7 thoughts on “Richard Pipes – Communism: A History

  • They grapple for a reason as to why it took so long for intellectuals to acknowledge the failure of Communism but fail to mention the obvious fact: If they were to admit being wrong, they would also have to admit that the blood of millions was partially at their own hands.

    "While there is 'intentionality' behind nearly every statement, there is little behind mine … I wanted to contribute what I do know, however, and that encompasses Darwin and biology. Was merely trying to highlight that the manner in which 'evolution' is being used in the video is the colloquial definition, rather than what Darwin defines as evolution. Darwin's definition of evolution is entirely biological, and is defined (roughly) as the heritable change in allele frequencies of a population or species over time. My original point is that Darwin was far from a sociologist, and the manner in which 'evolution' was used in this video has no ties to Darwin and refers only to evolutions' colloquial definition, which is that 'things change over time.' I'm just not sure why he brought Darwin into the discussion at all." Kirby Karpan, 2018

  • A: ?
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    C: Therefore, "one of the distinguishing characteristics of science is that it is morally neutral." Richard Pipes, 2001, 35:15–35:19.


  • In the world historical strife between superior and inferior ruling classes, the degenerates are not merely wrong, but also useful political and economic tools in the supremacy of Global civilization, the fountainhead of which is Americanism: The teaching of the concept is the inescapable lesson of history (Hegel).

  • Darwin had no intention for his work to have any sociological impact. The word "evolution" here is not used as intended by Darwin. Pipes could have just as easily used the word "change" and left Darwin out of it.

  • Fascinating discussion. Pipes is wrong about Islam as originally conceived. It was never a peaceful doctrine. Mohammed and his followers were thrown out of Mecca because as their numbers grew so too did their abusive, aggressive behaviours and denunciations of the religious traditions and beliefs of the town. His arrival in Medina is Day One of the Islamic Calendar. Within 3 years all the Medina townsfolk had been killed or enslaved by the 'refugees'. Mohammed's gangster cult went on an unrelenting mission of conquest and within 10 years all of Arabia were under his control. The next 3 'rightly guided' Caliphs continued the mission of conquest., taking all of North Africa and East Africa and much of the Middle East. It is a misnomer to cliam that Islam or the Arab Empire ws 'more scientifically advanced' than Europe. It merely conquered the most advanced civilisations in the world at that time. It appropriated what it found useful, plundered, robbed and destroyed everything else. The scientific and intellectual stagnation of those regions has been absolute for the past 1,000 years.

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