Rent vs. Buy – Part One

Hey guys this is jennifer with realty and before this video starts I wanted to let you know this is our rent vs buy series and we’re gonna break it down into maybe four or five minutes segments to kind’ve break down why buying a House is gonna help you in the long term If your wondering What should I do should I renew that lease should I buy a house where people are telling me that it’s a waste of money but this rent keeps going up answer some of those questions so stay tuned and look for the other segments and if you miss anything out you miss anything on it just go to our website or youtube page At and you’ll get all the information there hey guys it’s jennifer with De Vivo Realty and today I’m talking to you renters yes you you and you way too many renters out there you know cnn money has just reported that Americans are spending over half their paycheck on rent and in major cities like Miami, San Francisco and now even Orlando Rents are rising every year like no end in sight every year you’re seeing rents going up 10 50 a hundred dollars and people just having a fork it out cuz they have no where else to go but the good news is that when you buy a House you are often paying the same less maybe a little bit more than you would to rent a two bedroom apartment example say you buy a home for 150,000 dollars you could buy nice starter home for 150 you can get a townhome even a condo if you want to the rent on that is gonna be 12 hundred 13 14 hundred dollars in the Orlando area especially home or townhome but if you’re buying it and it’s yours your mortgage payment is to be like $950 give or take a couple dollars hello that is a great deal look people you don’t need a lord of the land a landlord over you managing and micromanaging your life every detail of how you gonna live for the rest of your life that’s why our forefathers escaped that came over here to have the American Dream Their own home, their own freedom being able to pursue happiness in the way they saw fit and so I want to extend the same invitation to you that is wonderful things at home ownership has to offer freedom to live the way you want to and don’t be fooled long term renting is the way to disenfranchise the working class home ownership is one of the key ways to establishing and building long term financial success putting money back into your pocket reinvesting it into yourself rather than the landlord or Wall Street So not only is your dollar getting you more House when you add in the perks of homestead exemption which are gonna talk about interest deduction and then building equity over time hedging your money your investment money against inflation and not letting you going to somebody else’s pocket as well as freedom freedom to do what you want to paint the colors of your walls you want not have to worry about inspections and what you can do with your dog or not do with your dog you get to live the way you want to live And it’s free and that is the truth and if those terms like homestead exemption an interest rate deduction are kind of scary you don’t worry about that now both with another video all you need to know is that those things are saving big bucks over time putting money back into your pocket so we have a lot of your great yes jennifer I agree with you I want to protect my wealth I wanna have my freedom I want long term financial success wanna live the way that I wanna live but I don’t have any money right now what can I do? Well tax returns saving good old fashion way and for some of you we also have down payment assistance programs that can help you with your down payment and help you with Your closing cost we have other videos on that so go to our youtube channel and look forward down payment assistance & free money to buy a House and get more details and you can also give me a call and I will be happy to send you some information she started there is no reason why you cannot own a home what I tell people is if you come to me we sit down we have a s consultation, put a plan together sometimes it’s three months six months a year I work with people 2 years my advice is free I wanna help I wanna see you in a home I wanna see you happy and I wanna see you at our family album saying jennifer by a call down I’m living the way that I want to live

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