unleashed :[Larysa] He just started
running, high tailing it. We’re
all freaking out like, ok, we need to set out –
we don’t know which way he’s
gonna come out. Only eleven, ten – [Larysa] Visibility? What is
that? Salt? It’s a cross. We cut the
weather. [Larysa] Ok.

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