Restoring Internet Freedom vs the digital elite | IN 60 SECONDS

A record-breaking 22 million comments
have been filed with the FCC on its process to restore Internet freedom, the
so-called Title II net neutrality docket. What does this number mean? Well, as a
matter of policy, not much. FCC commissioners are politically appointed,
and are supposed to be outside of the influence of others. As a matter of
procedure, the FCC has to allow for public comment. But these comments should
not be confused with votes. And even if they were, they’d be dramatically skewed
in favor of the digital elite, not truly reflective of the will of the people.
Data shows that net neutrality advocacy is driven largely by males, age 21 to 34,
who earn at least seventy six thousand dollars a year. These digital elites can
afford to intellectualize their preferences and impose them on others,
but for underprivileged persons these rules perpetuate the digital
divide. Rather than digital elites dictating how the Internet should be,
Internet freedom is about empowering individuals – the poor, the old, and people
of color – to get online quickly, easily and at the lowest cost. That’s why we
should support Internet freedom. to learn more about my take on Title II net
neutrality, check the links in the description below. Also, let us know what
other topics you want our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to
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30 thoughts on “Restoring Internet Freedom vs the digital elite | IN 60 SECONDS

  • You forgot the part where you explained how "Internet freedom" helps get ride of the digital divide. You didn't explain anything, you just dismissed the opposition as "internet elites"

  • She keeps throwing around the term digital elite like it actually means somthing. I'm not saying that I support net neutrality but I felt their argument was weak.

  • What an awful video. You did not explain or contrast anything, only the pithy statement about helping the poor at the end was of merit. The only problem there was it wasn't applicable in concern to net neutrality. Find someone a little more educated on this subject please.

  • What divide is being perpetuated by net neutrality? How are non-techsavy people being screwed by changes in legislation that require techsavyness (i.e. understanding the problem) to evaluate? How do these rules "perpetuate the digital divide"? What the fuck are you talking about?

  • I'm pretty sure the only reason a certain demographic is more vocal than everyone else, is that they actually care enough about this subject to notice that the great telecom companies are trying to sell their attempt at screwing over ALL customers as "Internet Freedom".

  • Scholers??????? How hard is it to get online?????? If you cant get online then you to stuped to be online.
    Just more leftest hate!!!!!!

  • LOL AEI is expert in this sort of language corruption, like calling regulation freedom. I live in NYC, and I have one broadband provider—ONE, get it? I call DSL mediumband. Fiber is rolling out slower than a glacier: it now covers about 65% of the city. Good job, FCC, AEI and the rest of the fascist shills.

    I ran a small ISP in the '90s, and we tried hard to persuade the FCC there is no problem for them to solve. Connectivity was ubiquitous, and prices were falling. Enter, FCC, and voila—a cartel! I am now paying $65 for 100/10 speed, and when fiber gets to my door I will pay $90 for 100/100.

  • Jesus Henry Christ. Is this a parody?? I am legitimately amazed by the depravity of AEI and the "internet freedom" double-speak. Disgusting.

  • the internet is no different than radio and television, it NEEDS to be heavily regulated and controlled. screw "net neutrality". dice that up and sell it in little pieces.

  • What the hell's the point of this woman's speech!!?? Great double speak but her trick won't work. It happens that the so called elite she is speaking of…that is "…males age 21 to 34 who earn at least $76K yearly…" are the ones voting for net neutrality and they are hardly the elite she paints them as. Even if these guys were they are certainly aligned with the interests of the poor she speaks of on internet neutrality. She clearly is attempting to create a divide where there is none. I do wonder whose payroll she is on.

  • Why is the "digital elite" the problem here? wasn't the problem with big providers having too much control over the market?
    every "young white male" i've seen talking about this, is trying to help people understand the true issues with net neutrality and advocates for an open and free internet for everybody. here comes a women and derailing the issue into a not existing "minority problem"… sorry, you are doing society a disservice with this.

    sorry, but nothing in this video explains anything. this is just discussing an issue that is simply a ridiclulous, politically misguided assumption. nothing here is in in real context to net neutrality.
    i don't think it is helpful to misuse any issue for a poolitical agenda and disguise it as "educational", even when there is nothing educational.

    you are educating nobody. this seems more like propaganda than educational. you are distracting from any actual discussion about net neutrality by hijacking it for your political agenda.

  • IF there were a class call "Slimy Manipulation Tactics 101", this video would feature prominently. I've never seen anything more misleading or Orwellian! The "argument" consisted of nothing but faux buzzwords and demonization of net-neutrality advocates, mixed with emotionally provocative images. Complete garbage.

  • I thought you were talking about net neutrality. wtf is internet freedom? And you believe that people earning 80k a year are the elite that want to control the web? What? Can someone explain this to me?

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