Ronnie PACT 11 Qualification

why do you say you're real and come around with some phony outcomes you don't put in the work they wanna look in the mirror like how come I get pennies for my thoughts what I say is common sense at least you got what you pay for if you like anything that I said I give you the shirt off my back but you couldn't see it that's why I felt so closed off everyone's that gonna come up on one who was down the cave Allah I wonder why people don't like when I talk about God but it's cool when somebody gets shot cause somebody gets caught up in a drug that can't control cuz they said it was hot too many prompts to do it too many loved ones are lost they call this the Christian country pointing colors just to get a point across inside everybody judges the person I came don't forget everything that has made you every winner win my heart intended back in the Internet hi I invented housing money I'm a lieutenant didn't drop the mirror I'm the cracks like you better interests I just need a moment

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