Rep. Ryan Zinke | 2016 Republican National Convention

[ cheering and applause ]>>Good evening Cleveland, and
thank you for hosting. What a night.
And Montana.
You know, I’m honored to be sharing the stage with the
Senator and Jason, and all these distinguished veterans.
What a circle of honor. I proudly represent the state of
Montana and the first seal in the house of representatives.
[ applause ]>>Before I was elected to
Congress, I spent 23 years as a Navy Seal.
I was a commander with Seal Team Six.
[ cheering and applause ]>>But what I’m most proud of is
when I was growing up, my daughter was growing up, I told
her two things. Join the Navy, and don’t marry a
Navy Seal. She ignored me and did both.
So incredibly proud. I love you, Jennifer.
[ cheering and applause ]>>That’s just to say, I’m
personally acquainted with many of those individuals
experiencing issues. Let me tell you.
They stay there forever. [ applause ]
>>Ever hear of Chris Kyle, Rob, Mark, and Todd?
I’ve had the priv privilege of working with these fine
teammates and Americans, and I’ve — many more whose names
we’ll never know. There are three factors in
success. The first is teamwork.
You need to know without a doubt the guy behind you literally has
your become. Secondly, is training.
We owe it to every troop in harm’s way to make sure they
have the right equipment, training, and rules of
engagement to win decisively in the field of battle.
They deserve no less. [ applause ]
>>And lastly, every soldier and
marine knows never quit. Without teamwork, never
quitting, successful missions, like the one that killed Osama
bin Laden, aren’t possible. And when we don’t do things
right in dangerous situations, bad things happen.
January, Army Green Beret
Matthew lost his life when his unit came under fire.
They requested air support. But they received nothing.
This tragedy represents a weakness we’ve come to expect
from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Senator Ernst ably described the leadership failures.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both responsible for these
failures. [ applause ]
>>For them, being popular is more important than being the
commander in chief. President Obama and Hillary
Clinton abandoned Iraq. President Obama and Hillary
Clinton drew a red line in Syria and then refused to uphold it.
President Obama and Hillary Clinton watched passively as
China and Russia filled the international leadership vacuum
that they created.
They signed a dangerous nuclear arms agreement with Iran, a
country whose people and leaders tweet death to America.
And Hillary Clinton remained largely silent.
Our world knows this president is weak, and his anointed
successor, the architect of Benghazi, is no better.
Together, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton brought us
Benghazi. I chord — shudder to think how
many times our flag will fly at half-mast with Hillary Clinton
in the Oval Office. You know, I’ve been to too many
funerals. Casualties, unfortunately, are
inevitable. But the life of Sergeant the
sergeant could’ve been saved.
Donald J. Trump is ready to talk about radical Islamic
militarism. If we go to war, we’re going to
go to war to win. The commander in chief should
support our troops rather than abandon them in Benghazi.
We need a commander in chief that will put our veterans in
front of the line rather than letting them — waiting for
healthcare. [ cheering and applause ]
>>And we need a commander in chief that will stand with
Israel rather than fund pockets that attack Israel. [ cheering and applause ]
>>It is time to rally around Donald Trump.
To make America safe again. Is thankThank you.
God bless America. Goodnight, and God bless all our
troops, men and women.

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