Ritorno a Liberty City!

Tommy: My name is Tommy Vercetti , I returned to Liberty City after 4 to Vice Tommy:What is written here ?!
Newspaper: The Forelli are released after the death of Giulio Forelli ! Tommy:Will be killed today at Marco ‘s Bistro Tommy:There they are ! …. Ready to die Tommy:Here Giovanni hear Italian music to get it confused and then get him to talk Tommy:Where’s Francesco Forelli talk if you do not want to die Giovanni:went to kill Salvatore Leone Tommy:Idiota Muori! Tommy:I have to prevent that Salvatore Leone die ! Tommy:better to look in the garden! Tommy:let’s run away Mr.Leone Salvatore Leone:Ah …. thanks Mr. Vercetti , I knew his father was a great man Tommy:Thank you, Mr. Leone but call me Tommy …. I have an idea to escape from the Forelli ! 5 Minutes later…. Francesco Forelli:Farewell Tommy Vercetti Tommy:Stay here, Mr. Salvatore !
Salvatore Leone : Thank you Mr. Vercetti Francesco:Death Vercetti Tommy:Nobody goes against Tommy Vercetti !

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