Resource Online: How to Change Your Password – Card Services – Chase

As a Resource Online customer, you can
view your account data online anytime. I’m here to show you how. Let’s go over how to change your
password. Everybody forgets their password occasionally. If that happens to you, no worries. Here’s
what you’ll need to do. First, go to the Chase Paymentech website at Click on the
Merchant Login button at the top right corner of the page. Next, select Resource Online from the drop-down menu and click Go. Once you make it to the login page, click the small ‘Need assistance logging in?’ link below the login button. This will take
you to the Need Assistance? page Finally, click the Reset your Password
link in the Forgotten Password section. The
system will then prompt you to enter your user name and email address. Once you’ve done this, click the Submit button to have a temporary password sent to your inbox. You’ll need to establish a new password the next time you login, but this single use password will give you access to your account. Now, if you ever forget your username, it’s still a pretty simple process but
for security reasons you’ll need to contact a representative.
Maybe you’ll even get me.

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