Riley’s Independence Day Battle Speech

Welcome Americans In one hour our forces will be attacking the aliens to fight for our very survival I think Independence is great Who else does? I bet everyone does. You don’t have to say it- I bet everyone does. I love Independence. Everyone loves Independence. My Dad loves it. I love it. My Mom loves it. My dog loves it. My cat loves it. It’s just so good people. So good. We are gonna kick alien booty today. If you didn’t know that, we’re doing it. We’re gonna stand up to the aliens and defeat em and they’ll never come back because they’ll be so Scared of us We’re gonna kick whatever they have, and we’re gonna kick it with all our might. If They don’t have butts, then we’ll find something else to kick! Okay? Okay? We’re gonna do it! They think they’re tough. We’re the toughest! Watch out aliens, we’re gonna come and kick your alien butts! Or whatever you have. We’re gonna do it. Who’s with me? Thank you, thank you, thank you

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