Reveal the secret of an ancient City tradition: The Freedom of the City

Otto Franz Joseph, Ferdinand, Leopold Heinrich Sixtus. Thank you very much indeed people, well read. I must say. Now, a formal good morning to you all and a very warm welcome to the Chamberlain’s Courtroom. Hello, I am Murray Craig, and I am the Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court. I am the thirty-seventh clerk of the court since1294. My role at the Guildhall is to admit people to the freedom of the City of London in a very ancient ceremony stretching back to the thirteenth
century. Today, the ceremony of the freedom is largely symbolic. Historically, it is a very valuable
document. The right to trade. Historically, it would one of the privileges would be to enable you to take your sheep over
London Bridge as a freeman in the middle ages of
course the real privilege was you didn’t pay
the toll and in those days you were taking the sheep to Smithfield Meat Market to sell for profit and not to pay the toll but of course enhance your profit margin. Some very distinguished people who’ve
received freedom of the City of London over the centuries none more so than
Lord Nelson who received the freedom here. In 1797 after defeating the Spanish Fleet at the battle of Cape St Vincent. You will note he received a splendid
inhumanity copy of freedom together with a gift of gold box to the value of a
hundred guineas. When Florence Nightingale was offered the freedom she said i don’t want a gold box, that is far too ostentatious for a lady of my simple tastes. Will you instead send a cheque for a
hundred guineas to my nursing charity at St Thomas’ hospital and just give me
instead a plain simple wooden box so the Corporation sent the cheque to St Thomas’ hospital and gave her this plain simple wooden box which as you can see isn’t very plain or simple. The Angel of Mercy, Crimea, Inkerman, Sabbatical, columns, soldiers, lion’s heads, coats of arms of the city and Florence’s initials in
enamel. The Lord Mayor was tremendously enthused by the magnificent performance of the British empower team last year and the freedom was offered to those Olympic medallists who were born in London. [music plays in the background] The freedom has lasted for eight
centuries and today it is still as relevant and has been going back to the 13th century sending out too for recognizing chief months of people
in certain fields not just olympians for example J K Rowling received the freedom for services to get literature. and Sir Michael Caine last week marking and celebrating his 80th birthday with an exhibition at the Museum of London before which he also received the freedom of the City of London. [Music plays in the background]

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  • В честь Ф. Найтингейл назван психологический синдром (англ. Florence Nightingale effect), проявляющийся, когда врач или медсестра, ухаживающие за больным, начинают испытывать к нему чувства, которые могут перерасти в любовь

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