43 thoughts on “(Re)Islamization of Arabia: Nasser on The Muslim Brotherhood and Hijabs (1966 Egypt)-(english) #76

  • Long Live Secularism !
    Long Live Nasser and Egypt !
    Kick out al sissi !
    Wipe out israel ! Stop circumcision and FGM !

  • My grandma lived in his time, even named my father after him. When I was little (almost seven or eight years ago), I wanted to wear the hijab (as a curious child who wanted to try different things) and I told her about it. She told me not to. She's the one I owe for being able to feel free, not objectified. I'm grateful everyday that she stopped me.

  • As an Egyptian, this breaks my heart. If the president dares to do this nowadays, he'd be assassinated. People would lose their shit. Not a single being would dare to mock the guy who requested these stupid laws and say "tell HIM to wear it." It would be considered blasphemy. The muslim brotherhood and muslim extremists have ruined what once was a beautiful free country.

  • Nasser was the greatest and most loved leader the Arabs ever had but the USA and Israel didn't like him. After his early death in 1970, the Arabs nose dived to hell. He was the undisputed leader for ALL the Arabs and his era is considered the golden era of secularism, national pride, arts, culture and advanced industry

  • All the people in the comments acting amazed at Nasser’s speech then compared to what the region is like today need to read some history; the rise of radical Islam as we know it today came directly out of the collapse of pan-Arabism. For several generations the dominant social and political belief in North Africa and the Middle East was that all Arab people were as one and had to stand side by side against oppressors, be it the Ottoman Empire of the European colonial powers. Pan-Arabism was what motivated many of the tribes to form the Arab Revolt, and then to overthrow governments propped up by the Europeans-such as the coup that brought Nasser and his revolutionaries to power. And Nasser became THE voice of pan-Arabism in his time, the one man seen as able to bring about Arab unity. But guess what? He failed-for many reasons. By the late 70’s pan-Arabism was dead, falling to the defeats of the Arab/Israeli wars, the peace treaty with Israel, and the passing of its most prominent advocates, like Nasser. And at the same time the radical Islamist factions began to actually produce some tangible results like the assassination of Anwar Sadat and the overthrow of the Shah. So little wonder that a young generation that was deeply embittered by their repressive, yet secular leaders, and also by the failure of pan-Arabism to produce any benefit to them, ended up turning to radical Islam. Ironically, its not unlike how there is now a socio-political backlash against the concept of the globalized economy in both the US and Europe-because the masses feel it hasn’t produced for them.

  • All Egyptians are Coptic pigs pretending to be Arabs because we Arabs (Saudis) pimped their North African women in the 7th century, so they became obsessed with Arabian peninsula, even changed the official name of their country to our identity because they feel ashamed of their worthless Egyptian – Coptic identity so they replace it with our strong Arab name. But we true Arabians feel ashamed of the dirty Egyptians and don't want them to carry our name because they'll ruin our image.

  • He was a puppet of West….. In 1960 he mocked burkha…. Today burkha is in all over the world…. Even in corporate sectors like Microsoft and google girls are working with burkha…..
    This is the real win of Islam…..

  • Yesterday they were laughing… just like european people do when I tell them that their daughert will wear hijab in 5 -10 years and ahave to obey sharia law.

  • and Mubarak made a dirty deal with Islamic leaders and suddenly by the dawn of the 1990's, the Hijab was back in the streets of Egypt. Suddenly all women were told by their fathers, brothers, uncles and husbands to wear it as a symbol of a good Muslim women. This was all possible because Mubarak needed the support for the religious authority in Egypt, to legitimize the fact that he was following the neoliberal model of the west (privatization, deregulation, market based politics favoring the capitalist class). Religion became a political tool and this is why the Egyptian state has become more Islamic since the 1980's!

  • Hijab is way of Sharia, the law of God delivered through the Holy Quran. He denounces and laughs at this? Coward.

  • The so-called civilised West funded the Muslim brotherhood to bring this man down because he nationalise the Suez canal Israel didn't like it..

  • Someone tell me what happened ? They are Muslims mocking the idea of wearing a hijab. Now fast forward to today, why has wearing a hijab become part of the Muslim religion ? In fact even to the point where wearing a niqab seems to be considered pious.

    Were these not also pious Muslims ??

    How did their offspring end up with an islam that is so different to what their parents had ??

  • Hearing this beautiful language, which predated Islam's existence by hundreds of years, spoken like this… I wish I had studied it.

  • He was a muslim and was proud of it. He hated those that used Islam as a political tool and always denounced them. Listen to his speech on socialism, it's an amazing one. We will never forget you Gamal, you were the last light that shined in the darkness of the arab world… as he said, those with beards who tell you that socialism is against religion, are the rich muslims that care not for their muslim brothers but only for themselves, and by doing so are the true sinners! Let those who want to wear a hijab wear it, but don't push it on others.

  • He is just too much like Jean Dujardin in Ciaro- nest of spies…lol…..a fez and an oud….and….viola!
    as for the "brothers al hoodlem"…hanging qutb was a lifesaving measure for Nasser….but made a matyr…sadly his idiot followers keep proving how evil they truly are ….still…..if only Nasser didnt pinch the canal…if only…he could have nipped them in the bud.

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