Reviews of FREEDOM in New Zealand – Christchurch & Dunedin

I thought the film was… I thought it was beautiful. I thought it gave a beautiful understanding into Islam. Hello. My name is Allison Downs . I live in Christchurch. I don’t practice a religion. I’ve been really horrified about what’s happened in Christchurch and I went to see the film to learn some more about Muslim and I’ve been very impressed. It’s very warming and I am… I… will now have a whole different attitude towards Muslim people. It was very enlightening to see the sincerity of their belief to the Almighty true God. My name is Arthur Simmons. I… have come along tonight because of what happened in Christchurch. We all hear the negative press but you must go and visit these people and learn the truth and they’re not negative people. They’re lovely people and I will share this with my friends and I will tell them that these are lovely people. These are beautiful people. It’s been like talking to United Nations… people from all over the world. I welcome them with all my heart because I think the country is going to be so much richer with these people here and so much more better balanced. Thank you so much for a beautiful film. It was… informative, interesting, totally inspiring and just so beautiful. Thank you so much. I’ve just been to see this beautiful movie and I think that everybody should go and see it because it opens your eyes up to see what people believe. It’s really, you know… You don’t have to believe it but it opens you up to seeing what people believe and that is really good for the world. Really thought it was powerful. I… appreciated all the themes and I think that it’s a movie that actually needs to be seen by a very wide audience. I think there’s some really interesting insights in it for people that don’t understand Islam very well. I think this film should be broadcasted locally, internationally. It should be promoted across all areas of anywhere around the world.

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