Ronald Reagan's Communism Joke

I have to interrupt right here and tell you that one of my visits I won't name him I don't want to embarrass him but one of the heads of state that I met with on this visit he gave me one while I was on the way told me the story about the two fellows in the Soviet Union were walking down the street and the one of them says have we really achieved full communism is this it is this now full communism and the other one said oh hell no as things are going to get a lot worse

49 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan's Communism Joke

  • "Here I am, crawling through barbed wire so that I could escape the evils of free market capitalism." Said no one ever.

  • This brain-dead monster was personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Central America. Gosh a folksy sense of humour can really take you a long way!

  • Good Day to you paul,and thank you kindlly for sharing!President Ronald Reagan was a wonderful actor!President Ronald Reagan was the Greatest U.S.President in U.S.History¨We Love President Ronald Reagan from all of our Hearts!Very sincerlly TG.

  • Socialist Canada is now more business-friendly than California
    "Do you know what Obama's been doing while the rest of America is watching sports on TV?"
    Sixty thousand illegal aliens from Guatemala, mainly children, are being dumped on our border, because Obama opened the floodgates for them.
    They're bussing them to Arizona because Texas won't take them in.
    Obama wants them all to move here because he needs more Democratic voters.
    Don't tell me they're all coming here to work.
    They're coming here to suck the system dry.
    They're coming here to wreck the school system.
    Do you know how much money is being spent on teaching English as a second language?
    In California, the schools were once No. 1, but now they're No. 32 under Jerry Brown.
    The Service Employees International Union single-handedly elected him governor and destroyed the state.
    Did you know that Sony Pictures is relocating from California to Vancouver to get better tax breaks?
    Socialist Canada is now more business-friendly than California under Jerry Brown.

  • Every time I see a clip of The Gipper speaking, it brings a tear to my eye. I really the miss the guy, particularly when considering the aboslutely disgraceful leadership we're living under now.

  • Only the useful idiots as Lenin said believe that communism can afford something good. Communism only brought supress of freedom and poverty. Take a look at the examples of Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea. In China there is no freedom of expression and the only capitalism is the capitalism of state, in which the people are slave of the communist party.

  • Capitalism fine everyone. And a but of socialism is also fine.

    You idiots are such hypocrites.
    You're saying communism good through a capitalist device. LOL!

    Communism means abolish all private property you do know that right?

  • Capitalism fine everyone. And a but of socialism is also fine.

    You idiots are such hypocrites.
    You're saying communism good through a capitalist device. LOL!

    Communism means abolish all private property you do know that right?

    @Ryan Ferretti
      You said you miss your dad holding your hand and talking about how the community worked together to help each other?  Wait… That's what communism is!!  Your dad was a commie, Ryan! He watched the community build itself by watching the community work together and help each other.  Really, Ryan?  You don't get that that is basically the definition of what communism is?  Isn't that obvious to you, Ryan? Communism is entirely based upon French and Latin, but basically Latin.  I'll break down for you. Communist translated into Latin equals commnis, which means commune in English. Commune in English translate to: A group of people living together sharing responsibilities.  Now the suffix of Communism is "Ism" which means: The belief in.  So altogether we have a word that means: The belief in a community that works together.  Rayan, I'm sorry you had to find out your dad was a commie the hard way 🙁        

  • Maya Angelou jump on the death bus…
    with the passing of nelson its time we rape deep from the breast milk of others labors, harvest from others food baskets what they have earned for their family's and demand it as if it were our own. for as true socialist and godless spawn we must preach that what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.

  • look, Obama made Reagan look like a conservative. Obama sucked more money out of this country than?????and then????SOME MORE????? 

  • One thing he will always be remembered for is his sense of humour, but he was always polite with it and never developed a nasty edge to it. I think Reagan's way was to gently get you over to his way of thinking with jokes and light conversation. He certainly wasn't  a wonk who parrotted facts and statistics like a machine.

  • repeat Reagan tripled the debt – I lived during the 80's and communism imploded and remember to eat your catsup it is a vegetable

  • I did live in the 80s. Reagan was the man. He brought the Country back. Wish he was here today, he'd do the same.

  • So a real American leader continues a war behind congress' back and causes a massive defecit on purpose for no good reason?

  • I respect you for doing something you thought was right. But the wars that Reagan started where by and large nothing but evil, imperialist bullshit.

  • It is so funny to here people complain about Ready Made Politicians, then attack those who are not Ready Made Politicians….

    Any person that spent the first 30 years of their life trying to get into Politics is not a real American. They are Power Mongers.

    But then again I think Party is why you disagree with me. You cannot move past your leftist.authoritative ties to see that every President since Reagan has been groomed to be a puppet President since their early 20s.

  • Right….. an ACTOR was the last real American President…. okay Papawill, go take a dance in the febreeze

  • so true, we call evil things good and everything is tolerated except Christianity this nation has fallen so far we may never recover… sad

  • poor baby do some research better yet live the 80's – mortgage interest rates did not show significant decline until 1985 – tell us more about the unemployment rate during RR's years

  • and FDR helped give away eastern europe to stalin. tried to pack the supreme court with more members when he didnt get his way, and installed the first system to record everyone in the white house.

  • you are right. interest rates were up to 18 % in the recession of 81-82. which was a hangover from jimmy carter. by the time RR left office they were at 9.7%. quite an accomplishment. And is pro business policies encouraging r and d in the 80s set us up for the tech boom of the 90s.

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