Repill: How to survive in a Gynocentric society

a little mix-up brothers need to friend this is me Huebel he-man 607 just got up ran here on the couch rule had to turn in central Illinois was getting kind of hot in there the bail is over the patient has died and we men have lost control someone had a quote that the war on feminism was open for men even knew it was a war the war on feminism was over for men even knew there was a way in that's true right right now men are essentially we're in survival mode and this can easily be turned around men can easily turn this around overnight the problem is is that we've got too many blue pill cuts too many blue pill stumps too many men are gonna continue to pander to many doctor field types who's gonna pull out shows that scrutinize and criticize men and point out their sins but will not point out the sins and failures of the woman it's only there's only demand who get called like I say all agency and accountability will forever be placed upon the shoulders of men just like it has for thousand years the only problem is this women want the same power as men without the accountability like I say they get knocked up they get prizes and gifts from the government the men who knock them up go to jail there are exceptions but like it's excellency time like it said the exception proves the rule women can cheat they have a justifiable reason for it they can cheat their assholes see all these double standards see women can't compete on men on their best day and the men on their worst women can't compete so all these ridiculous double standards have been created at the expense of men to raise women up to the level of men it's the only way they can compete is to create double standards rape culture which doesn't exist the wage gap which doesn't exist all these are the command stream talking points like they're a reality but they're not a part of observable reality but there is one problem within the matrix and that is the single man you see mainstream society can't have single mineral around single men running around can be like a virus within the program and disrupt the system that's why they push marriage marriage you tether yourself to the matrix via the woman the woman is used and it's like a host it's like a living embodiment and symbol of the matrix itself because the men who founded this feminist movement and believe was men who were behind it they realize women don't give a about freely they don't care who runs anything long as they get their entitlements their perks their comforts their security they don't give a most they have someone to minigun and they know if they can ensnare men to that marish trap then they're basically that man has compromised his freedom so they must keep men pair-bonded and we must keep us marrying women particularly Western women and this is the reason why they have to spread feminism because the way out could be the for in the wall to keep in mind female nature's universal they're just a lesson to to Neils she wants your resources to it's just just fat but many Eastern women especially the far Asian women and their more traditional and that's another flying ointment for the matrix a single man Western men have an escape many have escaped to the Philippines Thailand so there are very ways to circumvent the matrix um but the whole marriage standard is now in danger and they have to convince men to marry again believe you mean there's gonna be a push for it if you look at our own social media if you look at all music if you look at television if you look at movies they all shows men simply the stem culture is prevalent throughout all aspects of the communication and mass media we have to keep those pair-bonding they have to keep us married they're failing to do so so you're gonna see a wrap up in the promotion of marriage traditional conservatives like Tucker cows on Tucker Carlson can say something brilliant one minute and it's stupid the next I'll give him credit for defending young boys and men and what they're going through but at the same time he's the one say you're not a real man deliciously responsibility you see that's the first thing that they do and women do it to the traditional conservatives and women they do the same thing they attack your manhood and that's why I always say you see any woman come on prompts and starts and a real man will it diminish you hear that come out of her mouth so all you young men especially especially young black men you hear any woman say that out of her mouth check please but women have been convincing it's our job to serve them while at the same time they're equal you know what's yours is yours or hers of yours that's the mentality that you're dealing with I even saw on Twitter one time a woman sent a real man will pay a woman's rent even if his name wasn't on the lease and didn't have the keys to the apartment that was on Twitter this is how they think and we men have nothing but ourselves to blame for it we created these self-entitled narcistic creatures with all this pandering and that was admit when I was in my twenties as a young man I did it until I woke up a certain situation in my life said why am I doing this good boy it's just a because all this work just some some pleasure in bed is that why we're doing this and I had to question my own motivation why I go through all of this crap with these women and why other men go through all this with these women and then I had an awakening but yes um we're in survival mode we make our brothers and it's not about trying to change society because it's not gonna change that way it's about men just walking away from the tables and pursuing our happiness on our terms and not the terms of others that means don't let boat don't have you your life on the terms of women or mainstream society because it would always mean you serving them the Western society won't want men to die and serve them in the military the fire department the police force but acts rarely nothing of women and women don't meant to serve them by providing them children security and marriage everybody wants something from us toxic males think that funny we're not but everybody wants a piece of us everybody wants to control see this is what this is a big secret what they don't want us to really know and this is the reason why women hate Midtown you see we know a little secret yeah you young men listen to this old man closely and 52 years old you see young men where the prize they need you but they must psychologically beat you down and make you feel worthless but you will develop Stockholm Syndrome I be dependent upon them but you won't feel your that's the best way to control the price is to beat him down make them feel worthless but they'll be eager to serve you to prove they're worthy they're using reverse psychology on men and the men who fall for the blue pill cooks on stamps they eat it up that's why you see men big and when all of these love songs that do nothing but pander pander to the female ego wanna prove you're worthy of that golden bean and how women use sex to buy any man manipulated by sex you deserve to be a slave it is what it is my brothers but you young men are supposed to concern yourself we're traveling and living your life on your terms and this way only sell you do this single in a different women every data that's not what me it sounds about pursue your happiness in various ways to charity through your community and you purple cool guys who want to sneak out there far in the wall that's fine but you better keep her in the Philippines you bring her here and she sees the – she can pull ya z-man 67 and that's my rant for today and remember my make table brothers be the best version of yourself by yourself and not for female validation I'm out

49 thoughts on “Repill: How to survive in a Gynocentric society

  • I was taking a lady out here in Vegas. The deal was this…. I pay for the movies… Pay for her food and drinks. In return… I asked for a $4 beer. She then went on a texting rage….!!!! Can somebody tell me how selfish this whore was?

    I mean damn… She also wanted me to pay her babysitter $60 too. I'm like damn that's 200 on the night. Yet you couldn't buy me a beer in return. It's sad…. Stop taking care of these ladies man. Take care of self….

  • Thumbs down from 3 BITCHES that think all MEN owe them something for nothing in return. MEN get your PASSPORT and take vacations in SOUTHEAST ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA. Do not get married and do not impregnate any woman.

  • MEN accomplish great things when they put their time and resources into themselves. NO KIDS NO WIFE HAPPY LIFE and a BANK ACCOUNT

  • nowhere is this worse than in latin culture,there's so many romantic songs about simping and worshipping women.

  • Society needs to feed on blue-pilled simp blood. Look at the banning of MGTOW/redpill content. Can't have men waking up from this clown world that mocks and despises them.

  • My new project making personal at arcade and bar fuck going out make your own bar or some shit that's my new life project fuck going out impressing people and getting dwi just make your personal favorite bar at arcade problem Solved😎😎😎😎😎🤑

  • Dogg the red pills are more real then I thought I went to a bar last night and I haven't been to a bar in years but mgtow is working because when people would talk the blue pill mindset was alive and well with shaming tactics I noticed the men in their 20s were taking advice from old skool lame simps teaching these youngsters the art of simpin I literally almost vomited and removed myself from the bar drove back home and never again am I going to a bar or anything but the red pills are working my mind is forever altered once you go red pill there's no going back you won't relate to many people anymore but I feel like mgtow has pushed me 20 plus years ahead of the game corny ass 50 year olds telling 20 year olds wack shit and these 20 year olds eat it up I'm just glad I'm past the red pill rage and I'm practicing the mgtow philosophy Sub-Zero winz bad ass video bro ice

  • Gimme gimme gimme mine mine mine me me me this is all I hear when women speak and I say NO and gone ghost because they have ruined to many mens lives you wanted equality you got it now your not happy to bad now leave them to rot

  • The best way to survive in a gynocentric society is to have nothing to do with it other than what needs to be done for basic survival.

  • Females do not care about masculinity, they want male Breeding stock! Most men they do not care about, but if you are a good looking man, she will bred with you, even hen she knows you ain't shit! Only the best looking male s are used as breeding stock! And they convinced these fake thugs at they are getting a better deal, because they get to fuck them for free, when in fact females will one day, make laws to put your sorry ass in prison if you do not obey them, that is what many broads do with the guys they take in from prison, she Is his boss! With one word, she can have him locked back up!

  • thats why im still single, im afraid if I get a gf ill be traped. I see couples and the husbands look miserable, slaving away for their wives, selling their favorite car excuse, I like my freedom , money and time. never chase women its a waste of time go after your goals, hobbies and dreams.

  • i believe the western world is not for heterosexual males anymore because we being hated as straight men with the metoo issues and women becoming masculine over there

  • Hey Eman, there always seems to be the sound of a fishtank bubbler in the background of your audio, do you have a fish tank?

  • Yes, thailand and the philippines.
    The go to countries for western men (not necessarily mgtow)
    What puzzles me is why not in cambodia, vietnam, laos, malaysia or indonesia?
    Those countries are just as good, malaysia has its own petroleum and is vastly modern than the philippines or thailand combined.
    It has spectacular sights too. But western men always prefer thailand and the philippines.

  • I look at pof profiles and its getting worse. You got the most unattractive women talking like theyre all that. I know its because there are so many guys going for them playing the numbers game. They just message every ho on there trying to catch whatever they can get.

  • It never fails. It is always a woman that made poor choices in men trying to define what a real man is. Ironically, they hate hearing a man explain what a real woman is – I wonder why, LOL.

  • Great stuff bro! We have to look out for our own best interests. We can't depend on anyone else to do that for us!

  • I started a warehouse job Tuesday and the first thing out this coworker bitch mouth was do you have a girlfriend. I started laughing and didn't answer. Ever since, this bitch been trying to hook me up with someone. I just started the job and it's like they saw me as fresh meat. But little do they know. Good thing I know how these women really are because now I just laugh because they are not to be taken seriously.

  • Maybe society will have to change because more and more men are refusing to participate. If you ask yourself who built the roads we drive on, who built the houses we live in, who built the city skylines, who keeps the water and sewer going, who keeps the power on, who dug the coal and drilled the oil to make any of this possible, you realize life as we know it is impossible without men. Few women have the strength to do what men do and even fewer are willing to. Even small numbers of men refusing to participate hits society like a person's heart refusing to beat.

  • ghost in plain sight is a beautiful beautiful thing for monks. as long as women think you're a loser, you're golden.

  • Yeah, some days I get up and a feeling of disgust comes over me when I think about the level of gynocentrism in our society. At the same time, I'm glad that channels like yours and other Mgtow channels exist, because it's better to know the truth however scary it is. I understand now why in gynocentric hell holes like Soviet Russia alcoholism became so epidemic among the men

  • I just like listening to you talk about these stuff. A lot of wisdom here and i hope young men out there yield your advise.

  • Speaking of them having no accountability yo boy made more videos blaming BM again. Except he told bw fasting will take away the affects of having a high body count. In other words if they fast fellas it's ok to play captain save a hoe. 😂😂😂

  • Best way is not to play, participate or thinking you may defeated somehow. Ghost is the best way, work around it, take what you need and ghost again and again….. Monk level 4 gents.

  • A real woman would never ask the world of men and give nothing in return but you'll never hear anybody say that shit so I guess I will.


  • I'm in my 20s and walked away 3 years ago. I was emotionally drained from my past 2 long term relationships. Now I just "pay for play" when I feel like being with a woman. I will not date, marry,cohabitate, or have kids with a woman.

  • A hard hitting video. Well done sir. The double standards was created and supported by men. All for a short term piece of ass. I agree with you, we as MGTOW men are in survival mode. Hurt / serve no one. Walking away.

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