RIT on TV: Gene Polisseni Center Announcement

>>ANNOUNCER: Now from News 10 NBC, coverage
you can count on. This is News 10 NBC at 11.>>PRESIDENT DESTLER: We will be the recipients
of a $4.5 million gift.>>ANCHOR: A big donation tonight from two
of the great Rochester families. The money will go toward building a new hockey arena
at RIT. The money comes from the Gene Polisenni Foundation and the Tom Golisano partnership.
Good evening, I’m Lia Lando.>>And I’m Rich Funke. Those two men started
Paychex together, and they have donated tens of millions of dollars back to the community.
Gene Polisseni passed away 10 years ago, shortly after starting the foundation now run by his
wife Wanda. He was a huge hockey fan. And with tonight’s donation, the new arena at
RIT will be named after him. This is a design of what it could look like. New at 11 tonight,
Berkeley Brean was at ice level when the crowd got the good news. Berkeley?>>REPORTER: Rich and Lia, it’s got to be one
of the hottest tickets in town. Too hot, in fact. If you’re not there at an RIT hockey
game early, you’re not getting a seat. So when the fans heard about the money and the
new arena, no wonder they cheered as if the Tigers had scored.>>[crowd noise]>>REPORTER: Game night at RIT, that means
standing room only. For Patti Snell, it means standing two or three rows back.>>PATTI SNELL: The camaraderie is great, but
it’s better to sit down.>>REPORTER: She is not alone. Just look at
this crowd. It’s like this almost every home game. At least Martha Vicario found a seat.>>MARTHA VICARIO: The support of the team
that’s here is unbelievable, and everyone is standing around. They deserve seats.>>REPORTER: Now, they’re closer to getting
them. RIT President Bill Destler went on the ice with some good news.>>PRESIDENT DESTLER: We will be the recipients
of a $4.5 million gift.>>[cheering]>>REPORTER: It’s money to help build a new
4- to 5-thousand seat arena.>>PRESIDENT DESTLER: First of all, it will
mean that people can come out from the Rochester region and get into the games. You know, frequently
they’ll come out even an hour or two before the games and the game will be sold out.>>REPORTER: This parking lot on the south
side of campus is where they want to build the new arena. The advantage is that the Field
House is on the other side of campus. So they could have events at both on the same night,
and you will still be able to find a place to park. The money comes from the Gene Polisseni
Foundation and Tom Golisano partnership. That was Polisenni’s widow Wanda with President
Destler on the ice. The arena will bear Polisseni’s name and it’s going to come with a lot more
legroom.>>It would be great to have a bigger place,
absolutely.>>REPORTER: This donation brings up their
total to $8 million. They need to raise $15 million in order to start building the $30
million arena. So the idea is they’re half way there, more than half way. The idea is
to start to build this new arena next fall, and that means they could drop the puck on
the brand new place at the beginning of the 2013 season.>>ANCHOR: All right, Berkeley Brean reporting
tonight with some very good news. Thanks Berkeley.

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