Reiki for the Freedom to be Yourself/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

Hi everyone this is Lourdes. The Reiki
in this video is for the freedom to be yourself. In other words not to be what
somebody else wants you to be but to be your own person. If you are new to Reiki,
my videos, or my channel please check out my Frequently Asked Questions Playlist.
There’s a link to it above my head and in the description box. Many questions
I get asked about Reiki are found in that playlist. So if you’re ready please
sit back relax and let this Reiki flow to you. Thank you for watching this video. For
more information on my Reiki sessions, services and classes please check out
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when I make videos. If you have any questions please let me know. I look
forward to answering them. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Reiki for the Freedom to be Yourself/Reiki Healing/Energy Healing

  • Hi Lourdes, thank you, I am hoping this video will help in my relationship with my partner, who is often wanting me to be, say, act in ways he expects, even down to my facial expressions

  • Be yourself. Figure out what you love and do it everyday. Ignore what other people think, and you'll notice that the right people will begin to gravitate towards you. You'll also start to notice that you care less and less about what others think, because you're perfect the way you are.

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