Ron Paul speaks at opening of Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Thomas brings up a subject that I remember very clearly as well as many of you others hail and that is the audacity to bring up a golden rule in foreign policy and I did bring that up in one of the debates and it is turned out that the crowd there happen to think that was an outrage and they booed this whole idea but what is what is life all about you know all the great religions endorsing principal religions are different but there are some things that bring religions together most of them endorse the Ten Commandments or major parts of the Ten Commandments and most of them endorse the Golden Rule and yet what is wrong with the golden rule in foreign policy we don't have to have a real complicated philosophy other than the fact that we should initiate force but what do we have today we have a position that has been doors for 10 years now of preemption and trying to have preventive Wars you know if we were more honest with ourselves we'd be talking about aggression this whole idea that we have to go to war to stop somebody because someday they might get a weapon or they might do something bad and it's just totally out of control and it's important for a lot of reasons under the conditions of war civil liberties are always more threatened and certainly today in these last ten years you know whether it's the NDAA and the Patriot Act and kill this by presidents that do it without you no jurisdiction to do this it's just going on and on and it's going to get much worse unless we have people understanding what these principles are in the other bit of a pet peeve that I've had an optimist understanding about the connection between economics and Dennis mentioned even the Federal Reserve the connection of a the Federal Reserve in wars you don't fight wars without printing money there's always inflation on wars and it's always an economic matter but even today we've been taught in our schools too often and this is where education would come in we have been taught in economics that the Depression ended with the war I happen to remember that time there was a depression and I remember the war more clearly and there was no prosperity during the war there was less for our family during the war and rationing and all those kind of things of the depression didn't end because of the war and people even proposed these things oh well maybe a war would would get us and get us out of this but there's also the economic connection of who who proposes these antagonisms whether it's pumping up this antagonism between this this country about to attack us you know the Koreans are coming the Koreans are coming let's do something build more weapons and on and on at the same time we can figure out who the good guys the bad guys are in Syria but we have to go over there today it was announced that we put troops in Jordan and you know that contradicts everything we're trying to talk about that war should be fought only by the people declaring warm through their Congress and not by the Congress Boyden or at the whim of a president that declaration of giving the president the authority back in 92 2002 to go to war it was ducking the issue they said the president has the authority to do what he wants it didn't tell him to do it or not to do is just say well the president is smart enough he can go to the war at that time the chairman of the committee told me once I raised the question about the Constitution and offered a substitute said if you guys want to go to war declare the war and be more honest about it of course nobody voted to do that but I was lectured and they said that part of the Constitution is anachronistic we don't follow that part of the Constitution anymore and this is where the problem is so if if we think it's complicated it really isn't we have more people like the gentleman came here today and just say you're not allowed to go to war and if they do go to war don't give them the money to fight these wars it's up to the people though to make sure they're members of Congress you know respond that way but more importantly governments reflect the people's attitudes they reflect the attitudes about the war and economic so if the people say we want this and that generally that happens but if if if the people aren't for wars at the beginning most the time people aren't for the war that's a natural instinct people want peace and prosperity and Jimmy testify to and Walter testify to it they come and they give you briefings well a few years ago like after the first briefing or two and i'm not going to those briefings those briefings aren't briefings we have top secret clearance but I don't know whether they have the same experience I in a way I think they do did is that the briefings aren't giving you information they're giving you a war propaganda they're trying to build up this and this is what is conditioned between you know the government and through news outlets through TV and radio and movies and everything else so I don't see the solution as a two or three more members of Congress which is crucial and helpful but ultimately we have to reach the people we have to reach the young people we have to change the people's attitude it'll be so necessary very soon because we're getting to a climactic end of being able to afford these wars and these excessive debts and it couldn't be done if we couldn't print the money well right now even the printing presses though they're running rapidly that will come to an end to and then if they won't listen to us calmly and deliberately and start changing the policy there will be a time that we will have to reassess it and the main goal is to fight hard so that the authoritarians who want to even get bigger more authoritarian government that ends and they go back and we don't have to then something brand new it's a natural instinct for people to one peace and prosperity and we have a pretty good history that we had a rule of law at one time and that's called the Constitution so if we want to refine the Constitution that's fine there can be some changes made but the thing that is ignoring the constitution about going to war and these many other things so we can have our disagreements but if we totally ignore the Constitution on an important issue like going to war you know that's where we're going to have a lot of trouble but there's no reason I can tell you and I'm gonna finish by saying in spite of all these problems I'm more optimistic than ever because I have gone and I've traveled a lot this week I've been to the University of Florida and up to Brown University and young people responding very very favorably there's not having had any young person come up to me and said you know what we need more war i think this is a good idea young people are instinctively you know opposed to this and their pro liberty to so for that reason I think there is a whole generation now thinking in these terms so this is the reason I responded favorably to Daniel's idea about an educational institute the Chinese people's minds and understanding because a lot of people do these things with good intentions you know it's because they're total well if we don't do this and tariffs are going to win and all that kind of propaganda so we have to refute that if you don't refute it and the people don't understand it this will continue but not only do I see this as a dangerous period I see it as a tremendous opportunity and I have a lot of confidence in Daniel on the way he's going to organize and run this and bring people together is an opportunity once again not to be some partisan this is why it just happens I'm a good friend of of this is because because we see this above and beyond the partisanship there's only a few Healey has a handful or two on the Democratic side that would vote on principle instead of being just obedient to the party so we have to OB OB into the truth and if we do that and we encourage this natural instinct to strive for peace and prosperity I think we're going to do quite well and with your help and support I think our Institute can be successful so I am very pleased that daniel has put the effort in and gotten us well started here and I think we will have a great future especially because Daniel will be heading this out thank you very much

32 thoughts on “Ron Paul speaks at opening of Institute for Peace and Prosperity

  • I like his speech, he told about that those scums won't read the constitution, they just ignore it. IGNORE SUCKS. I bet Ron Paul talk about what happened last year on war (not election).

  • I love Ron Paul the way he talks is the reason why he won't ever become president and its sad because he would actually lead this country back to the way it should be not the way foreigners want it to run and control are media, tv, internet and so on…. Ron Paul knows we need a revolution in this country and they are going to try to kill him

  • Ok by your logic someone simply stating the obvious is suppose to change something? haha Ok my shirt is blue.. Now did it change the color of my shirt? nope. haha Guys like Paul are simply stating the obvious something that most real people understand .. Paul has been preaching the same message since the early 80s. The only difference between Ron Paul in the 80s and now is I laughed at Ron Paul in the 90s but now the joke is on me because him and Ross Perot were right all this time.

  • Nothing delusional about those darn Paul supporters. haha To be honest if the 80s America could see 2013 America they would more than likely kick our butts for being morons . haha Republicans aren't republicans anymore Democrats sure as hell aren't Democrats now. They have become nothing more than mindless slaves that you can pump false data and information into via American education system. The only thing Paul supporters did wrong is "think for yourselves" something most Americans can't do.

  • In an actual libertarian society it's pretty easy to sue people who damage your air or land by pollution in any demonstratable way.

    And given that there wouldn't be 100 million pages of regulations only a firm of lawyers could ever understand, representation would be easy to afford and fairly quick.

    And no regulatory agencies or laws which first have to "allow" soemone to sue, theyby protecting the companies they are charged to police.

    Utopia is a foolish notion. Much better than now is not.

  • Lets hope that this gains more power and favour than the council of foreign relations. Prayers are with you Ron Paul.

  • The Zionist Lobby is one of the problems in this twilight zone…. The amount of time and money they spend on anti-gun, and pro-gay agendas – is mind numbing. They surely do not support this in their country! So what the hell, ya bleeping hypocrite bastards! Get out of our business, before we pull out of yours, and leave ya drifting. I'm sure those countries over there will play nice with you afterwards πŸ˜‰

  • he just want to make it clear that Muslim r not our enemy but Jewish R our biges enemy they're war lover they're the master of war creation manipulator he just want to say listen my fellow citizen we r controld and governed by the JEWISH so lets get rid of the JEWISH government. from white house and replace it with a good Christian citizen if al of u want peace

  • Joe just admitted he's 5

    Why don't you just say something bad about my mother and graduate into middle school


  • Darvatron, I have a question for you. If you no longer had the use of your spine and it daily got worse how would you survive? What would you do if the shoe was on the other foot? SSD helps people who can no longer function in a way that others do, tell me what should people do?

  • hahaha yea. The paul people think he can magically fix everything. I do like him a lot, obviously better than the circus freaks in politics today, but im sorry, he cannot fix a damn thing, because he still believes in the constitution

  • We couldn't terrorize this world without the blessings of the UN or NATO and a few others … So 'obviously' there is a chain of command (as even Obama himself admitted), and he's not at the top of it πŸ˜‰

    There are quite the few strong strands in this web of control. But – they all funnel in to a small few πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • I won't tell you to shut up, because your premises are false and your arguments are weak, illogical, contradictory and self-refuting. Let's turn to the facts and reality of the matter and for many of this they are this damn simple. Big government taxes the workers/producers of this nation heavily for two things most people claim to be opposed to. First, starting and fighting wars. Secondly, to feed/shelter way too many slackers and bums via food stamps and social security disability benefits.

  • TRUTHERS the opposite of LIARS!!!
    I guess being into the truth is vad right?
    Like you I guess are part of the LIARS club!! lol
    Wake up sheep:)

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