Robert Kiyosaki’s 7 Keys To Ridiculous Wealth

[Music] So my Rich Dad said in the world of business there’s “E’s” and “E” stand for employees and employees he says you can always tell
who they are by their core values and what they employee whether the president or the janitor of the
company will always say the same words the words are I’m looking for a safe secure a job with benefits that’s what makes them an employee because their core values are security the other other one of the four is the “S” or the small business owner or the self-employed and again their core values will cause them to use the same words which
are if you want it done right, do it by yourself “S” means they’re also solo but generally one person act will operate by themselves On the right side of the quadrant are the
“B’s” and what rich dad said the B’s stood for was big business or like Bill Gates Forbes defines big businesses 500 employees or more and their words are different yes, I’m looking for a good system, a good
network and the smartest people I know to help run my business so they’re unlikely “S” they don’t want to run the company by themselves they want smart people to run their companies
for them And then the fourth of a quadrant is the “I” And “I” stands for investor these are people who have money work hard
for them These people are people have people work hard
for them And these are the people that work hard for
the rich here so early on in my life It was my my poor dad Who always said to me you know Robert go to school and get a high
paying job and so my poor dad’s core value was to be
an employee he wanted job, security, promotions a steady paycheck and all this And so it was my rich dad who said to me You know Robert if you really want to be rich learn to build businesses it made more sense to him to work hard to build a business something you owned and something you’d pass on for generation to generation to your kids whereas my poor dad said work hard but my Rich Dad said why would you work hard
for something you’ll never own and get fired from right away again that was the difference in values so my Rich Dad suggested I learned how to
be a business owner and learn how to be an investor and that’s one of the big differences on this side of the quadrant, these people
here work for security they work for money also, On this side over here their key value that they want is they want “Freedom” they don’t want to have to work at a job anymore they don’t want to have to work for the rest
of their lives so the beauty of building a business and learning
how to invest is very simply that this is passive income you work hard for a few years but possibly for the rest of your life income keeps flowing to you when you look.. at a financial statement let’s say this is this is Income, Expense,
Assets, Liability okay and as I explained in Rich Dad Poor Dad your house is not an asset so basically is most people have a house they
think as an asset but every month is costing them money through a thing called a mortgage payment that’s why they’re broke so what makes a person rich like what makes
me rich is very simply I have assets such as businesses I have the Rich
Dad business Every month lots of money comes in I also have real estate I also have stocks and bonds and I have commodities such as I am a partner in oil companies and every month the cash flows into me so this is the model of a rich person so whether I work or not money comes in okay and that’s what makes me rich Most people all they have is a mortgage payment,
car payment college loan payments and all that that’s a poor person okay So what makes the same thing that makes a
rich person rich and what makes a well-designed business rich is that as a sophisticated investor let’s say this is a rich business when I wrote the business plan for Rich Dad
Poor Dad this company now is that I had to design in assets So, one of the biggest light one of the biggest
assets rich net has is we are a brand and we license our name so all over the world there’s about 60 people who every month send
me money it was designed into the business plan for example with Rich Dad Poor Dad Every month people like in Japan, and China and Asia and Europe every month they send me money the second thing is every time I write a book every month money comes in when I design, my board game every month money
comes in and whatever what else we have? well we have seminars more money comes in So every month, the business of Rich Dad gets
richer and richer because we’re constantly setting up more assets follow one course till you’re successful and so that’s what I did in 1973 I signed up for my first real estate investment
course and I just did it and did it and did it You know I bought this one little $18,000
place and I did it again And I did it again and I did it again until the point where I understood it and then I went into becoming an entrepreneur and I did it and I did it and did it I’m still learning and I’m still learning about real estate and the reason In 1966 I got into oil when I went to work for the Standard Oil Company so today I’m still focusing I invest in oil and oil and oil and I don’t diversify you know doesn’t mean they don’t lose sometimes I’m
loose, sometimes I make mistakes and all this but I just don’t buy good as with all the bad if you’re going to be successful as an investor
depend of diversification is good for the average investor that’s what you want to be Have a good life but what I’d rather do is be able to know
the good ones from the bad ones, the good investments from
the bad investments the good advisors from the bad Advisors and what’s good for me and what’s not good for you because what I do is not necessarily what’s
going to work for you and vice versa here So that’s why I really think instead of diversification or diversifying the new rules of money say follow one course until you’re successful and then keep doing
it because once you find that way of being successful You can do it again and again and again Hi this video will continue playing in just
a few seconds but first I want to let you know about a special announcement from Robert Kiyosaki Robert is running a special online rich Dead
summit where you’re going to discover Seven ways to create a sustainable, passive income for life so that you can work less, earn more and finally escape the rat race you’ll be given the tools, strategies, tips
and blueprints that you need for making more money and setting up systems that let your money
make more money it’s incredible and the great news is that you can have full online access to this incredible life-changing system for just $1 simply follow this link or write it down and type it in after watching this video so that’s I make a lot of money but I give a lot you know what I mean it goes to biblical principle, the more you
give the more you receive so when I meet somebody who’s not doesn’t
have any money it just means that they’re not giving something yeah you know, so a lot of times there’s people who would like more but they’re not giving anything so they’re like my poor dad you know he belonged to the labor unions and
he wanted to work less and get paid more Well that’s anti-religious to me yeah if you want to get paid more work more, give more that’s how I see it you know my first investment was a little
18,000 dollar condo in Hawaii and I made a lot earning 25 dollars a month I didn’t make much money on that deal but every time I did an investment be at real estate or business I got smarter because experience makes you smarter so I started with just a little $18,000 unit I broke up my credit card I paid the $2,000 down payment with my credit
card so the 100% financed now most experts will tell you that’s stupid you don’t do that but uh but if you know what you’re doing you can
do it a number of years ago I bought a 7 million
dollar commercial building I paid for it with zero
down and every month after everything is paid for it puts about $30,000 a month income in my pocket or three hundred sixty thousand dollars a
year for no money down so there is the price of having a good education
or a bad education A good education is knowing the good debt versus bad debt and how debtors can win if you know what you’re doing one of the things you say is that the poor
pay their bills first the rich pay themselves first that’s a tough that’s a really tough one but it makes people kind of crazy Yeah because the owner from richest man Babylon
says pay yourself first but what most people do is they pay the bills first and they never pay
themselves anything and that’s a discipline I had to get into was I always pay myself first even when I had no money and would have all these bill collectors calling me I use them as inspiration you know what I mean Really? oh when they’re how the government’s hounding
you bill collectors calling because I’ve been broke so I can understand what it feels like to
be broke when those guys are calling you instead of you know shrinking and going into the shell
and eating my pizza I use it as motivation to go out and make more money so I used it I used my bill collectors as
motivation and that’s why I paid myself first even though sometimes I What would you pay yourself? I was bought assets, I’d buy a house or I’d put money in the bank of things like this but it was just a habit Exactly what’s you’re talking about It’s up here it’s about changing the way you think, that
was the whole book is about that’s it, because because we’re our biggest
asset We’re also a biggest liability We are.. Yeah, we are.. I know, i read that So if you’re gonna say work hard most people are working hard for earned income and that’s what these guys are working for the trouble with earned income in America your tax rates approximately fifty percent or as Warren Buffett says it’s a shame that his secretary pays a higher percentage in taxes and he did although he makes billions of dollars So when you say to a child go to school and get a safe secure job you’re telling them work for earned income the worst type of income the second type of income is portfolio income and today as I speak and they’re trying to
change this It’s about 20 percent and portfolio income is generally known as
capital gains So if I buy a stock for ten dollars and I sell it for 50 dollars the forty dollar gain is taxed at 20% or if I buy a house for a hundred thousand I sell it for two hundred thousand that’s a capital gains type event so you pay a lot of tax for that and the third type of income which is the which is the best type of income Excuse me I can’t spell again is passive income and this is income that just comes in on a
regular basis One of the reasons I am wealthy and is able to retire at a young age is because I worked hard for passive income not earned income I don’t flip real estate generally not portfolio income I don’t flip stocks I want passive income so today the new rules of money is important to understand what are you going to school to become “E”
– “S” Entrepreneur or Investor and what kind of income you’re working hard
for earned, portfolio or passive and if you know what you’re doing you can pay zero pratence percent taxes legally and this can be done all over the world kept saying We can’t do it in my country Well.. These people can’t do it in any country but in most parts of the world governments need these people so they’re always giving tax incentives for for investors and business owners who are
for passive income So those are some of the new rules of money You’ve really got to know what you’re working hard at and what kind of work are you performing what kind of income are you working hard for Thank you for watching this incredible video from Robert kiyosaki I now have a special announcement to make you’re about to discover seven ways to create a sustainable passive income for life so that you can work less earn more and finally escape the rat race introducing the rich dead summit at you’re about to be given the tools, strategies, tips and blueprints you need for making more money and setting up systems that let your money make more money and the great news is that you can have full online access to this incredible life-changing event for just $1 so simply follow the link below for full access I highly recommend the system [Music]

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  • Shameless clickbait garbage. The content of the video was fine yet the two plugs for the web seminar is what the video was actually about? Shit channel attitude.

  • As a start up businessman i noticed that Luck is key to be successful. Its a fact. Once you get lucky and make capital you will get rich.

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  • At one time Robert says you have to work hard ,other times he says work less and earn more.
    The other thing I do not agree with is, no taxes for rich. Why would you need 0 taxes on passive income when you are already making from the people who are paying for it. He told that giving back is important, so why not give back by paying taxes?????

  • Work and save money
    Buy real estate
    Invest in funds and bonds long term
    RRSP tax cuts.
    Key to being rich solved.

  • I also have read rich dad poor dad and i learned many things from it..
    1. Invest in your asset column which will bring you money and you'll be like a boss who doesn't work hard and earns more.
    2. Financial literacy is very important because if you don't know how to manage risks and money then it will be difficult for you.
    There are many other points guys but thanks for reading. If you have other points, share your opinion with us. ☺


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  • Just read his book, Changed my entire way of thinking about money and life in general! If you haven’t read it, you should.

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  • Since I read rich dad, poor dad and quadrant of cashflow my money mindset has totally changed.
    I am still an employee but I have started to build my assets, now I have a business that is putting money in my pocket every month and I don't fight for promotion
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    I advise everyone to read those 2 books for your financial education

  • It sounds easy when robert talks about it… it may be easy for a lot of people too.. but what about someone's passion… or something they are good at… lets say I wanna run a youtube channel.. my editing softwares… cameras.. computers are gonna be a liability… and youtube's not gonna give money right away… now how do I decide wether to run after my passion.. or just try to make money like how robert suggested..

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    for the owners of businesses. It works.
    During the American Civil War in the 1860's the US Congress debated
    starting "compulsory education", Why? Because they north wanted slaves
    that could read…that's it. General Sherman marched through the south and decimated
    almost all the buildings so the slaves would go north to get jobs.
    The slaves already were self sufficient in that they ran the entire farms and
    knew how to live off the land self sufficiently. Think about that…look at how
    people de-evolved into being dependent upon bank credit as money.

  • Robert is a financial genius. I have read a few of his books many many times, however, as a presenter in this video is nothing but ridiculius. His voice in this video is neither sweet nor convincing, his accent is poor and voice modulation lacks life. He should engage an anchir who is good in communication. His financial theories are revolutionary and indeed life changing.

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  • Profound statement – if you don't have the money, but do have the time, invest it wisely by investing in yourself – educate yourself financially! You are your greatest asset.

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  • He says he gives a lot lmao. I guess he doesn't even know the spiritual principals of the word of God. There was a poor lady that gave a penny and Jesus said that she gave more than everyone because she gave from her poverty. If Robert has given 5 million in his life and he is worth 5 billion, he has given very little in God's economy. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and you buy a meal for a homeless person you just gave more than Robert

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