Royal Caribbean Cancels All 2020 Sailings For Independence of the Seas From Southampton

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its Bruce here with traveling with Bruce today’s date May the 9th 2019
interesting news out of Royal Caribbean today the company has announced that the
cruise ship independence of the Seas built in 2008 and just refurbished last
year was going to spend the 2020 summer season in Britain in Europe and they
have just announced that they are pulling this vessel completely out of
the UK the Mediterranean Norway the entire Baltic area this ship is being
redeployed back to Fort Lauderdale what we’re talking about here is upwards of
16 cruises almost 70,000 passengers will not be sailing in Europe on this ship in
2020 the ship will be based in Fort Lauderdale and she’ll be running a
series of Caribbean cruises instead now this is significant because we’re
talking about leaving behind the height of the European season from basically
May to October and instead sending the ship here to the Caribbean why this
place right here Coco hee this was the project under construction this is what
she’s looking like now she just opened up Royal Caribbean has sunk 250 million
dollars into this private island in the Bahamas and the demand from passengers
to book sailings to stop here is through the roof the company has figured out
that pretty quickly why charge 200 bucks a night in Europe
even more when we can only get a hundred to a hundred and fifty a night by
bringing people here except that when they’re here they’re on our property and
we can get upwards of a hundred bucks a day per passenger from these
people enjoying this facility this is a huge financial move by Royal Caribbean
it’s really revealing that they would be willing to walk away from Europe on a
ship from this caliber this size to take it back to the Caribbean in the middle
of the summer it’s not like the ship is gonna be in Cocoa key in March it’s
gonna be there all summer 2020 rather than the heart of Europe very
interesting development we’re gonna follow this closely and see how the
numbers work out but it obvious must be obvious to the accountants that real
Caribbean the profits are there and they’re gonna stick keep the ship close
to home only sail her a couple of hundred miles from Miami to the Bahamas
rather than thousands of miles throughout Europe anyway join me Monday
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31 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean Cancels All 2020 Sailings For Independence of the Seas From Southampton

  • That island looks like a terrible place to visit if one's looking to relax and enjoy nature. Looks like another Disney pricey disaster. No, thanks.

  • I always wanted to try I cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship. I'm already booked for this year on the carnival Horizon, so maybe next time I'll get on the Royal Caribbean cruise

  • So once on the island, do passengers still have to pay for the rides, lounge chairs, cabanas, food in pavilion, drinks (non alcoholic & alcohol) etc? If included in the cruise, I'm in!! If extra, that would have to be budgeted in, extra $$$. Thanks for the update Bruce.

  • I am so pissed i was planning booking this cruise in 2020 looks like i have to look for a new ship to cruise)-:

  • @TravellingwithBruce Hey Bruce! How are you? Hope all is well. Just crossed my mind, wonder what happens when hurricane season ramps up or one passes directly over the newly revamped CoCo Key? All of those millions that have gone into the water park stuff, etc… that’s all unprotected out there, I would think could be blown right off of the island. What do you think?

  • Oh My!! Is there that many more cruisers here in the states? Just needing that much more cash flow from private island. Maybe should try RCCL for a change

  • Wow, just wow! I’d be furious if my vacation cruise were cancelled because my cruise ship will be relocating for greedy purposes only….

  • I’m very very angry with RC. Our booking on Indi has been cancelled! We were booked to go to Russia in what was going to be a very special holiday for all our family.. We took our time to make sure everything was perfect, we were having a lot to celebrate. Now all is gone ! Money back and 25% off what we were going to spend does not even touch how angry we all are. And to top it all RC has upped their prices by 25% in Europe overnight. We were loyal to Royal but not know. Booking tomorrow with another cruise line.

  • It's all about cruise lines looking to maximise revenue. I normally cruise with NCL, Here in Europe I have noticed that, while the cost of cruises has increased somewhat, what is really noticeable is the huge increase in the cost of shore excursions. I am not sure how much money NCL makes from these, but I would be surprised if the increase has been caused by the tour operators alone. For example a family of 4 wishing to book the Rome and the Vatican tour this summer while the ship is in port will now have to pay £1050 in total. IMHO this is a hidden increase, in what is already an expensive holiday.

  • Why would anyone who likes to cruise want to go to an amusement park for their holiday. If I want3d to go to a park I would visit Orlando not go on a cruise

  • Wow, I just sailed on her on April 11th. I know how much Europe loves this ship. I am however very happy to have her close for the entire year. Beautiful ship and amazing staff.

  • What less wear and tear on the machinery less fuel cost and they can milk $100 more per passenger burn less fuel less wear and tear on the machinery yeah father Royal Caribbean I would think about doing that too until we get a mid-season hurricane or a late-season hurricane that wipes the island out and they're stuck with two large ships in Port and I imagine there's a bunch of pissed-off Europeans won't want to sit with them again

  • Lots of competition for 2020 from Southampton with the new P&O ship Iona and a new MSC ship operating. Both 5,000+ passengers. Maybe RCI have done the right thing from a number of angles,

  • The European cruisers will not forget this. This could come back and bite them big time – not only losing passengers but losing them to their competition.

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