Relationship Management in Wisconsin – Chase for Business – Chase

Everybody knows Chase as a bank that serves
very large companies in the market. I think what people don’t realize sometimes is that
our business, the bulk of our business, is serving small companies and midsize companies. We pride ourselves in helping small companies
become midsize companies, helping midsize companies become large companies. It’s what
we’ve done for 100 years. The strength and stability of Chase is very important to our
clients. In a very challenging economic time, like we’re in right now, our customers expect
us to be open for business. They expect us to be able to deliver and execute on the things
that they need every day, day in and day out. We employ over 2000 people in the state of
Wisconsin. We cover our customers and handle our relationships through 86 branches. Our
employees live in the communities where they do business, they work in the communities,
they raise their families in those communities. They coach your kids’ soccer teams. We think
it’s very important for our employees to be in the markets that they serve. We have to spend the time to get to know our
customers, to get to know what’s important to them, and to have them know what’s important
to us. Local businesses want what everybody wants. They want to be successful. Success
is measured in a lot of different ways. And as a partner to our clients we have to help
them achieve that success. Local commitment. Global resources. Together
they’re one powerful reason to sit down with your Chase commercial banker. Talk with us
today about a plan to put your business goals within reach.

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