Rocket Mortgage Madness at the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon | Quicken Loans

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody. Bob Babbitt here with Quicken
Loans for another edition of Rocket Mortgage Madness. (upbeat music) You’re out here running, why? – I’m getting married. – You’re getting married. You’re off the market? – I’m a runaway bride. – You’ve done how many marathons now? – 45. – 45? – Yes. – Her husband had a lung
transplant two weeks ago. He can’t be out in the crowd
so we’re running in his honor. – Probably about 10 years ago I found out that Saint Jude
partners with certain races and I had to jump in. – How much have you raised? – This year, just over 36 hundred. – So we would like to give you a $1,500 check to help with your mortgage or anything else you’d like to use it for. – Really? – Really! (laughs) – Rocket Mortgage Madness
would like to give you a check for $1,500. – Are you serious? – I am. – Oh my God, we could
pay for our honeymoon! – Hey crowd, who’s our best dancer here? Come on now, alright. – [Announcer] Please
put your hands together for five time champion, Scott Wietecha. – How about a round of applause for Scott, 3,500 bucks, what do you think? – Works for me. The drinks are not on me, its all mine. – $1,500! – Wooo! – Are you pretty excited about that? – Yes I am! – $5,000. (upbeat music) Everybody, thanks again
for tuning in today. We’re in beautiful Nashville. We just gave away $25,000 to runners from all over the country. Stay tuned for the next edition of Rocket Mortgage Madness.

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