Reddit/Citibank Don’t Like Freedom, Double-Mag PCC Lower and 2 New AR10’s – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Reddit and Citibank
join the anti-freedom crowd, a double mag PCC lower and
2 new long range rifles! Welcome back everyone, my name is Jon Patton
and you are watching TGC News. First things first, We just hit 125,000 subscribers
on YouTube! That’s absolutely astonishing and I seriously
thank you guys for trusting us as the source for gun related news. Also, quick shoutout and thanks to those that
jumped over and supported us on Patreon over the last week. That does not go unnoticed. Now, the news. 9mm carbines are all the rage right now. Between 6.5 Creedmoor and Pistol Caliber Carbines,
I don’t know who would win the popularity contest. It’s not surprise then that more and more
companies are focusing on PCC parts. Enter a company called Foxtrot Mike Products. This is their new RTC or ready to customize
lower for 9mm carbines. And it has a few interesting features. First up, it is made, mostly, of polymer. I know a bunch of you just scoffed because
Polymer rifle lowers are a problem for some. Well they’ve thought of that and utilized
an aluminum rear insert that is molded into the lower. The entire buffer tube loop and below into
the safety selector area contains that insert. This tackles the issue that concerns folks
of the buffer tube impacting something and snapping off of the receiver. Beyond that and the overall look of the lower,
there are a couple other things that stand out. The grip, for one, is actually designed like
the grip of your normal pistol to accept an extra magazine. It has a normal button release and all. I’m not sure it would be the fastest way to
reload because you’re kind of combining pistol and rifle mechanics BUT it’s still pretty
cool. And last but not least, its ambidextrous except
for the bolt catch. Pretty cool. All for the price of 149 bucks. What do you guys think of this? Would you buy this over any of the other options
out there like New Frontier Armory, Angstadt or Quarter Circle 10? Would you get this FM over those? And in gundustry strugglebus news, not only
are we all being threatened by looming gun control measures and a congress that just
passed Fix NICS, but we also are now dealing with corporate america and their undereducated
nonsense. On March 22nd, Citibank announced that they
will be placing their own restrictions on their retail customers regarding firearms. The new policy says that business are fine
as long as (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check,
(2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3)
they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines. And unlike the Youtube nonsense, this version
of high-capacity magazines remains undefined. So now we are seeing the people that control
the funding implementing their own firearms discrimination and restrictions to circumvent
the law. Needless to say, I hope this plague does not
continue to spread. At the same time though, this would be an
opportunity for a bank to assert themselves as open to doing business with anyone and
soak up the dollars from the gun industry. On top of that, Reddit recently shut down
a few subreddits such as r/gundeals and r/Brassswap due to some new policies on the site. Essentially the policy says that you can not
solicit or facilitate the sale of firearms or ammunition among other things like stolen
goods, drugs, prostitution, personal information, and falsified documents. Yes that’s right, guns are being lumped in
with illegal activity in this new Reddit policy. I understand the fact that they don’t want
people to be using the site for illegal activity but guns and ammo are totally legal to possess,
so why lump that in with all this illegal stuff? For those of you that are unaware, Reddit
is one of the largest aggregator sites on the internet where you could essentially find
anything. The traffic generated from that site is staggering. And now you can’t even so much as mention
a place to buy a gun without fear of getting banned. Law abiding citizens being silenced, yet again
my friends. In AR10 news, a company called Doublestar
has expanded on their lineup of Star 10-B rifles with the addition of 2 new cartridges,
the 6.5 Creedmoor AND the 260 Remington. They’re calling them the STAR10BX. Breaking down the features on both rifles
we’ve got a 22 inch stainless heavy barrel with a 1 in 8 twist topped off with a big
ol 3 chamber brake. That is covered with a 15 inch Samson 308
Evolution handguard. They both of course have the standard Star
10 receivers which includes that downward slope to the magwell and grip portion on the
front. They also come standard with a CMC 3 and a
half pound trigger, hogue grip, and an ACE hammer stock. All for the MSRP of 2549. Don’t get me wrong, I think this could be
a very nice rifle, I don’t know because I’ve never had the chance to mess with a DoubleStar,
but that price tag is almost as steep as that weird magwell. I want to know what you guys think, would
you rather build your own AR10 OR would you pony up and get one that comes from a reputable builder? This time our Guntuber of the Week was actually
picked by YOU GUYS! I think it’s high time that I let you guys
decide who gets the title of Guntuber of the week and I think Mozzberg, is going to lose
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100 thoughts on “Reddit/Citibank Don’t Like Freedom, Double-Mag PCC Lower and 2 New AR10’s – TGC News!

  • Why are you still advertising for Rand CLP?? Why support a company that doesn’t support or give two shits about our rights.

  • Paul was one of the first I subbed to because of his Miami Dade shootout analysis. I thought he did a really good job

  • I am a big Fan of ARs and after buying my first 3 rifles I decided to get all the required tools, books and was lucky enough to spend time with some Military Armorers while I served and was stationed in Virginia. I like to research the caliber I want to get then I start looking at the top 3 rifles in that caliber and start making a parts list. The one rule that I ALWAYS FOLLOW is that I get the Barrel and BCG from the same manufacturer so that there is ZERO issues with the lockup. My last build which I finished this past December was a 300 Blackout that started with a 16 inch Daniel Defense S2W Carbine length gas barrel, DD Mk12 Gas block, DD Chrome BCG, Aero Precision Enhanced M4 Upper w/15 inch M Lok, Spikes Tactical Lower w/Enhanced LPK (Nickel Boron Trigger Group). Magpul Furniture Troy Battle Sights, DD 308 Flash Hider. the rifle has 500rds so far 300rds of 124gr and 200 rds of 147gr without issues and Outstanding Performance.
    Top Components will give you Top Results!

    Paul Harrell he is the MAN!!

  • I hated to do it but I cancelled by citi southwest rewards card the other day. I’m not into boycotting as a group. I just make financial decisions based on if companies really want me as a customer. Citi doesn’t. Simple.

  • That new 6.5 rifle will be garbage with that handguard. I have a Samson evolution on an adams Arms upper and it is a pain in the ass to find accessories for. Why not just go with mlok or keymod?!

  • Nobody cares about getting banned from Reddit. We just create new accounts. That said the service is a shit sandwich. They are engaging in all sorts of censorship. Recently they removed the right to die subreddits.

  • I’d much rather build my own AR-10. In fact, I am currently assembling the parts I bought weeks ago for my current AR-10 it’s a quality build that is sub $900

  • This is what we've come to; legislation via private corporations. So does the high and mighty Citibank have the same criteria for those who sell drug paraphernalia? Oh, yeah their moral eyesight is blind when it comes to the drug culture. Check out Amazon pushing personal cocaine kits that come complete with the nose straw and mirror. Where's the moral outrage from Citibank? (cricket chirping) So who's next? What rights will you have to give up to get a burger at McDonald's? Companies like Citibank have set a scary precedent that they may soon regret.

  • Greetings from Kentucky: Indeed…we know him, we love him, we can't live without him, the one, the only Paul Harrell!!!!

  • Report all anti-Constitutional, anti-Second Amendment leftist videos as hate speech that incites anti-Constitutional activism and hatred against the Constitution's and Second Amendment's supporters, and see if those channels get demonetized or account strikes. If everyone did it, youtube would be swamped.

  • Hey Jon, love the channel. What do you think will happen to the price of Remington shotguns now that the company has declared bankruptcy?

  • The foxtrot mike lower intrigues me, but not at that price. To many solid options for 50 dollar lowers. At 100 bucks I'd be sold

  • You guys going to do a Silver Playbutton unboxing video?

    Doublestar's price is unbelievable. I'd personally build my own but I'm a tinkerer and won't be using it for any serious social work, but even if I was I'd find someone else to buy my rifle from.

  • Liberty Doll should be considered for Gun Tuber of the week. No she (yes she) doesn't do gun reviews, but her strong second amendment stance and witty humor is something you need to see.

  • It seems to that if You are going the trouble of carrying a Carbine over a pistol why not have it in a caliber with some stopping power at longer range like 45ACP 10MM or 45 Win Mag

  • It is going to spread. They had a March to Washington DC to take our rights. We need a March for our right.


  • I personally will never buy a AR type rifle. To me building them is more cost-effective much funner and I can put on everything I want.

  • Thanks for the heads up on Citi bank I called them to cancel my card and told them it was because they are supporting gun control the rep said their getting quite a few of those so come on guys if you got them, cancel them.

  • Can't believe Paul Harrell wasn't already a Guntuber of the Week. He is one of the best channels out there! Bravo for giving him a shout out!

  • Love the fm lower! I have been eyeing their stuff for a couple months especially their flrward side charging uppers!!!

  • ATI also make a polymer/aluminum lower (no experience with them)
    Have the FM side charge upper (9mm), its not great, but I only paid $350 for it soo cant complain top much

  • Hey John, I'd like to shout out Full Lead Taco! He does super fun reloading and shooting videos. Fun to watch and you learn a lot!

  • You be the judge.
    Don’t try this at home, I’m what you would call a professional.
    Paul Harrell is what’s good about Oregon. Now if we could only excise the cancer from Portland.

  • Thanks for the shout out. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen your channel until now. I'll have to check out your vids. Since you have over 400 it will take me awhile.

  • Have a Foxtrot upper and it feeds all the different HP's and reloads I've fed it and accurate. They are also coming out with a billet lower. Their triggers are nice too so no one poo poo! 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • I called in to lodge a complaint with Citi. I would encourage all to do the same, politely. I told them I merely had issue with Citi having any stance on politics at all, especially regarding this one. I made sure it was at a call center in the United States and told them I was calling just to lodge a complaint. I will further reach out in any way I can.

  • I have a New Frontier 9mm lower, and I'm tempted to buy the FM Products lower. Apparently it has a last round bolt hold open, and they claim it's reliable. Also, the ambi bolt release is nice. The downside is that the FM Products lower looks like a reject from the early 90s. It makes a TEC-9 look pretty

  • How can Citibank stand against the 2 amendment ? So no guns in their bank so no guards and no one to come help the if robbed ? They can not say you can not spend your money on guns or ammo

  • That magwell on that double star is super dumb because it looks like it would totally limit the mags you could use with it. 10 rounders? Too short. Drum? Won’t go in far enough. Why design a lower for lower compatibility?

  • Hmm maybe Citibank should be looked into for any vested interests in wars where guns are given to anyone who will make the globalists more money.


  • I am finishing a 6.5CM AR10 with wilson combat bbl. it will cost about $1200 when I am done with a Geislle trigger and MI hand guard

  • Foxtrot Mike has exalent barrels, purchase from Brownells. If contact them via email they respond so quick you'll think your talking to them on the phone. And building an ar-10 is alot less expensive and that using top of line parts from Brownells or many other vendors, and as long as Carefull construction just as reliable and much happier times buying the ammunition with the savings.

  • $145 for a polymer lower?? Fuck no, polymer is supposed to be cheaper than aluminium, I can get a lower for $60 so I call bullshit

  • I actually bought an Adams Arms SF308.. Cheap enough and reliable for me. Steel case ran great. Silver Bear 140gr SP.

  • I've been trying to look for a hammerless revolver with a barrel longer tban 2 inches. Are those even made and if so by what companies?

  • For the rules Citi has laid out, the one about not selling to someone that has not passed a background check, is not as simple as it seems.

    When you do a background check, there are 3 responses the FBI/NICS can give. They are either a Proceed, a Delay, or a Deny. Proceed and Deny are simple, either you do get a gun or you do not get a gun. But the problem is with the delay status. Per federal law, NICS has 3 business days to look into delays and come back with a response. If after 3 business day, NICS has not found a reason to deny the sale, the FFL can transfer the firearm to the customer.

    Imagine if there was not the 3 day deadline for NICS to follow up on delays. The FBI is a govt agency with limited resources, they could decided following up on delays was not a priority and just leave those background checks open, never coming back with a proceed. Now law abiding citizens who have every right to own firearms would not be able to take procession of a new firearms. Effectively losing their 2nd amendment right without any due process what so ever!

    I have worked in a gun store. Delay statuses are very common. It is also very common to sell guns to customers who were delayed, but no status is provided in 3 business days. So they technically never were proceeded. The gun is transferred under an open status. Under the rules Citi is imposing, gun stores would no longer be able to do that. Now someone that should be able to purchase a firearm is no longer be able to, not because of a law, but because of a "rule" imposed by a giant financial company that has decided it doesn't like firearms!

    New gun control laws are not the only thing we need to be fighting against. The people trying to strip Americans of their second amendment rights are coming at the issue from many different angles. This is just one example of how they work. On the surface, not transferring a firearm to someone that has not passed a background check sounds perfectly reasonable. But you need to look at what they are actually doing and how they are doing it.

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