Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas Ship Tour

Hey cruisers, it’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV.
Today we are going to take a look at Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of The Seas. If you
are using a computer to view this video, you can use this menu to jump to specific decks.
We’ll also list direct links to specific areas in the description below. This is the absolutely gorgeous main dining
room. It has three levels, each with it’s own name. Rembrandt is on deck 3, Michelangelo on 4, and Botticelli on deck 5. Botticelli hosts the flexible My Time Dining, while Michelangelo and Rembrandt, are for traditional diners. We just love the classic style of this place,
and the food and service were outstanding. This unique bright red couch marks the spot for the Art Gallery. There is original art displayed here as well as throughout the ship.
There’s an onboard art auction for those interested in purchasing items. Just past the Art Gallery on Deck Three, is
the On the Air Club. Seafaring sports fanatics will want to circle this spot on their deck
plans. This sports bar is equipped with the requisite flat screen TV’s and friendly
bar service. It also doubles as an adult karaoke bar. Looking for the Ice Rink? Here’s a hint,
it’s in Studio B. Studio B is a multipurpose studio complex that we are told is home to
many activities all day long, including ice-skating. On our many visits Studio B was closed more
often than not. You’ll definitely want to consult your Cruise Compass for specific information
about hours of operation. This is the Platinum Theatre. It’s five
stories from the orchestra pit to ceiling, and it’s all about shipboard entertainment.
From singers and dancers to magicians, comedians and acrobats. The seats are comfortable and
most offer great views of the performers. The performances we saw were absolutely mesmerizing. Boleros Lounge is the place to be if you’re
looking for a Latin beat. Bookended by these interesting sculptures, Boleros serves up
live music and cool drinks. Casino Royale is Liberty of the Seas Vegas.
Complete with it’s own bar, traditional tables, slots, and Vegas inspired art, Casino
Royale is chalked with gaming goodness. Occupying portions of deck three and four,
the Catacombs is a Gothic inspired disco. You can look down from deck Four and see the
dance floor on Deck Three. There are bars on both levels, and each is easily accessed
by these unique stairs. There’s lots of space to hang out before heading to the adequately
sized dance floor. This place is cool. This nautically themed bar is a popular hangout
– likely due to nightly piano entertainment. But even if the ivory maestros are on break,
Schooner Bar is the perfect place to settle in with some friends, and a drink.
Bright open and elegant, the Champagne Bar seems to fit it’s namesake perfectly. There’s
lots of comfy seating here, and if you’re in the mood for a little Champagne and some
people watching, this is the place for you. Just across from the Champagne bar are two
extremely popular and important places on the ship; Explorations and Guest Relations.
The Explorations! desk is Liberty of the Seas’ shore excursions desk. While the Guest Services
desk is your one-stop ship information source. The Royal Promenade is really the heart of
the ship. We are told it is designed to resemble famous American entertainment streets like
New Orleans’s Bourbon Street or Memphis’s Beale Street, and it really is quite fantastic.
Look up, and you’ll see the promenade view staterooms- with a 24/7 view of the action.
This four-story mall-lovers dream is lined with shops and bars. From coffee shops to
cupcakes. Ice Cream, clothing and more. Of course there’s the requisite jewelry store.
And Bars with cars. There’s even a pizzeria, the list just goes on. The Royal Promenade
is the place to be in the evenings, when guests stroll through, meet up with friends, and
enjoy one of the many spots to stop for a snack, a drink or a sweet treat. The parades
are also held here, and offer a great vantage point for the entertainment, no matter where
you happen to be on the promenade. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the Connoisseur
Club, the adults-only smoking room, but it was nice to know if I ever got a hankering
for a good stogie, well, there was this nice comfy place to go. With statues of Pharaohs and murals of the
Nile there’s no mistaking The Sphinx lounge ancient Egyptian motif. The big roomy area
is said to feature live music, dancing and other entertainment. We didn’t notice a
lot going on here during our stay, but put a little live music on stage and this would
be a perfect place to get your groove on. Hey look, business services – printers and
stuff, ugh. But yeah, it’s here if you need it. Next up, the Library. This place looks seriously
comfy, but is it just us, or does there seem to be a lot of empty space in these bookshelves? This is RoyalCaribbean online the Internet
Café. Yay, it’s high tech on the high seas! Where was that pool again? We like to disconnect
when we cruise, but okay this place looks cool. This is the entrance to foodie paradise on
deck 11. The Plaza bar is a convenient place to hangout
for a drink before heading to Chops, Portofino or the buffet. And this is Chops, Royal Caribbean’s popular
signature steakhouse, featuring mouth watering grade-A premium cuts of steak, and other delectable
dishes. We love this place. The food and service were outstanding. The dark wood and earth
tones give it a comfortable intimate feel. If you arrive at the right time the floor
to ceiling windows offer stunning panoramic views. Portofino serves “upscale” Italian cuisine
in an intimate atmosphere. Directly across from Chops, Portofino is bright with yellow
and red tones. Sporting the same floor to ceiling windows, Portofino offers a luxurious
dining experience, and with proper timing, breathtaking views. On our way into the buffet, we’ll get a
quick look at Jade the Asian themed buffet. And finally, let’s take a look at the Windjammer
buffet. Compared to some buffets, there is quite a bit of comfortable seating, including
some cozy booths. We never found ourselves walking around with a plate of food looking
for a seat as we have on so many other lines. In the evenings the café’s casual atmosphere
is complimented by a changing menu and restaurant style service. The food station layout seems
to work quite well here too. There were definitely lines at times, but for the most part everything
seems quite accessible. The food was on par with what one might expect from a buffet. Venturing out further on deck 11, we find
a divers favorite, the SeaTrek emporium. How cool is this? A scuba shop at sea. Next we find Squeeze. With its fun yellow
barstools and accents, this juice bar invites all within view to come quench your thirst
with a cool and refreshing fruit drink. This is the appropriately named H2O Zone.
Amongst the colorful sculptures here is a series of sprinklers, jets and water canons
that the little ones are going to find absolutely irresistible. Complete with shallow wading
water and whirlpools, this is the place the kids get their crazy on. This is the Sports Pool. It’s got your big
screen, and your big time lap pools. Throw in a couple of hot tubs and Pool bar and we
are set. And there they are. The adult’s only Solarium pool area is where
you’ll find the extra comfy pool furniture. Of course the real attraction in the Solarium
are the cantilevered whirlpools that extend twelve feet beyond the sides of the ship.
Here’s a quick look at the Solarium Bar before we take a look at the pool here. This
area was designed to be a serene sanctuary, and again check out the premium lounge chairs. Here we are at the fitness center. This place
is the real deal. It has just about everything including modern equipment, and great selection
of free weights. And just look at all the space. No crowding here. Tons of treadmills,
bikes, and yes, that is boxing ring. And here’s a separate group fitness room, and the setup
for a spin class. Like I said, it’s the real deal. Liberty of the Seas is very teen friendly.
With Fuel, The Living Room and the Video Arcade right next to each other they’ll have plenty
of places to hangout and complain about having nothing to do. You have to stop by Johnny Rockets the ‘50s
diner at least once while aboard Liberty. Okay, so it may or may not be the best burger
you’ll have at sea, but c’mon, this place is just cool. Formica counters, a jukebox,
and malted milk shakes, it’s tough to beat that. Looking for activities for the little ones?
Then swing by Adventure Ocean the play area specially designed for kids. They are super
friendly there, and the kids really seem to enjoy the activities. Now let’s check out the Arcade. Okay, flashing
lights – check, bonks, beeps and buzzes – check, skeeball (my personal favorite….)-
check, impossible claw game and air hockey – check, roaring engines and distant machine
gun fire – check. Okay, this place checks out. Games are paid for with cruise cards,
and redeemable points are likewise recorded. We were a little disappointed in the quality
of the prizes, but not overly surprised. This is the Living Room, another popular teen
hangout. It’s got plenty of space, seating and big screen tv’s. Seems authentic, and
extremely popular at night. You can take in the view while running laps
on the jogging track on deck 12, or you could just use it as a path to your mojito at the
Skybar, or better yet, a path to the Vitality at Sea Spa. This full-service spa offers a
beauty salon and spa treatments, including massage, manicures and seaweed body wraps. The FlowRider is one of the main attractions
on deck 13. We’ve done the FlowRider enough times to know it takes a bit of perseverance,
and we were impressed with the concern and patience the staff showed for the guests. More of a mini golf type? Then Liberty Dunes
is the place for you. There’s 9-holes of miniature golf fun here to test your skills. Interested in some hoops, or Volleyball? Here
is your spot. We think this is a very nice sized court. We never saw anyone playing Volleyball,
but it was usually teaming with b-ballers. Here is the popular rock-climbing wall towering
over the Sports court. Since this is a very popular feature on the ship, and climbing
hours are limited, we recommend scheduling your climb as soon as possible.
The Seven Hearts card room is a nice place to meet for games and friendly conversation. Right next to Seven Hearts is Cloud Nine,
an intimate, comfortable lounge that can be rented out for little parties. Looks like
some little ones booked it today. This is Olive or Twist, it has unbelievable
panoramic views over the ship’s pool areas as well as over the sea. In the evenings it
has live or (late night) DJ music. This place is not to be missed. There’s plenty of space
here and no shortage of comfortable seating. Grab a drink from the friendly staff, kick
back and watch it go by. The last stop is the heavenly Skylight wedding
chapel. This lovely little chapel can accommodate 40 people, and in our option would be a perfect
place to get married. Perhaps it’s the natural light or the fact that it’s the highest
point on the ship, but it really does have a heavenly feel to it. That’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching,
and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas. Pssst, Don’t forget to subscribe. Click
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