Rest in peace man

rest in peace ma'am you're a good guy you really helped influence a lot of people you didn't deserve this listen I don't I don't know where to start with this man it's not good to have an angry I would look at anything but there's something about you know laughing and always pointed the attention finger that's really annoying you know four days ago he uploaded a video saying he's sorry and he scheduled it for midnight and since then the police have been looking for him and you know how scary it is to be completely missing from the world for not one day but two days until the police find these belongings on a bridge and then they realized that this is Erica's phone Atticus backpack his belongings were left on a bridge and the whole time for the past few months everyone's been calling him you know an attention-seeker didn't giving him all the clickbait fingers they're saying you know he wants more and more attention to the famous going to his head that's like no one's first you get some people who might feel that way but then everyone else who follows behind her just ban Wagoner's and a lot of the people who are involved in what happened these past four days with him going missing and the whole journey of the police trying to find where he is you've just had people who are who are enjoying it for the drama enjoying it for the latest scoop meanwhile posting a couple tweets saying he he's back again for more attention it just it pisses me off so much like people just want to talk about it because it's the big talk and they get a high out of being involved in it I don't know if I can explain it but pretty much even right here first when he imposed the video saying he's sorry people like he's going at it again and then when you did the police tweet out that they found his belongings now you get people who are you know joking making jokes saying oh he's uh he's planted it he's gonna fake for more attention or he already took a plane to another country he's in Switzerland and half of them are joking but a lot of them are serious and that the thing with jokes is jokes ease the pain right we don't want anyone and it helps a lot didn't what in sensitive times but the first person who's making the joke probably understands that and is you know trying to ease the pain everyone else just bandwagoning and not understanding and just being a part of the talk and you have so many people who are at we're gonna go as hard as they can to point out that this is for attention and not seeing it the right way and making all the jokes pretty much the next day a body's found washed up on the river and when the police tweet it out this time you have people saying but I hope it's not Attica dear God save us this one time don't let it be Attica and it's like people are people just don't get it people are all just you know bandwagoning off to hype that they're not he's sitting down to think or try to understand what's going on or the situation with mental health and people suicide and that this is a person to regardless of if it's addict or not someone else and chomped in and drown and their body is here but they're just people who are reeling the latest scoop pretty much it gets confirmed today that Etica has passed and that that was him that was his body and so it it anytime news like this comes out it really messes with me you know anyone celebrity or not just news of it it screws with me because I always think deep into it and how the person must have been feeling can you imagine how much pain you have to be going through that you don't want it suicide for attention for others as attention which is a point a finger you should never point you shouldn't ever when someone is you know putting out the stuff you should never think that all they're trying to just be manipulative and get our attention why even want to point that finger why even assume like that imagine how much pain someone has to be going through for them to not do this for attention but for there to be so much pain that they want to just get rid of him that they wanted to stop the pain and that's that's what that's what happens to people their their mind gets so cluttered with all this negativity and the people around them that either don't help our causing it that it seems like the only option and I want to mean it seems like the only option I don't mean oh you know it seems like it like you're in a box where it's the own it feels like it's the only option like you're stuck in a box there's more outside the box but you the box is shrunk and that's all you can see this it's tuchis for me man because I've known Attica for a long time way back in in in the public you two days before it was all a business like you know he had like like a thousand subscribers I remember every dent his Atika world Network I used to like laugh at a lake bro why are you trying to sound so professional hypocrite Tyranitar – trying to sound like a TV network I remember everything about a man he used to play minecraft I don't know if you guys knew but he was the first one I saw who did this he would have liked his main face his face is the main camera and they would have like a little cutout and minecraft would be here you just played he had this just fun and genuine personality it was fun to watch sometimes you have like youtubers who are fun to watch but sometimes you hit a pig gold in the middle of nowhere in smaller channels and so we we boxed each other with like we want to help each other's channels grow you know we want to we want to be a personality one day and I remember everything about him you know his he was a model he had a he had a link to his modeling page where he would wear different clothes try to look professional he had this this intro it would be in black and white he'd be walking through the streets with the Brooklyn song playing what is it I'm from a town where the young never shut her eyes pick your poison you could ride with those other guys he's had that he's that a certain just fun mindset and you know back then since we were both smaller channels I didn't even hit 100k yet at this point but we boxed each other there was a kid in him who wanted to be a personality one day and that kid in people never dies right even if you're old even if you're older you're 20 or 30 and that kid who's dreaming and you never dies well until you pass and he did end up becoming a personality but once you pass you pass and different from me man I think I think too deep into it like for him I think just how over him he has to be no one really knows what his personal life was messing with them personally but he's been trying to cry out for months I know he's done stuff like he's blocked people who try to reach out to him but when you're in a unhappy mental state you don't want to get help you don't want to be saved that's the that's the that's the thing I don't think people get I don't know if people know that but you don't want to be saved so if people reach out to you and then you get a message saying everything's gonna be alright in your DMS it's like you doesn't want to hear that people wouldn't want to hear that that's like it's kind of obvious there's a certain way you have to talk to them people don't want to be felt like I'm unhealthy and start something wrong on the person who's mentally unhealthy but that that's why there aren't healthy it's a whole mind cluster catastrophe that not even anyone in today's will properly understands like it's like the most biggest screwup ever it's a new error that no one understands where people are just screwed up in terms of mental everyone is like you know people are sad like 20 to 30 years ago but it's just gone exponentially up in the current time I know it's more peaceful and you know it's not like someone's gonna take you away from your house because they think you're a witch and burn you everyone's peaceful but that's that's why we're in this confusing period where everyone's mental state is really sensitive honest man you can be sad and that's okay like it's a part of life to be sad it's a part of life to cry get hurt to like hit your knee and have it bleed and stuff you know after a while you forget that being sad is a part of life and you start to just get totally engulfed in sadness or in problems it's okay to be sad I know it's it's a hurtful feeling but it's okay and you can even get help from since then you don't have to move up to depressed and then move up to suicidal you can just be sad and be like you know I want someone to be there for me and sometimes people aren't actually there maybe the right people but what I think so deep into is like how over only have to be that you're in so much pain that you schedule that video so that you don't have to see any of the instant feedback of people you know rooting for you you know despite the big crowd of people saying you're attention-seeking which there was a big crowd there were comments that said you know no let it go we love you and he didn't want to see those imagine being so overall the pain that you don't want people stopping you so you schedule it you just want to get it over with that you put this video you go to the bridge put your belongings down and you jump in and as you're falling you're like alright everything's done it's done you just imagine as the moment you enter the water how it's the worst feeling ever as you start drowning and you're just stuck there for 10 to 20 or 30 Ekans in that terrible pain and wish regretting it wanting to back down that's what I think about because it's true everyone who whose suicides if they could leave their body and just watch the next few weeks unfold without being able to touch anything 100 percent of people would be in regret you wouldn't be the odd one who'd be like no is the right move everyone if they could just see how life went on after they would wish they could go back into their body and continue playing this being a part of this game but they can they'd even wish they could go back to the moment like five seconds before they suicide it but she can and that's what I'm trying to say man listen to me screw everyone who's dragging your life down making you feel depressed doing anything that's that's causing you pain it could be anyone it could be your friend it could be your best friend it could be your family members that you live with anyone could be causing you pain in fact if it's your life sometimes it's the closest people around you that are giving you the most pain maybe you gotta own up to their expectations or you know anything like gatekeeping the people around you oh we've been way sadder than you gatekeeping especially imagine feeling such a such a painful feeling you know whether it's depression whether you knows maybe something relationship related and then you know hearing something from someone who matters to you like a friend or your sibling is something that come on I've been in worse it's like we're not all robots right it's not like you ran get through exe and I just have to find the program it's gonna be different for each of us and that's the point people in mental problems everyone is specifically in their own problem and just need people to be with all I'm saying is the people who are screwing over your life that are closest to you the opposite are what the suicide hotline numbers are I know they're so weird because it's like you're calling an infomercial but just take the number in your region and save it as Bob the people here on the other line is an actual person who just wants to be your friend wants to chat with you will talk with you about anything it doesn't matter if you're a freaking introvert we're all introverts today okay even if you're feeling slightly sad just called him and be like this happened today like if maybe your friend only friend is the one who made you sad today just talk talk to them like it's free and the person there wants to be your friend you can say something stupid something accidental can slip out it's fine let's just save it just save it on your phone is Bob and just have it and any day you're feeling sad even if you sort out one of the knots in your life you'll feel way better than you thought you could feel when you're in that state it's like the coolest thing is that when like you can only be happy if you're not happy in the first place right if you're like in a in a paradise little sense if you're always happy after a while you wouldn't feel happiness anymore soon that's gonna be emotionless you won't feel happy anymore you need to become sad in order for it to be happy again so if you're sad or depressed or have all these knots in your life there's like ounces of happiness and weight being lifted off your shoulders that is just waiting for you and literally man these people are actual friends that you can just talk to and they're freaking nice people they one think they're on the hotline they're waiting for people right you're not taking anyone's time I couldn't deserve a man I feel so bad for him and he ended up becoming like the personality he wanted to be you know he got his own reddit he got people clipping his reactions he was everyone started to see the same genuine personality that we saw in the beginning when he was playing Minecraft he actually reached everyone that he wanted to reach and then he he ended and in the kid inside of him are now are now gone you will just feel so happy knowing that there's a random person whom you can reach again if you want it's a random person you have to call and say you always the same person I talked to last time here and you always have a friend which you a friend that is also not beside you because you argue with friends you argue with siblings and sometimes you have you hold these standards to them this dude is just a friend for like another world they'll help you out without being said rest in peace tzedakah your influence is still out there a lot of people are happy that you were here and hope a lot of people open their eyes that mental health is is everywhere all of us have mental health and no one's a hundred percent right fit tsubasa fire all of us already lost some of our I thought that some flaws in our mental health that we could sort out and fix I'll never forget you man rest in peace

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