Republicans Pass "Freedom Gas"

it's not natural gas it is not called natural gas anymore it is now called freedom gas that is a ferrant Li according to a release from the Department of Energy and in the wake of an event in Canada where they were touted the new export levels that are available through their new initiative increasing export capacity says Marc Menezes the Undersecretary of energy from the Freeport liquid natural gas project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving America's allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy furthermore exports of us liquid natural gas to the world means more US jobs and more domestic economic growth and cleaner air here at home and around the globe so release more freedom gas it's look yeah we're all gonna say it's Orwellian that's super obvious but it's they've become a parody of themselves I mean if I was writing an onion article I would call it freedom yes in fact I'd really Pat myself on the back I'd go around everybody imagine if they call that freedom guess oh my god that's a good one Jake good one right I mean I can do that I wonder and I'm gonna ask this very legitimately do you guys you think they wrote it with a straight face or were they like I'm just glad that they are honoring the long and rich tradition on the American right of rebranding things freedom blank you know there was the French fries that got turned into freedom fries back during you know the Iraq war that's five years you know this this goes back a long way and you know they it just shows that they've known they know their history and they're they're honoring it very sort of yeah and of course famously torture became enhanced interrogation and the list goes on it's just like oh this is it and and it's it's so uncreated it is so plug and chug let's move on but it's not just one person from the department of energy's Rick Perry still the head of the I don't even remember yeah he is very quiet right yeah that's right yeah he figured out he's like look these guys you can get called in for to Congress they say something good about Trump they say something bad about Trane get in trouble either way I got an idea I won't say any yeah it's not what Steve Wenberg who's the assistant secretary for fossil energy says I am pleased that the Department of Energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of us freedom to be exported to the world so it conscious gas it is composed of freedom' molecule it's the plot of the next Avengers movie is someone got ahold of the freedom gas and that they were that only exists in America and they were sprinkling it all over the other places they're getting more freedom they're taking away our freedom there's a limited supply of our freedom gas it's it's very nefarious the idea here what like yes there's the ridiculousness of calling it freedom gas that you hope they hear themselves say or are they just huffing too much freedom gas we don't know but the thing that they're trying to communicate here is that in the world where we hear about this deport dependence on foreign oil and the foreign energy and they want to bring that back to here which results in tons of fracking which results in earthquakes in Oklahoma and I would say it's not our we're not yeah maybe we're not as dependent on foreign oil but even though we're not as dependent on foreign oil we're still cozying up to the Saudis we're still you know turning against dictators who incidentally have tons of foreign oil and then in addition to that it's just very frustrating to watch the president just kind of and and the the Department of Energy just kind of say that we'd be free if we back people who are exported who are dealing with natural gas but really we we would be freer if we didn't have to depend on fossil fuels at all if we could invest in renewable energy so we're not killing ourselves we're just getting rid of the foreign oil people and replacing them with domestic oil people so I was gonna wonder if if anybody still believes that stuff but I I know the answer to that because the meteor goes along with it I bet you a lot of people believe it so because the u.s. talks in propaganda all the time so George HW Bush when he launched the first Persian Gulf War said the liberation of Kuwait has begun and then there was you know and they gorge w bush kept on talking about the liberation of Iraq Judah Friedlander is great comedian was on this show and he said for all those countries who don't have a lot of oil under their grand I feel really bad for them because they're not gonna get to get be liberated by us and so it's all in terms of like no no we're not invading you we're not bombing you we're giving you freedom and part of that will be we'll take your freedom gas and make it free to us okay and but good news for you we're gonna give you our freedom guess but not free to you okay and so I I feel like if slavery was still around it they'd call them like freedom shackles because they have no bounds of decency and they have no sense of shame in these absurd things that they can come up with that isn't that you that take you make a joke but that take was was made not not long ago by someone on the right where it said like they you know they you know we brought the slaves over here and we gave them you know okay they said abort yeah exactly like we you can't you cannot make up a point that is too ridiculous yeah like on the right like they've made that exact point that's right the experience for children who've been separated from their families was like summer camp yeah exactly that's right Laurie group said that that's right sorry freedom camp freedom Pam oh I love freedom can that's right when we put the kids in the cages that was actually freedom camp two easy ways for young turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and ii is ring the bell and when you do that on youtube you are notified 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