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Red Bull BC One yes it's like a really big event and it's to the general public and a lot I would think it's like the closest event like whenever we have it the qualifiers here in the USA like it's like the closest event we have to match the ones in Europe where they're like stadiums of people and people have come to expect like big flashy showy like b-boy you know like oh I want to see it like an idea when you see a head spin on the moon flip and then your style it's a lot more technical nice clean crisp and so I mean on the forums are just like how did rocks right win but I mean you know like do you want do you want to address anything yeah yeah I mean yeah obviously there's people that are gonna talk you know I appreciate all the love are kind because as much hate as I've gotten I've gotten twice the love so it's really good to see that people actually do support what I was doing on that stage especially at that magnitude obviously people I hear people talk about my style and say oh he didn't do anything against this guy he didn't do any clips and all that but think about it like Kenny said cancer said footwork is a rise part of our dance because that's what separates our dance from any other dance you know it's the board that's like when you break it down and that's what everyone basically grew up from the power moves came from that everything came from it it's all based around the footwork so people forget that they think that it's like all you got to do this and that but you gotta understand that it's about taking it back to what it is you know the flips were there the flares came from gymnastics flips existed long before we won you know all these other things that people try to incorporate existed long before dance so what's left you know saying so I think people forget about that and the way I was raised in the world was taught with this dance is you know is just representing a b-boy style and what I consider besides somebody that would just a traditional way which is top rock footwork power move freeze you know that's like the most traditional way that you could see the way it was packaged when I came back when I started doing it in the nineties so basically it's kind of like I still carry that same mentality but the thing is where I come from you had to be original you had to come up with your own little moves it doesn't matter if it's a big move it has to be a dope original concept like original foot works that one step that doesn't mean you have to do like three or four then one little step could be yours one freeze can be yours one transition to me yours one move I mean whatever they should come up with you have to stand out you have to be different you don't want to be the next man so it's like you may get inspired by the other guy but it's up to you to change that inspiration and create something what that inspiration that person gave you and learn how to change it to make it look like you you know I most of the time you don't ever look like the next person because we all have our own bodies and I look different everybody brings their prints so you have to be your own fingerprint you know and when people see my break-in I feel that they overlooked what I do because of all the the level of be one that has been in the competition in his last couple years it's just you know everything so you know so Peggy you have to go big like big big everything but like I said it's a lot of the same moves that everybody else is doing so when you come in with something new like basic and concept the original concepts in just original things it's it's almost like a breath of fresh air to other people that know about it meanwhile the whole world doesn't really understand it because you have people in you can say Albania and they see b-boying as the gymnastic movement you know and they're like oh he didn't know that so why he went there understand the art they don't understand the crowd they must and should be born and that's where a lot of people miss understanding like they don't understand that I do a lot of people will never understand what I do I've had people apologize to me once they learn real people and like I've had it over the years of doing 16 years and because I've always danced the way I've danced but just try to evolve it throughout the years people used to hate on me when they first battled me but then they would come to me years later be like them now I know what you're doing you know and it's all those little things that you gotta remember it's not how you do it it's not the fries you do it's how you do the police how you get into the trees so you can see me doing 100 fries but how did I get into that freeze what's more basic doing I roll back one-handed freeze are we doing doing a hair song with my own transition to a 1 and the fries you know I'm saying like everybody does roll back 100 freezes but nobody does session with their own transition to a 1 and the freeze you know people just think so basic it's so like this role basic like one Direction's breaking this you got to think of it like there's so much more it's like ground-and-pound fighting like it's almost like the footwork Styles like a ground-and-pound fighting game you know a lot like ground-and-pound fighters in the UFC they're very technical with you know how to take you down de nada put you in a simulation that's gonna make you tap out it's the same thing when you're what like the way I feel I break it's like it's technical I break you down it's not just about the flashy shape you gotta you gotta break up on us down for technicalities so that's what I think people don't get and I think I mean that's just part with the way breaking is you know it catches you when you see like a husband or you see an heir for it's very mind-blowing I'm not gonna lie but you also better understand how to incorporate the purest part of the dance with that well it's not something that can be tied like yeah you can beat I mean you have to really undo like it's just knowledge you just gotta learn about it and you really gotta like understand why it's done that way and you gotta believe in what you're doing a lot of people don't believe in what they're doing they just want to get the oohs and the crowd of scream for them you know they just want to get that attention they call he's amazing he can do that yeah but when you incorporate the dance with that it's gonna make it damage everything all around better b-boy and people don't you know they tend to just think that it's all about that yeah it sounds like a really difficult mindset it's like teaching like I feel like it's like teaching musicality like you can break it down all sorts of different ways like if the person doesn't get it it's gonna take a really long time to be like oh technical you know yeah well I mean yeah that's that's the thing it's not everybody's gonna get it only other people that have been dancing for a while understand it because a lot of people that's how they send out that's what they do a lot of people that have names is because they understand certain parts of me whine that others don't like the main our broader audience would be one doesn't fully comprehend some of those things because they're not there to learning from the right people the right people may not be there to teach it as well that's why it's important to that that's what's important when there's a workshop in your in your area and there's somebody that you feel represents the dance for what it is Golan they have a lot of stories a lot of lessons to learn a lot of important messages so I think those things are important I mean it takes time I'm not saying that I it's like I picked it up like that it took time for me to but when I was being taught it it just I just felt it like I really believed in it like I thought okay that's fresh it's kind of like that thing that made you feel like you stood out like that's what makes you feel good it's about feeling good it's not about just doing their to do it it's gotta make you feel good you gotta have a good friend you go certain move it connects to the music and it gives you that like adrenaline like that whole fresh day I want to do something more like that and that's what you keep going yeah I just feel like that is a lot of like the like the most misconstrued element of b-boying you know a lot of people it's like no I want I gotta go get the booze and Oz then you overlook a lot of the more neat like all-around package yeah you gotta have that flow you gotta be able to connect the rules and we think about another thing is people they think like they want to let crashes go by and I don't think that that's fair because any other dance that you see like ice skating that way all these other dances if they mess up by just the slightest they lose points so why are we low in our ourselves to to dance you know like we should have our own standards as well like so we're gonna lower our standards just because we're doing a urban dance like no it should be executed to to the I and I clean sharp and be done the right way yeah like me nice perfect good your work you're supposed to like some wild out crazy and you crash at the end but hey it's a while yeah so you gotta you gotta deliver it yeah it's got to be well done I mean it doesn't have to be like the way I do it long as you keep it clean and make it look fresh within your own style that you use and that's what really matters that is where's wisdom that can be applied to every every style of dance like Christine every style of dance like all the teachers talk and know what they're talking about they're always saying like keep it you keep it clean you know technical like get that down first before you start piling ounces dude while out without knowing what you're doing you look really tough I've learned that's a hard way um well thank you roxrite for your time I don't want to take any more because I know you got a footwork I hope coming up I don't know if I made it we'll see hopefully other people are not gonna call me out see what's up oh that's that's a drag that's from him but do you want to give a shout out to the outbreak 750 yeah yeah yes so we back I hear at this time 2011 I'll break 7 going down in Orlando Florida the b-boy spot absolute pleasure to be here once again man top level competition once again top-of-the-line b-boys are here to put their name on the line and you know take guys out so much respect let's see everybody here and we'll see what happens please no rocks right rock right signs goddess he's got the image but the name you were like bro who thinks it yo at first I was like who thinks of a name that talks right then I was sort of dead right holding it down that I know what says baby boy calm days 98 and a yellow shirt statue I never seen him but I already knew of his name for some people put his name down great stuff you know that was good back to the days with the head dance I just I've never seen the captain I was like just and then I see it great it was over

31 thoughts on “Roxrite's Bboy Concepts | STRIFE.TV

  • today is a great day because I understood one more thing in breaking: it does mean a lot about the way you come into a freeze, transitions are very important
    I never considered that for all my 6 years of trainings and battles and realized it just now since 2007

  • Roxrite… don't mind the haters or people that don't really know.. you're the last man keepin real essence of bboying up, we're missing that is a dance, we're dancers not showmen with all the gymnastics hahaaaa

  • Rox, dude you're a boss. I used to be a hardcore powerhead and i've been working on my footwork, freezes, and transitions nonstop over the last few months and my style is so much cleaner and smoother. even powerheads should know footwork just to understand the origins of bboying. Thanx Roxrite for showing me the light.

  • Can I cipher with roxrite? Pleaaaaaase! Reign supreme in seattle! Ik this comment aint ganna do hack but that 0.02% chance man xD

  • roxrite is such a raw bboy there are other amazing bboys but in my opinion roxrite is one of the bboys that are left still representing what bboys all about and doing it pure. still a hella bad bboy but roxrite inspires me to puch to become original and carry out the breaking legacy the right way!! 

  • I never cared much for roxrites style, for me he lacked the energy that is essential to bboying. However watching this made me realize that he is orginal and that he has achieved all of his success with his originality and he deserves my respect. Much props

  • Yeah if I was Rox I would be so tired of hearing that too. If you study the roots of bboying and how it was done by the founders, roxrite is pretty much the perfect bboy.

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  • tell em !
    tell em roxrite !!!
    man i hate how everythings power and flash now days
    mainstream crowd barely makes a noise for technical footwork
    i love that techy shit

  • the reason why people throws such comments to guys like roxrite is because they dont understand breaking thats why I think the R-16 judging system needs to implemented in many competitions around the world because it unifies all different perspectives in bboying to create a solid decision which people could understand.

  • to appreciate it more than the casual viewer, you kinda have to be a bboy…you can't even begin to understand someone else in their shoes, unless you actually live it yourself..that being said, the hate for people that are non-bboys, because it's non-bboys that make disrespectful comments like"oh, idk why roxrite won that" simply because they dont understand what it is we really do.

  • you have my respect brother, the way that your think is a very (maduro) way to think greetings from Bolivia

  • i hope you'll understand spanish: este es el comentario mas maduro que encontre en Youtube felicidades hermano y tienes mis respetos, greetings frm Bolivia

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