Remnant Restoration: How to find Contentment

[Applause] and shabbat shalom you are watching now you see TV we are your host John and Patricia Hall and this is the remnant restoration you like your room a victory key we hope everybody had a great preparation day and is sliding right into a restful Shabbat so how are you doing my sleep right into Shabbat I've slept this morning and got up and everything was done in that great it was it was just lovely absolutely lovely it's only lovely to fall into the father's hands on his appointed day each and every week he absolutely will meet you on his day and bless your home in ways they can't even imagine absolutely what I gotta do is obey that's right how hard is it to obey Sabbath to rest it's such a burden ah the weight of this burden is so white it's an essential key for reprogramming it is absolutely it was for me it was for us it was for our home it absolutely rearranged us for the better for life you know that clay he talks about in Scripture that's what he's doing he's molding us and when you're in his word it continues to mold and as you obey he's molding into the likeness of who Yeshua Messiah Christ Jesus yes I said and we have a tender heart towards him he were moldable he can mold us double or multiple Amanda mo mo mo double your motive or moldable people that's right we want to be moldable well tonight on the remnant restoration good before we start yes I would like to say if you're watching for the first time yes nice TV Norg you can get in the chatroom ask questions there or on the YouTube chat here where we have wonderful moderators like Richard in April ray and Bowman and I don't know where Kevin stole is I haven't seen him on the moderator check tonight praying for you buddy anyways nyeeehhh C TV Norg go to the live stream or the live stream if you've never heard of that you see TV and you're just running across to tonight there's almost a thousand videos up on any and almost every topic not just yet but many topics that you may be curious about as far as scripture goes or you know a research study goes please go check it out yeah and if you are new please subscribe hit the subscribe button you got a button share it you've got a host like Kijana pounders and addictive great in the doctors even provisioned and Jessica and Vicky and gender Schaffer a lot of different meaning many more exactly because it's survive we're having fun interesting that's what we do and drink a coffee and drink of water and have your people hey Joshua wash or watch rather lately yeah it's got that wonderful Bible covered look loo – it does it's beautiful and also another announcement if there's an upcoming conference and it's coming up February 24th or 22nd through the 24th it is in Fayetteville Arkansas and it is called declaring the end from the beginning it is gonna be an amazing conference Phillip and Gina Woodson are hosting this conference and you've got Rob's Kiva Zack Bauer from new to Torah the river winds Chief Joseph dr. 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gonna be a new show on Wednesdays yes on now you see TV John comers that's right looking forward to that in studio interviews absolutely I just changed deodorants no I'm just it's not an announcement anyway so with that all of our announcements are concluded at this point so we are gonna dive into our topic tonight which is asking the question are you content with your life is it possible to be content in the good times when there's an abundance and in the bad times when there's trials and tribulations I mean let's get real we're not gonna sugarcoat it life can be a struggle and how can we not lose faith and learn to be content in the middle of trials and when the world is assaulting us and so that does it does it is salt us yeah especially especially if you're following out the father's waves in through and by you doing by you swim aside because you become the light that he shines through and there's anything he will do anything to darken us trip you up to dark and youth causes that light from shining because our job is to reach others who are lost broken defeated and to raise them up to get to repent and turn back to the father's ways and how the time will do anything and everything to cause you to stop to be ineffective that's what he wants he wants we want you to freeze yes he want you to be discontented being content is is a must when walking this out knowing and trusting the father that he is there with you each and every step even when you think it's so silent it's deafening yeah he's with you absolutely this promise is our truth absolutely and before we get started so we are gonna dive into the life of Joseph and see what we can learn as we read their Genesis chapters 37 through 44 tonight it is tour portions not intend to tour portion 9 is by a chef he continued living and tore portion 10 is maquettes at the end and so but before that I just want to encourage you all with the scripture Philippians chapter 4 it is an amazing uplifting encouraging chapter and in that chapter Paul gives a formula for peace of mind for being content and as he is writing in a prison from Rome to the Church of the for the Philippians he is telling them to rejoice I say again rejoice don't worry about anything pray about everything he tells them look I have had plenty and I have been in what you know he has been flogged he had was survived three shipwrecks and he says I've learned the secret to be content I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and so it's our strength comes from the Messiah and then he goes through and he gives the formula for how to have peace of mind and it's fixing our thoughts on what is good and true and Noble and right and praiseworthy anything that is just that's what we're to think on and if we do that then his peace will rule our hearts and minds so and if you want to go further into it you should speaks in Matthew chapter 6 in 25 26 and 32 33 and this is what our Messiah says he says therefore I tell you do not be anxious about your life what you will eat or what you will drink or about your body what you will put on it is not life more than food he goes on to say look at the birds of the air they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet the Heavenly Father feeds them are you not more valuable than they and you are to him gotta trust that you've got a trust our Messiah it's our focus what its perspective what is our focus what is our perspective there are days when I struggle yes Tricia can tell you in the kids can tell you I struggle with the work that I do I struggle with it each and every day and I feel like the walls are caving in on me and the father reminds me through situations to people to his word yet when I struggle I'm never alone and he lets me know it before I go into work I'm dreading it because I know what I'm gonna walk into Patricia will gather the family around and we'll pray before I leave he lets me know he lets he'll let you know in those small ways I'm with you I'm with you when you're down I'm with you when you want to just turn it off and shut the shutters on your on your laners you have to he remind you keep that light shining I'm with you even in the darkest of times let me shine through you he's faithful absolutely and we have there's other scripture well in other books we just observed Hanukkah last month and we've been going through the book of Maccabees completing it as part of our home school and I'm telling you you want to get a lesson on perspective and focus reading about what they went through to stay faithful to the father what their focus was in the midst of persecution intense death they were they were facing death and how they focused on the father is is a lesson for us and as the gap closes until you show returns that will also take place here amongst the the brethren and those of you who are absolutely doing your best to follow Messiah and follow the father's ways you're going to be taken into the synagogues by administration by friends by the ruling family by the secular law and and persecuted for absolutely doing one thing and that is loving the father and following Yeshua yeah and the persecution will become great in this country we you know Facebook arguments what is that well we have not faced persecution othing but we're in training coming it is and we are in training we're in training and this is such an important lesson for each of every one of us the story of Joseph from being content where you're at because he saw both sides even Paul you know he I think it was 2nd Corinthians where he talks about being flogged and beaten and being on a shipwreck boat and all this stuff and he was it's important to be content because he knew he was a messiah right it's important for you to know as well exactly and so we are gonna read through and learn read about Jacob and Joseph and you know we've all had the experience of being betrayed and so let's see what we can learn from the Word of God so we if you would get your Bible out we are going to start reading in Genesis chapter 37 and we're not not gonna read every single word no but that's for you all to do we want you to do that in your home where you're a whether you're with your family or by your just open his word absolutely you should says we don't live by bread alone but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Elohim absolutely every every word every single word does that mean the Torah yep because that was all they had right then the Torah the prophets and the writings mmm anyways okay let's move on alright we digress alright Genesis chapter 37 Jacob lived in the land of Canaan and the history of the generations of jacob jake' josif being 17 years old was feeding the flock with his brothers and he was a boy with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah and joseph brought an evil reported them to their father now Israel loved Joseph more than his other children Bing Bing Bing red flag that is not a good situation and he loved him more than other his other children because he was the son of his old age and his beloved Rachel and he made him a coat of many colors so he's it's like I love him more than others the way I treat him and boy I'm gonna make him stick out like a red a sore thumb oh this gallery now does it exactly so what what's the result his brother saw that their father loved him more than all of them and they hated him and they couldn't speak they couldn't even speak peaceably to him and Joseph dreamed a dream and he told it to his brothers which was probably not a good idea but if you think about it siblings oh I got this dreaming I'm gonna tell him exactly only me guess what right here comes right there being bullied so he has this dream he goes huh that's this attitude so they hated him all the more and he said to them please hear this dream which I have dreamed for behold we were binding cheese in the shield in the field and behold my sheaf arose and also stood upright and behold your sheaves came around and bowed down to my sheaf his brother said to him will you indeed reign over us or will you indeed have dominion over us and they hated him all the more for his dreams and for his words he dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brothers and said Behold I have dreamed yet another dream and behold the Sun and the moon and eleven stars bowed down to me and he told it to his father and to his brothers and his father rebuked him and said to him what is this dream that you have dreamed while I and your mother and your brothers in he'd come to bow down ourselves to you up to the earth his brothers envied him but his father kept this saying in mind and so Israel said to Joseph aren't your brothers feeding the flock and Shechem this is later on he said come I will send them to you so his father again is said he he it's like he's sending him out to be a tattle-tale because he knows he's gonna tell him so when you read these stories when you read the word of Yahweh and you read about these folks and who we've are grafted into by the way right you read the family dynamics and then you start thinking about your family dynamics and the similarities and you begin to pour yourself into the word as you're studying it and becomes more real because you can see the the interpersonal relationships between the brothers right and and their parents and you're going wow okay and you can see where there's pride and you can see where there's jealousy and you can see the ins and outs these people live just like you and I do they're human beings that absolutely lived and this is 100% truth right you can think on it because the rock won't lead you astray he you know he wrote down exactly what he wanted you to read right this is in there for a purpose for our purpose and learning but you can see the interpersonal relationships going on and it becomes more real as you understand that you read things and you go well you know only a day or two past when a few months or years have passed right this has been going on for a long time between the brothers right right and think about that one of the example of that is the coat of many colors it's a it's a chieftains coat so here he is second to the youngest the oldest is supposed to be the one who then leads after the father there would be Reuben right but Jacob is is telling all the brothers no Joseph the second to the youngest I'm training him to be chieftain Joe Jacob sends him out to spy on his brothers to bring him a report so he's training him so he's setting him up to peace he's fueling already fueling the envy and the jealousy so probably unknowingly you know he just wants a report but it's such Joseph of exact interprets the family dynamics here I write and the father is so perfect because he weaves them in and out of it this bullying storyline you can see the father's finger on all of it absolutely he's watching these these folks who have free will but you could see the father just weaving in and out of it absolutely and how he uses the good and the bad mm-hmm so he sends him to Shechem so as Joseph finds a certain man and he's looking for his brothers and they're in Dothan a certain man he finds a certain man who tells them look they're not in Shechem where they're supposed to be thereand o'them they they saw a filmer from afar off so his brother see Joseph coming from afar off and there one is in the West Bank by the way and we go look for it yeah in the West Bank and doesn't it mean like double cursor children like that yeah so they're supposed to be in Shechem which is a place of blessing but no they're in a place of double cursing and so so they immediately plot as soon as they see him they plot to killing and so but that's not too far-fetched either right I mean you reopen the news just try not to don't get yourself depressed but I mean it's in your face every single day no but when we feed on Envy and that's why that's why the Torah says less he says it's that you know don't envy what your neighbor has don't don't have envy because there's one of the commandments right it is that's why we were as easy so we remember the commandments anyway exactly but that that that Bitterroot leads to murderous intention so they're plowing plotting to kill him and when Rubin heard at the oldest he delivered him out of their hand and said let's not take his life look shed no blood because he's the oldest he would have been held so when Joseph came to his brother's they stripped his coat the coat of many colors the chieftain's coat that was on him and they took him and they threw him into a pit and the pit was empty there was no water in it because Reuben thought you know later on I'll let's throw him into a pit and he was going to rescue him later it's interesting the parallels between Joseph and Yeshua absolutely yes it's how long was he in there three days yeah sure in the Torah every single every single word is about Messiah yeah that is a great exercise to write down all the comparisons between Joseph and Yeshua so after they do this after the brothers do this what do you think they did they threw the brothers into a pit they were gonna kill him there like Reuben talks them out of it alright let's don't pit so they sat down and have a meal they sit down and eat lift up their eyes and look so take that into it so you just threw your brother into a pit man I'm how well pit well you know it's pretty deep right and now they sit down to eat that's brash I'm telling you can tell the state of the hard hearts just from that so they look up and they see a caravan of Ishmaelites coming and Judah says to his brothers what profit is it if we kill our brother and conceal his blood that would that wouldn't even that's there's no profit in that so come let us sell him to the Ishmaelites and lot and let not our hand be on him so let's not kill him what that's not gonna get us anything but selling at least we'll get something so you could tell where his mines at so they sold Joseph and Joseph was brought into Egypt Egypt so they took the coat of many colors and they they had killed an animal dipped it in some blood and they brought it to their father to lie to their dad basically saying a wild animal killed him but they don't just say he was killed they said look we found this coat we found this examine it to see if it's the son's coat your son's coat the coat that you made and he recognized it it is my son's coat and Eve animal has devoured him Joseph is without doubt torn to pieces and so he tore his clothes put on sackcloth mourned his son many many days they saw it they saw their father just absolutely go into oblivion it and they kept their peace they didn't say anything no they allowed it to go on yeah you know they try to do comforting all the survey of human it is and they weren't thinking about their dad look we'll just tell him in whatever but now they're witnessing what their what their lies and what that's doing to their dad and he will not be comforted so that's chapter 37 in chapter 38 it switches from this event and go straight into Judah and if it with Judah and it seems kind of oddly placed until you realize you schewe comes from the line of Judah remember he's the one that wanted to profit from mm-hmm what they were gonna do to their brother brother Joseph's so Judah went down from his brothers so he left that he could I guess he couldn't take it he's like I cannot deal with that you know that denialists let me let me think about something else so he goes down from his brothers and visited a certain Abdullah might whose name was Huayra and he saw a daughter of a certain Canaanite whose name was schewe so he marries he's unequally yoked he marries a Canaanite and he bears a son named her then he bears a son named ona Onan and then a son named Sheila from this Canaanite woman and he took a wife for her his firstborn and her name was Tamar and so urge you dispersed thought born was a wicked in Yahweh's side so Yahweh killed him and Judah said to owned and go into your brother's wife and perform the duty of a husband's brother to her which is Torah which is Yahweh's instructions it's interesting that Torah is already there as being practiced before it's written before trip exactly think about that yep and raise up offspring for your brother and Onan knew that the offspring wouldn't be his and so way when he went into his brother's wife he spilled his seed on the ground lest he should give her offspring to his brother and the thing what she did was evil in Yahweh's sight it was against his instruction and he killed him also then Judah said to Tamar his daughter-in-law remain a widow in your father's house until Sheila my son the youngest son has grown up for he said lest he also die like his brothers and Tamar went to live with her father in her father's house so he gives his word to his daughter-in-law but he doesn't keep it and so after many days Judah's wife dies and so Tamar was told behold your father-in-law is going up to Timna to share his sheep she took off her garments of her widowhood and covered herself with a veil and wrapped herself and sat at the gate which is by the way to Timna for she saw that she lo has grown up and she wasn't given to him as a wife that Judah did not keep his word and when Judah saw her he thought she was a prostitute for she had covered her face and he turned to her by the way and said please let me come into you for he didn't know that it was his daughter-in-law and so they haggled on a price and she basically says okay the price is your signal your Cygnet your chord and your staff that's in your hand so all the symbols of his authority he gave were given to her as a pledge and so later Judah he returned to Judah so Judah tells his friend you know here's a promise to this go give it to her and get my signet ring back so he tries to find her and doesn't find her and so he returns to Judas as I didn't find her I tried to give her the price but I couldn't find her and also the men of the place that there's been no prostitute here so Judah said let her keep it then unless we be shamed behold I sent the young goat as I had promised her and you couldn't find her so about three months late Judah was told Tamar your daughter-in-law has played the prostitute moreover behold she is with child by prostitution so Judas said bring her out and let her be burnt and so this is interesting right here because this little piece of information gives a hint that Tamar is not only from their their tribe but she could be the daughter of a priest of the tribe because later in Torah if a daughter of a priest is found to be in prostitution she is to be burned no no other that's that's not a penalty for prostitution other than for a daughter of a priest they conduct so that's interesting so it's interesting that he married he was unequally yoked but he did not want that for his oldest son I just found that interesting yep so when she was brought out she sent to her father-in-law saying by the man who these are I am with child she also said please discern whose are these the signet the cord and the staff and so Judah has a choice now when he is faced with this think about this in a prophetic way exactly as you sure returns when our brothers of Judah our brothers and sisters in Judah start crying out to him yep they turn and repent in the turn back to the Father through him by Yahshua yes this is so prophetic exactly because Judah acknowledged them and and said she is more righteous than I because I didn't give her to my son Sheila so he confesses he could have had her burnt mm-hmm but you know and just taking that taken back what was his and gone on but he turned at that point as well the Judeans absolutely so she has the two sons by Judah he doesn't go into her again it's a one-time deal and so she bears him two sons Perez and zerah and the line of Yeshua comes from Perez mm-hmm so that's chapter 38 Joseph was brought down to each if we go back to Joseph go ahead well I mean it's interesting because it's brim brought up in many of the tour discussions that this is thrown right in the middle of Joseph's story right so you kind of have an L where you see I'm thrown into a pit and then we go right into to Judah right right but it's prophetic I mean if you look how prophetic it is how Joseph and yushua they parallel and you can see you show all throughout it and then all of a sudden you see Judah right Judah has to be made right yes in order for Messiah to come to the line all this has to take place Judah has to repent Judah has to see the error of his ways and then return to the Father and it takes this story of Tamar to do it right and the sin that he is committed before the father and it takes all of that to get him to turn back now all of that didn't happen in a day or two but one chapter right this took place over a period of time right and it's prophetic in a way because of course you know you sure came through Perez to the line of Judah which it was perfect but it's also prohibited these days when we see our brothers and sisters Judah return back to the Father through Messiah where they're crying out to you sure yes and that'll be a wonderful awesome day but there's hope because Judah did it and it's profound and so will our brothers and sisters in these last days absolutely so it's an important part of the puzzle why is it in the middle of this because you always had to make it right because he was coming exactly had to make this right he has a there's a reason for everything all of Scripture is god-breathed and profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction so that the man of God may be complete and thoroughly equipped for every good work and so it's it's in there perfectly for a reason and so we go right back to Joe so Joseph was brought down to Egypt and Potiphar an officer of Pharaoh the captain of the guard and Egyptian bought him and it's the next thing that we read is Yahweh was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man so think about that he is a slave he was bought and sold he is in slavery he's in bondage right now but Yahweh was with him and made him prosperous in in the circumstance he was in so it's important to to understand that Joseph found favor in his sight in the sight of Potiphar he ministered to him and he made him overseer over his house Joseph was a well-built and handsome man and after these things after he's been treated well and I always made him prosperous after these things his master's wife set her eyes on Joseph and she said lie with me but he refused as she spoke to Joseph day after day after day he did not listen to her and about that time she went so she just progressively continues to try to tempt him if you'll read proverbs 16 8 it says better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice absolutely any Joseph knew that even before it was he knew that absolutely because he was read in just a minute he was a man after Yahweh's own heart and about this time he went into the house to do his work and there were none of the men of the house inside so he go in goes in to do his job and nobody's there and because she had given everybody the day off because she had a plan she caught him by his garment and said lie with me and he left his garment in her hand and ran outside so when he was tempted when sin was grabbing hold of him how did he respond he ran he didn't try to reason he didn't try to you know talk his way out he refused day after day after day but when sim got ahold of him how did he respond he ran in the opposite direction he lost something as he ran away from it but he didn't lose everything so he left his garment in her hand and ran outside so what did she do after this rejection she laid up his garment by her until his master came home she surely yep she spoke to him according these words saying the Hebrew servant whom you brought to us came in to me to mock me so she's all offended her rich direction and as I lifted up my voice and cried he left his garment by me and ran outside lie lie lie lie lie yes not only she lied and his wrath was kindled Joseph matt master took him Potiphar took him and put him into prison the place where the Kings prisoners were bound so he put your plate put yourself in Joseph's shoes right now and this is all taking place and he's being brought before his master right of the house he's wrongfully accused wrongfully accused and he's sitting there taking it right because I don't read anywhere in there women uh-uh that's not how happen right I don't we don't hear any defense from Joseph none we don't hear any defense from your show when he's brought before the Sanhedrin yeah you remain quiet yeah and that's profound when you think about that you know Joseph Hayne because you would read in there you know here's my explanation she did this I ran that way she had my coat she stole my coat by the way right exactly you'll get any of that no there's silence yeah Chamberlain was put in prison and bound but remember the right after when Joseph was sold what was the very next verse but Yahweh was with Joseph and look at this Joseph's master took him put him into prison the place where the Kings prisoners were bound but Yahweh was with Joseph and showed kindness to him so Yahweh was with Joseph after he was sold and made him prosper now Yahweh is with Joseph and shows kindness to him and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison so we have to remember that one when we're slandered we need to follow the example of Joseph and follow the example of Yeshua and Yahweh and remember that Yahweh is with us when we seek Him and when we walk with Him he is with us Hebrews 13:5 reminds us what our master says he says I will never leave you nor forsake you yes trust him in that absolutely and it's not like I mean he's challenged with contentment imagine that the wrongs that had been done to him just up to this point you think about yours in a situation justifiably wronged we've all been justifiably wronged it's tough it hurts it's frustrating it your mind races you can't sleep you don't want to eat it's all consuming and you think about it non-stop I'm gonna get them back or um this is gonna happen or that's gonna happen what's our focus what's our focus is that that is that those thoughts or is it Yahweh right what's our focus Yahweh says vengeance is his he will repay he will repay so chapter 40 after these things Pharaoh was angry with two officers his chief cupbearer and the chief Baker and he put them in custody in the house of the captain of the guard into prison where Joseph was and they both dreamed a dream each man his dream in one night and Joseph came into them in the morning and they said to them we have dreamed a dream and there's no one to interpret it and he said don't interpretations belong to God so he's a dreamer and he says but he gives Yahweh the credit always gives the father the credit always and that is an essential component that we glean from and learn from practice you practice it exactly and this life and Yahweh gives us plenty of opportunity to practice that ouch hallelujah moments is what I call them so don't interpretations belong to God please tell it to me Joseph said so the chief cupbearer tells him history and Joseph says to him this is the interpretation the three branches are three days within three days Pharaoh will lift up your head and restore you to office but remember me when it it will be well with you and please show me kindness and make mention of me to Pharaoh and bring me out of this house so he asks him several different things you know remember me show me kindness meant to me to Pharaoh to bring me out of this house so when the chief Baker saw that the interpretation was good he said to Joseph I had a dream also not so good yeah hey that sounds great Joseph answered this is the interpretation he doesn't hesitate to speak the truth hmm and that's another thing we can learn from Joseph this is the interpretation the three baskets are three days within three more days Pharaoh will lift up your head your head from off of you and we'll hang you on a tree and the birds will eat your flesh from off of you and on the third day which was Pharaoh's birthday he made a feast for all of his servants and he lifted up the head of the chief cupbearer and the head of the chief Baker from his servants and restored the chief cupbearer as a bit of that cook I know something happen I always think that every time I read this he was – what did he do you know exactly what preservative do you okay morning I know something happened there but he hang the chief Baker and everything happened as Joseph had interpreted it because Yahweh gave him the interpretation and he spoke the truth go to bread he did so at the end of two full years but the chief cut pear did not remember Joseph he forgot him circular exactly exact there's a difference between when you're dealing with somebody who follows the narrow path towards the narrow gate and then the secular sometimes there's not right right we're not oh we're not perfect no no no no sir private right however you can see the the correlation between the two I just always wondered what he put in Pharaoh's cake email yeah like what did he what happened during that feast that he lifted one up and not the other you know it's a tour joke you got a what do you get when you put a cup bearer a baker and you know Potiphar's you know servant in deal what maybe Jack Sheaffer can do yes come on boy all right so chapter 41 at the end of two full years Pharaoh had a dream and he had he dreamed twice he had two separate dreams and they were very similar and so these dreams bothered Pharaoh and so then the chief cupbearer spoke to Pharaoh saying I remember my faults today Pharaoh was angry with his servants and put me in custody in the house of the captain of the guard me and the chief Baker we dreamed a dream one night I am he we dreamed each man according to the interpretation of his dream and there was with us a young man a Hebrew a servant of the captain of the guard and we told him what's that it's interesting how the father orchestrates all of this all of you knew about the cupbearer and the Baker's dream gave it to them yeah and knew this time would go past that the cupbearer would be set free and back into the service of Pharaoh knew that he would forget all about Joseph until this right exactly master and Joseph had to persevere and endure two more years in prison and he did so some I mean think of that from our perspective two years can seem like a really long time you're assuring in prison you know and so but he did but I always show kindness to him and he had a purpose for it hmm kept him busy yes he did kept him busy and was he was in training Joseph was in training and general training a natural leader and that is he always Rock each of us have spiritual gifts right and Joseph was being used you know his spiritual gift was being getting gaining experience in leading you know out of his house the jail managing father gave him you know the dreams to be able to interpret them through and by you should it's it is equipping and so are you you're being equipped yeah it's like Joseph a we are is that whatever situation you are in whatever situation we are in we are in training its training this is written for all of us already training just like Joseph and and there's two there's two options we have two choices we can sit and go why why why it's it's counterproductive first of all and there's no answer that will satisfy that question or we could go what do you want from me father we can look up we can look out and complain and whine and moan and groan one of the things that I do when there's long periods of time that I'm seeking Him in an answer for an issue other just show me you're with me while I'm waiting right you know reassure me he does and very sometimes small sometimes in a large ways but what I'm going through a period of time that you know this is difficult I you know just show me you're with me and he does yes yes just like the cupbearer and the baker Joseph's going what the heck am i doing you know here we are and all of a sudden these two guys have dreams and the father goes I need you Joseph I'm with you oh okay and we may not always see or perceive the purpose often we don't just asking and trust him while you're in waiting yes Father just give me a hug in your way let me know you're with me and he will because he what's that relationship with you yes matter of fact he stepped up the throne yes it come as a that's huge yes and knowing what he was gonna have to endure the lilies of the field you've much more than they write the birds of the air okay yes all right okay but it's important it's encouraging so then after the cupbearer talk remembers his faults and tells pharaoh about the one who was able to interpret gene dreams payroll sins and calls for joseph and he tells him i've had a dream and there is no one who can interpret it and i've heard that you can interpret dreams so you think about that you've got all those soothsayers sorcery wizards sessions all that Canaanite duty stuff going on i mean seriously in egypt they had all that stuff going on and none of them none of them could interpret it or know why because she always said no that's right it turned the faucet all those folks bought those little earrings that's right that talked to those folks and coerced him into bad things and he just turned the faucet off and for what purpose for this punishment i'm yes exactly and so what so here joseph is a slave and here is his opportunity he is finally free and he has his moment with pharaoh mm-hmm what and pharaoh says i hate i hear you have an amazing skill and so what does he say how does he answer it isn't me it's not me God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace you shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of Elohim mouth yes so when we have an opportunity to speak speak the father absolutely and give him the honor and the glory and the praise always it is not us it is absolutely not us and so Joseph said to Pharaoh the dream of Pharaoh is one what God is about to do he has declared to Pharaoh this seven good cattle are seven years and the seven good heads of grain are seven years the dream is one the seventh in an ugly cows that came up after them are seven years and also the seven empty heads of grain blasted by the east wind they will be seven years of famine this is the thing which I spoke to Pharaoh what God is about to do he has shown to Pharaoh behold the here behold there comes seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt there will arise after them seven years of famine and all the plenty will be forgotten in the land of Egypt the famine will consume the land and the plenty will not be known in the land by reason of that fame and which follows for it will be very Grievous the dream was doubled to Pharaoh because the thing is established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass now therefore let Pharaoh look for a discreet and wise man and set him over the land of Egypt let Pharaoh do this and let him appoint overseers over the land and so Pharaoh is impressed and he says to his servants can we find such a one as this a man to whom is the Spirit of God so he is just witness to Pharaoh the known ruler of the world no he's proclaiming the father exactly and so he says because God has shown you all of this there was no one so discreet and wise this you you shall be over my house according to your word well all my people be ruled only in the throne will I be greater than you Pharaoh said to Joseph behold I have set you over all the land of Egypt he was in training for this Psalm 37 3 and 4 says trust in Yahweh and do good dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness and he will give you the desires of your heart and that's what Joseph did so how do we get the desires of our heart faithfulness absolute to the Father absolutely and it's a practice guys it's every single day we're training training we're in training absolutely and you think about training like physical training and urge it is and how does a muscle grow especially when you're 50 you have you have to push it to its limit yeah that is how we grow that's how muscle grows that's how we grow we have we are pushed to our limit and when we're pushed to our limit what do we do we cry out we cry out and not only that while you're in training you have grace yes and mercy and recovery in times we serve an awesome father who knows exactly our circumstances bleak good bad upset whatever it is right you know that training that we're in that he's molding us and it hurts and you know our sore you know our spiritual muscles grow and able to be able to witness to other folks you know His grace and mercy covers us right that you know he gives us the freedom to repent and turn back to him yes and his faithfulness to forgive us but it's always about him and you need to keep your focus on him yes are you gonna lose sight yes the destination is easy easy to lose sight and that's what the world wants you to do is Deleuze sight yes lose focus get it get it to focus off the father yes cuz when that happened your testimony goes down the toilet absolutely and that's what the evil one wants when Peter he cries out when his she was walking on water and he says hey I want to walk on water he's like well come on and so he's looking at him and he's walking on water but then a storm comes and what does Peter do he takes his eyes off you schewe it starts to sink can't do that no in not then you know I'm guilty of it any video it just gets my attention right Peter cries out and was you sure do because that one grab scene because he's faithful yes absolutely you know each and every one of this is Peter right we're a disciple of Messiah that's right and he will reach out when you're starting to sink get your attention one way or another yes and please just if you're not in the habit of observing Sabbath there's a day a week that we are practicing where we're in preparation for the coming or any arrange that fourth commandment has been done away with if it's that is essential especially in times of pressure that weekly Sabbath it's not a burden no it's not a burden the father will absolutely honor you yes when you obey it's not a burden right because there will be a time when the evil one will be astir I will be restrained for a thousand years and Yeshua will be here ruling and reigning be a good time yes so that's what we're practicing and preparing what's it gonna hurt right good try exactly mmm what's it gonna cost you throw that golden fleece out for Sabbath exactly what happens absolutely do so so um so Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt he was seventeen years old when he left and he was thirty years old a lot of time has passed yes thirteen years mm-hmm that's a long time he was in slavery he was in prison and you think about our lives right in your life where you're at and how much time is when is this gonna end right what is well you know probably when you start putting your focus back on the Father will you see the changes coming right and your countenance gets a little higher and your hope becomes stronger and as it gets stronger and stronger you go into your experience the father says you're ready yeah for the next level you're ready to move on from this yes you're ready for closure are you ready for me to shut that door on that chapter of your life but a blessing on you more than you can possibly imagine broccoli could never have imagined in a pit of being in a pit I hate smelling the dirt right hearing your brother's eat lunch while you're in a pit and they're thinking about killing you right off with the Ishmaelites did it ever enter his head that he was gonna be he's probably gone for Egypt what right all I did was obey my father to go find my brothers and I'm in a bit right now I'm with Ishmaelites stinky donkeys camels going off to Egypt and the next thing you know he's sold to Potiphar in a very fancy house right with a very unfair Acy use right he's the leader slander zine right heretic then he goes off to jail how worse can this get more times going on and then he's in charge of the jail but you always within them because his focus is on the Father yes he did not did not what is he did not represent the father in a very bad way you know where it says thou shalt not take Yahweh's name in vain right he represented the father absolu he was supposed to however he was found himself in Joey thought madness can't get any worse but because he did he was now put in terms of the jail and was probably treated better while he was there still a bad situation but he was alive and well and then all of a sudden he tells these two dudes the dream and then the next thing you know he's before feral 15 years and now he's second in command of all of Egypt Kapow the father is in every step of that he had to Humble him to think about when he taught the difference between when he gave the dream yeah with his brothers and his father and with the cupbearer in the baker in the Pharaoh he did not mention God one time when he first started when he told about his dreams so not a heavy story but 2000 of course you know like it was born mm-hmm struggling struggling struggling in debt completely utterly I don't file and then you know our family members start passing right dad your dad mom all that and then 2012 yeah we another series death in the family and then 2015 we lose completely everybody right yeah every one half years we lost nine close family members in that our focus was completely and utterly not you know on the father right that first year the first year until the you know he got our attention and made him our focus right right that's a faithful father right he brought us to our needs and from that point to here we see man that was a morbid time back there but our focus was on him and each and every step until we were sitting before you and those those last losses they they were they just kept getting greater in intensity but we were walking with the father then my focus was him yes and it was it was it was hard but it was different it was way to peace there was a peace even in the midst of those trials this and the father was with Joseph and he was training him he was training us he is training us all of us in the same with you wherever you're at whatever trial you're going through hears the word did in his word find out what he wants from you and do it right just do it right not because his salvation come on guys no but because you love him yeah and make him the focus that's a relationship right loving one another he loves you more than you could possibly know he stepped off a throne to come as a man and died for us right when you show him love as a child a father will reach down and reach out like you did for Peter and raise you up when you put your focus on him watch the transformation of life begin to get easier as your focus is on him and your your piece you'll be able to walk to a storm and people go what is with you right how can you keep your composure right let me tell you let me tell you about my god yes there is this guy I know is new sure coming to Christ Jesus and let me tell you about him yes absolutely and the waters smooth out until the next storm comes yes because he knows you're ready for it and that experience will make you a better as far as a better give you a better testimony to reach somebody that he wants you to reach yes then you don't even know that you never think about that you see 10 years from where you been and you see a person going something similar than you have whether it's drug addiction suicide attempt demonic depression oppression whatever it is you went through that and now you're 10 years into the father where your focus is totally on him and you can speak a word to that person that the father once spoken to because you were in training because you weren't training and you listen to him and you can speak peacefully to them and they go he loves me that much right yes he does this is where I was this is where I'm at today and this is where you can be too just like Joseph when he was in that pit could not have conceived that he would be ruler over Egypt and just like the pit that we were in when we were in that pit we could not have conceived the piece our life is not perfect about the peace that we have the unity that we have now that we did not have in her marriage previously no eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has conceived what the father has for those who love him he wants you to focus on him yes and it will pull you out of the pit that you're in yes and make you second because only he's first that's right he's first cuz when Yeshua comes back he's gonna have priest that's when it's gonna be perfect yes yes mm yep so when Joseph was after this when he was so two sons were born to him before the year of the famine came and he married the daughter of Potiphar priest of on the Joseph called the firstborn Manasseh but he said God has made me forget all my toil and all my father's house let that sink in there will come a time when we will forget all of our toil and the name of the second was ephraim for god has made me fruitful in the land Ephraim that's right fruitful in the land of my affliction I love that so the seven years of plenty that were in the land of Egypt came to an end in the seven years of famine King just as Joseph had said and there was famine in all the lands not just the land of Egypt all the lands it was a it was a a worldwide famine at least in that part of the world but in the land of Egypt there was bread so when all the land of Egypt was famished the people cried to Pharaoh for bread and Pharaoh said Oh to Joseph do what he tells you to do and it's interesting that the first miracle that Yeshua did was at Canaan the wedding and his mother Mary yeah his mother Mary says go to go to Yeshua do what he tells you to do now Jacob saw that there was grain in Egypt he said Godin told his sons go down and buy for us so Joseph ten brothers went down to buy grain from Egypt but Jacob would not send Benjamin unless something happened to him and he lose both of his sons from his beloved Rachel and Joseph's brother came down and they bowed themselves down to him right in front of Joseph with their faces to the earth Joseph recognized his brothers but they didn't recognize him normally the dream and the code here comes to fruition that's right Joseph remembered his dreams father weaving a pal right and so there's some lessons that we can learn from Joseph how is he going to deal with his brothers how is he gonna deal with him cuz he hasn't seen them in years so he has to test them you are spies you have come to see the nakedness of the land he tells his brothers and they said to him no my lord but your servants have come to buy food we are all one man's sons we are honest men your servants are not spies and he says no but you have come to see the nakedness of the land and they said we are your servants are 12 we your servants are 12 brothers the sons of one man so there too given testimony up there trying to tell him tell them kill them through who they are because he they don't know he's Joseph the sons of one man in the land of Canaan and behold the youngest is today with our Father and one is no more so that's why there's 10 of us there were thirdly there is 12 and Joseph said to them it is like I told you you are spies so three times he accuses them and this you shall be tested by the life of Pharaoh you shall not go out here unless your youngest brother comes here you have to prove to me send one of you and let him get your brother and you shall be found that your words may be tested whether there is truth in you he put them all together in custody for three days which is interesting because you show it came on the fourth day mm-hm and then it day if the day is like a thousand years they're all put together for three days go ahead these are the tribes that's right which were grafted into exactly guys so Joseph said to them that on the third day do this and live for I fear Elohim if you are honest men if you are honest men then let one of your brothers be bound in prison but you go carry grain for the famine for your houses bring your youngest brother to me so I will know and your words will be verified and you won't die so they did and they said to one another we are certainly guilty now listen the conviction is coming mmm-hmm and here's the confession we are we are certainly guilty coz our brother in that we saw the distress of his soul when he begged us and we would not listen therefore this distress has come upon us and Reuben answered them saying didn't I tell you I told you so don't sin against the child and you wouldn't listen therefore behold his blood is required but you know Reuben didn't say anything either when they went back to their father with the bloody coat no but I told you so that's how many singing now family dynamic would be able to do exactly they didn't know that Joseph understood them he turned away from them and he wept and then cool yes no listen so he understands every single word these guys are saying yeah they think he does it right right he's using an interpreter right how would you like to be in that position right right so you're you're sitting there and they're speaking a different language and they think you don't understand what you do right and this shows Joseph's heart mm-hmm like he better heart you could have had a bitter heart and not care I mean they didn't listen to his cries he had every right to go you know what you didn't listen to my cries you're right you didn't and I'm not gonna listen to yours and he had the power to destroy them because of 15 years of being in training right being head of Potiphar's house being head over the jail and now saying wait a second over Egypt he had all that training and now he's responding exactly how you should go wants him to respond right to his brothers to bring them back into the fold and keep them safe that's right he wept he was moved with compassion at their change but it took all that training to get him yes exactly he would not have he would not have had that response because you remember back at the first dream I mean he couldn't wait to tell his brothers about his dream look you guys bully me guess what you gonna be bowing down to me that's right you didn't say nothing about God no you didn't say any but now through all that training now he's responding exactly how Messiah wants him to respond to his brothers yes with love and compassion and swelling up he's content because he's content yes men training he doesn't have vengeance in his heart which a lot of us have right off the bat I just want to ground him into romance right but the training begins and I sigh goes not yet learn this first right let me take you through this trial in this tribulation and then when you get to the point where you're in front of your cruiser or whoever it is you're upset or whatever situation you handle it as Messiah would so let me ask the question we've all been wronged so when you've been wronged and you hear about the person that's wrong to you and something bad has happened to them how do you respond how do we respond you know an interesting topic came up last night at work oh yeah doc was talking about this or that and training there was some doctor I don't know if it was Ohio or New York where he was giving Jewish people the wrong meds and that's how the topic started and we got onto the topic with because I grew up in this town you know the question came up how could you handle treating or taking care of somebody that had bullied you while you were in high school and and you know if you were to ask me that 18 years ago when I started this and he used a 16 bore gauge needle how do you used probably a 22 French Foley catheter I mean it would have been pure I'm gonna get him back discomfort cause discomfort but I know absolutely for a fact I'm gonna be before my Messiah yeah that's the last day yes he's going to judge me yes based on how I treated others for every word and every deed that's sobering yes there are books being written right now that's so great yes I don't think they knew how to take that answer but I'm like you know what that happened decades ago and look where he's brought me mill yes you know I can't do it yeah besides if they're in front of me in the ER something bad happened to ya and they need compassion is that love your enemy and the father does everything in perfect timing right and if I do not show the Messiah I'm gonna answer for it yes and I'm gonna answer for it in a way I don't want to exactly so exactly he trains us yes he does you know those trials and tribulations that happen back in grade in high school we're training yeah to this moment in time absolutely but yeah that was a that was an interesting conversation yes it is interesting okay raising witness opportunity so they loaded their donkeys so Joseph gives them grain the donkeys got a load yep and they're carrying that low there's a horse that travels around our town it's a tourist hell no more thing carry Old Town and holds this sack behind the horse's tail and it's just loaded for bear you gotta know where I'm sorry folks the donkeys loaded I don't see the curveball it's gonna be true mom why didn't I think of that because you can see the steamroller so they loaded their donkeys nevermind I just saw a loaded donkey sack anyway okay and so Joseph test them even further he hears her confession but he wants to test them even further so they cute has their donkeys loaded with grain and he puts the money back in the money sex and so when they stop along the way they see that and they're terrified and so when they came to their father they told him everything that happened there Jacob their father said you have bereaved me of much children josephus no more silliness no more because he's the one that Joseph kept back and you want to take Benjamin away all these things are against me and Reuben spoke to his father saying this is just wild kill my two sons if I don't bring him back to you that's pretty heavy that is crazy entrust him to my care and I will bring him to you again and he said my son shall not go down with you for his brother is dead and he is only he only is left it's interesting he's saying that to his ten sons if harm happens to him along the way in which you go then you will bring my down my gray hairs and sorrow to shield when they had eaten up all the grain which they had brought out of Egypt their father said to them go get us some more grain and they said we this man solemnly warned us we can't go back to get him we can't stand before his face unless our brother Benjamin goes with us and so Judah says to Israel Judah the one who wanted to profit from Joseph's demise now we're on this side of him repenting his sin with our bat was put in there for this because now he has a changed heart just like Yahweh changes our heart when we repent as Patricia said that is why that low story was thrown right in the middle of Joseph's story for this absolutely so Joseph said to his father send the boy with me I'll be collateral for him I and if I don't bring him to you to set him before you then let me bear the blame forever Wow and their father Israel said to them if I'm if it must be so then do this take from the choice fruits of the land in your banks and carry down a present for them and a little bomb a little honey spice of Smyrna nuts and almonds and take double the money in your hand take back the money that was returned in the mouth of your sacks along with more money to purchase grain perhaps it was an oversight take your brother also get up and return to the men and may God Almighty give you mercy before the man that he may release you release to your other brother and Benjamin and so when Joseph – skipping down when Joseph came home they brought him the present which was in their hand and bowed themselves down to him again that second time and he asked them of their welfare and as your father well the old man to whom you spoke is he alive and they said your servant our Father as well he is alive and they bowed down humbly to him and he lifted up his eyes and saw Benjamin his brother his mother's son and he said is this your youngest brother of whom you spoke to me and he said God be gracious to you my son and Joseph hurried for his heart yearned over his brother and he sought a place to weep and he entered into his room and he wept there so much so that he had to wash his face and come out again and when he was had controlled himself and he served a meal and so chapter 44 and this is just the last segment of this Torah portion he commanded the steward of the house saying fill them in sacks with food as much as they can carry and put each man's money in his in this sack of hyssop and the mouth of the sack and put my cup the silver cup in the sacks mouth of the youngest with the grain with the grain money and so he this is a third test that he's going to test them with and so that they went on their way and he sends his men after them and they overtook them and the cup was found in Benjamin sack and they tore their clothes each of the brothers tore their clothes and that each man loaded his donkey and returned to the city and they had they were confronted with it to Joseph they had to stand before Joseph again and Joseph said to them what deed is this that you have done do don't you know that such a man as I can indeed divine and Judas said what will we tell my lord we speak it's interesting that Judah is the one to speak up or how will we clear ourselves God has found out the iniquity of your servants he's confessing this to his brother behold we are my lord slaves both we and he also in whose hand the cup is found and he said far be it for me that I should do so the man who's in whose hand the cup was found he will be my slave but as for you go up in peace to your father and so we're left with a cliffhanger so stay tuned next week and we'll finish this episode of the story we'll see how this story turns out so what do you think I'm old I always like this part of the Torah portion when it gets into Joseph there's so much in it for each of us yeah there's so much that we can learn you can see the ups and downs of situations leaking bad dark and grim but the father always weaving Joseph through it all a lot we can take away from you know you can be going through trials and tribulations in your life the storm is heavy and your heart is heavy and the burden is heavy yeah it's all the father trying to get your attention to revert your focus to him yep absolutely trust him that is what he wants yes that should be our focus what is your focus is such a perception family beating you down friends beating you down work beat you down life in general hunger whatever it is turn to the five turn to him he will be with you he will show kindness to you like he did Joseph he will be merciful he will transform you in the midst of trials and when you find yourself in abundance because we we will all experience that we will experience times the plenty in times of want praise Him focus on him give him the glory absolutely just like Joe so there's so much to learn in to glean from that so and so just every binder just kind of a life application Philippians 4:11 2:13 I have learned in whatever state I came to be content in it I know how to be humbled and I know how it is to abound in everything and in all things I have learned the secret both to be filled and to be hungry both to abound and to be in need and what is the secret I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me so Messiah is where we can our strength and where did he get his strength for the joy set before him he endured the cross thank his Matthew 6:33 says but seek first the kingdom of Elohim and his right to His righteousness and all these things will be added to you seek him ask seek knock when you seek him with your whole heart you will find him in it he promises that there's I can't anything else to it absolutely there's no other truth except Messiah yeah when your focus is on him and doing it his way all these things begin to smooth out and work out and you see him in every situation and your focus is on him while the storm is trying to beat you down crumble your heart he hold you up through it all and people noticed that yes they notice your testimony not by what you say or how you teach or how you preach how you present the scriptures but it's how your actions that are walking this out there's your testimony yes where you were where you're at now and where you're going and how you conduct yourself especially in following the Messiah yeah and we have to keep the our eye on the prize yes this life can be hard and it can seem long arduous but we have to keep our eye on the prize we have to keep their usual product he is and we have a promise that we will rule and reign with him in eternity we will be with him and so we have to keep our eye on that our focus must be him that's how especially in these last days yes you know we were talking about the Isaiah Conference coming up yes with Philip and Gina Woodson and that's coming up in February and then you got one coming up in December with Vicki mm-hmm and that crew I heard ones going on in Michigan now I'm not saying you need to go to these conferences plug in to folks who are walking this out and struggling and tumbling and working things out what it sounded like dr. Seuss but he leads you to people who are who are doing the same as you to putting their focus on the father yep to encourage to lift up to to cry on each other's shoulders to walk this thing out we are a remnant yes we are a small crew of people out of seven billion people were small crew yes but he promises a remnant he promises it trust him yes and the remnant are those who walk out his ways and trust him through and buying a shoe a messiah all right you're ready to pray yes yes all right we're gonna mute our camera and we're just gonna pray for the assembly all right let's do it all right Yahweh Elohim you are master you are creator you alone deserve all honor glory praise and father we thank you we thank you for your blessings and we thank you for our trials we thank you for your word that encourages us that teaches us father we thank you for the training that you have us in we ask father that you would give us rest and duration especially on your Sabbath we ask that you would give us hope and healing we ask father that you would help us to endure and to persevere father we lift those up who are alone and are lonely that you would surround them and fill them and if it's your will bring bring people to them to minister to them to comfort them father we lift up those who are hurting and that are sick and that are injured how do we ask for your healing touch to touch their bodies for those Father who are suffering with depression or anxiety for anyone who's being oppressed father we ask for deliverance that you would give them deliverance that you would help them to renew their minds in your word father we lift up those who are having relationship problems those married couples who are an equally yoked father we pray that you would bring them into unity through and by issuing Messiah and father give each spouse what they need give them patience and love love love and kindness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control father father we lift up to all the children up to you every single family the children we pray that you would equip them and that you would protect them you would call out our children to be warriors for you to be servants for you and father we lift up this ministry to you we lift up now you see TV and all the affiliated ministries father we lift up the leaders in this remnant all over the world that you would give wisdom and humility and protection and provision that you would give wisdom that you would guard their to speak only your word father we lift up every single member wherever we all are that you would meet us where we're at but you would help us to make you happy to love what you love and hate what you hate to be good and kind and loving and to stand firm in your truth father we love you we thank you we praise your holy name in the name of the Hollings your shul Messiah anything you want in amen and amen so the only thing I want to talk about now before we go off at now you see TV is the importance of you where you're at is getting into His Word and reading it on Shabbat whether it's the Torah portion or whatever part of scripture that you're studying in seek Him through his word not through your opinions not by your understanding of what you heard in your pulpits by his word read it in context go to Strong's and find out the root words find out the meanings dig deep into his word allow him to fill you up instead of the world filling you up make his word priority in your life this Shabbat make him priority make it priority to sit your family down and read a scripture or if you're on your own make a priority to go before him on your knees and say father I need a hug today I need you today I don't need this ministry or that teacher or I need you you alone are sufficient make him number one yes I encourage you to yes turn off now you see TV go to your knees yes turn off whatever ministry or whatever teacher you love first whatever you've got maybe his word if your priority and test all of us against his word right I encourage you to do that he be a light be that vessel of light that he shines through for somebody else because whatever trials and tribulations you're going through right now we'll be able to reach somebody later he's molding you as clay right now to get you through this keep it the focus on him so that you can teach somebody else to do the same and that you can spread his gospel and his gospel is doing it his way that's the gospel right is doing it his way and the only way you're gonna know how to do it is if you've read his word an example that for others to see that is our passion yeah that's what got us absolutely absolutely we were none we just praise his name and then I met John pounder yup yes what you see is what you get that's right and he loves the father something lately and he loves to read the scriptures in research and he loves to test everything yeah and so do we yep we want you to do the same yeah test everything in here against the word of our fathers you know he is truth yes his word is truth somebody tells you ah laws have been done already don't worry well test that theory is really higher scriptures whatever anybody tells you whatever we hear test it be a Berean test everything against scripture because it is truth and Yeshua is the way the truth and the life and there's no other name under heaven by which we must be saved no other name yeah making him make it priority this Shabbat make him priority this your pot and watch your life just you increments as he takes you through it and prey yeah sure show your families if you're married what wives pray for your husband's if you have children pray for your children every day all day pray brothers and sisters let us pray for each other let's each other up yes don't break each other down lift each other absolutely sir any questions you know I apologize I was so into this Torah portion I did not go through the chat room and I apologize I usually do that so I am so so sorry you can go to the remnant restoration Facebook page and post any questions there and I will collect those for next week so apologize is there any questions I did not I did not go through so I haven't no Christine is sending some stuff over sorry Christine it's loading it's loading she usually sends over the prayers so we got a strong going through so we do yes we do so I'm sorry for not getting sorry Christine I'm not getting your message so as a spinning thing he's going spinning its spinning right well that's a technological determinist Roman would say that's a technology turn so I apologize if honestly so seriously if there's any questions that you all have go over to remnant restoration and NYS TV production Facebook page and just post any questions there or you can go to our Facebook page John and Patricia hall and send us any questions there and we will go I gotta see that how is that one just give me a second that one okay oh wait it's just some of that big play oh we all got my pinky hey did you get oh goodness oh okay so I was looking through the YouTube yes no we don't earn our salvation through obedience now you sure paid the price on the on the on mistake on the cross and I it's free and you accept it but then what what do you do then once you've accepted once you've accepted Jesus into your heart which come on guys that where's that in Scripture once you accept Messiah into your life once we make them what then what exactly how do you show Messiah a loving by doing what he did what did he do he did exactly what the father wanted me to and that's what he taught the entire time he was here so we don't earn our salvation guys it's a free free gift however there's that part where I love you dad what do you want me to do exactly he tells us exactly what he wants us to do if you love me keep my Commandments so you're not burdensome and there's folks that are shade okay they're life-giving they bring blessing oh I'm gonna do that on the other channel but do anyways just obey the Father and just because you're loving in this Shabbat give him a chance so down with your family read the scriptures together by yourself read the scriptures pray make him first and watch the peace just overwhelm your heart we can't express that enough and we hope that you take that challenge yes so that's all I've got alright until next week emulate the Messiah so others can see him in you please it's all about that's our job here that's why each and every one of us were born to glorify the Father yeah and when you realize it there's nothing else you want to do that thing better your name Tony wanted your he consumes you with it and the more he consumes you with it the more joy Claymore chili you want to be exactly into the world it makes no sense shut off the Facebook no I'm not saying you do that right shut out the Facebook shut off our the main area in the world and and we're gonna do this anyways right but we just want to encourage you to do it absolutely reach people absolutely anything else until next week we just bid you all a shabbat shalom our pic workshop I drove I'm just joking come on loosen up it should by night everyone night

9 thoughts on “Remnant Restoration: How to find Contentment

  • I understand where u are coming from John ! I am an RN partially disabled but still working in community home health and American forensic nursing. I pray for my patients and deal with so much sadness, abuse and mental illness , so I understand. I pray for you for Yeshua to give you strength and comfort in your daily trials in the ER

  • Praise report ! My daughter Breanna made it through the femoral Cath aortic valve replacement .prayer still needed for extensive dermatitis and burn from tegaderm covering her whole left forearm

  • Thank you, I'm just in tears, I have been in this pit for 4 years, Yeshua came to me supernaturally in June of 2017 and told me to get up and walk with him, I have been battling Neuroborreliosis, He came when I felt it was going to kill me. Oh if I could share my testimony. I just don't deserve Him, but man What he does for us! He is refining me, it's not over but my faith is strong, he gives me strength, Praise Yah, he knows what we need, he knows what he has to bring us through to give him the glory. He showed me Torch that day in my backyard while I was crying out to him to take me, Oh how wonderful he is! I am still being tried and tested, and corrected, and battling this disease, Yet I am confident he will bring me and lead me on. Thank you Yeshua! I am soon grateful for this teaching. YAH bless you today, Have a peaceful Sabbath in this training! I love yall with the love of our Messiah! Shabbat Shalom!

  • So are we allowed to cook? I understand not to kindle a fire but I thought he meant work related fire. If no fire, why do the Jew's light 2 candles?

  • Shabbat Shalom 💜🕊🕎 wonderful Torah Portions 💜🕊🕎 Have Blessed Rest in YAHUAH YAHUSHA Amein Love you John and Patricia 💜🕊🕎🦁👑

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