19 thoughts on “Richard & Mimi Farina – Mainline Prosperity Blues

  • Good morning, teaspoon
    Teaspoon give me back my brain
    Hello, reflection-
    You don't look the same
    And good morning, sweet companion
    Pardon me if I've forgotten your name.

    Well I know the sun is shining
    I believe it 'cause the shades are down
    And I know the nighttime's over
    Honey, nothing else could make that sound
    And I know you won't be moving
    Pardon me if I just hang around.

    Well, society is rolling
    Got to drive above a certain speed
    Population's exploding
    Gonna get you in a wild stampede
    Well, companion, you'll forgive me
    If I seem unwilling to succeed.

    Now efficiency's the by-word
    Everybody get to work on time
    There ain't no unemployment
    I believe I'm going to lose my mind
    I'm listed on the census
    But I think I'm going to just resign.

    Well, I'm only just a pillow, honey
    And I belong in bed
    I need a little soothing
    Something soothing, kind of mellow for my head
    They say I could be productive
    But I think I'll just recline right here instead.

  • never was fortunate enough to experience heroin addiction but ran a close second with a ten year oxocodone addiction that ruined my life and almost did me in how sweet it was🙊✌😎

  • Another exceptional song about mainlining in the fast lane. He knew Pynchon, did he know Hemingway? Leonard Cohen?

  • The Memories!!  How I loved & love this artist!  Thank you for posting…(before I forget, he had the #1 Most Inventive Song Titles, as well)

  • Farina was amazing, he shoulda ditched the dopey bint and the  folky stuff and  concentrated on this type of material, if  he hadn' been all smashed-up on the highway, he would've left Bob Dylan standing, whining and mumbling his druggy doggerel.  Having said that, his dulcimer work-outs, Euro-Celtic, were inventive, adroit and disciplined, by American folkie standards he was exceptional.  It's sort of cool, isn't it,  that someone who wrote a novel called Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, should wind up decapitated in a motorctcle smash?  A shame really, that more luvvie-types don't follow his accidental example.

  • BarerMender "I know the night times over". I believe it is in reference to cacophony he references in the next lyrics, that is a noisy hurried world.

  • Someone help me out. "I know the something something, honey, nothing else could ever make that sound." It sounds like "I know the math time's old," but that doesn't make any sense.

  • i was always sining one or two serses of this in the monring. then i thought–oh, there's that thing called u-tube–i can hear the wholoe thing & hear it again. Sure takes me back Woderful monring song. aleepinthe60's

  • shit you can't imagine how long I have waited to hear this song again – takes me back to granville terrace york late sixties – thank you so much for putting this up – all music lovers are shiny golden people

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